8 Best Stunning Places In Bulgaria To Explore Today!

Looking for some sort of escape from reality? Check out these stunning places in Bulgaria today! These sites will definitely leave you in awe, and you’ll have your mouth hanging wide open once you see them in person.

Learning that Bulgaria has existed since the 7th century still gets me every time I hear it. This fact brings me to the edge of my seat out of excitement because aside from having a wonderful culture, it also means that they have tons of tourist spots filled with remarkable history. I hunted for the most famous and stunning places in Bulgaria we’d all want to see once our bank accounts permit us!

Stunning Places In Bulgaria: Sites To Visit Today

Getting to witness breathtaking places seems so unreal. You might even ask if you’re dreaming because how can such places like the Black Sea Coast exist? Well, that’s the magic of natural wonders; they can make our fairytale-like visions come to life! Below are some places to visit in Bulgaria to add to your bucket list.

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1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

If you want to see something straight out of a fantasy-historical novel, then this place fits the description perfectly. It’s located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and when nighttime comes, you’ll notice how ethereal-looking this building is. Its green and off-white Bulgarian color, alongside its warm yellow lights, brings out its vibrance and elegance. Once you set foot inside this place, you’ll see the gold-plated dome and remarkable Italian marble decorating the entire space.

Its history can probably break and mend people’s hearts at the same time. The sad news is that this amazing infrastructure stands for the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War in 1877. However, the joyous part is after the war; people were freed from Ottoman Rule!

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2. National Museum Of Military History

We all have different perceptions of beauty; some may admire things from a surface level, while others search for their eventful history. If you’re a sucker for history, then adding this place to your itinerary is a great idea! It contains plenty of dioramas that serve as the preserved emotions of both veterans and witnesses during World War II. You’ll also find relics, artifacts, and old military uniforms alongside the gigantic tanks used on the battlefield, which were carefully preserved.

3. Rila National Park, Rila Mountains

Going a little closer to nature, we have Rila National Park. It’s considered the largest national park in Bulgaria, and once you see this place, you’ll definitely get jaw-slacked. If you’ve seen Barbie’s Diamond Castle, it totally resembles the landscapes they used in the movie! This place is a whole package of adventure because you’ll also find the famous Eastern Orthodox monastery called Rila Monastery.

If you’re itching to get a little adventurous, you can take a hike to the Seven Rila Lakes as well, to see the magical and breathtaking glacial lakes located high in the Rila Mountain ranges. It’s one of Bulgaria’s main tourist attractions that you should consider visiting. You’ll also get a glimpse of its wildlife as wild horses are all over the place.

4. Monastery Of Saint Ivan Of Rila

Let’s take a closer look at one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria, the Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila. It’s one of the bigger names in Bulgaria when it comes to cultural significance and artistic influence. You might ask, what makes it so special? It represents the Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style. And upon taking a deeper stroll through its history, you’ll learn that it has been rebuilt several times but still maintains its unique architectural style. People who are suckers for art will surely enjoy visiting this place as it holds intricate fresco paintings, woodcarvings, and other art pieces that showcase their spiritual beliefs and culture.

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5. The Devil’s Throat Cave In The Rhodope Mountains

Do you like venturing through spine-chilling places? Oh dear, you’ll probably jump in joy once you reach this tourist destination. Plenty of stories say that this site is haunted in Bulgaria and it’s the route to the underworld. But despite the hair-raising rumors, this site can still captivate you with its eerie yet exquisite interiors.

One thing you have to remember is that it’s not the best place for people who hate going on hikes because you’ll certainly need to exert some effort when exploring this cave. Also, watch your step because the path can get tricky and slippery. So, are you ready?

6. Plovdiv Old Town

If you want to travel back in time and see a glimpse of an ancient town in Bulgaria, then forget about a time machine because the Old Town can grant your wish! It has cobblestone streets that easily surprise anyone who sees it for the first time since it really feels like they’ve gone back in time.

Aside from its unique avenues, you’ll also find colorful houses surrounding this old Bulgarian town. And as a person who adores great art, it’s amazing how they easily incorporated their creativity in their homes despite being a historical site. This place will definitely snatch a spot on your Instagram account, so don’t forget to take a snapshot of this popular tourist destination in Bulgaria!

7. Sea Garden

Upon hearing this for the first time, you might think that the sea literally has a garden. Give me five if that’s what you thought, too! Kidding aside, this place is formally known as the “Seaside” Garden, and it’s close to the Black Sea coast, another famous attraction in Bulgaria. If you’re tired of the cold weather in Bulgaria, then this place is a lookout! It’s the largest and oldest public park in Varna, Bulgaria. So if you’re searching for a place to relax after spending time on the sunny beach, this spot is perfect for nature lovers.

8. Veliko Tarnovo

Did you know this was the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire during 1185 and 1422? From the looks of it, you won’t just enjoy their interesting tourist spots but also learn from their history. Getting to visit this place in Bulgaria is like opening a history book since it’s filled with monuments, churches, and infrastructure that represents the country’s past.

Because of its touristy spot, there are also many amazing restaurants around this place. So, if you’re up for traditional Bulgarian meals, then you should try booking a tour in Veliko Tarnovo.

Are You Excited To Visit These Places In Bulgaria?

Without a doubt, some of these stunning historical sites really deserve to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are plenty more places to visit in Bulgaria, like Tsarevets Fortress, Pirin National Park, and Stone Forest. And if you want to discover some hidden gems in the country, asking the locals is the best route, so start learning their language today with the Ling app!

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