10+ Beautiful Phrases To Say Happy Birthday In Arabic


Birthdays are important in every culture. No matter what age one turns, no one wants to be alone on their birthday. For Arab people, birthdays are the best occasions to gather with friends and family. So, if you’re invited to an Arabic birthday party, you should learn how to say Happy Birthday in Arabic!

In this article, we’ll teach you some birthday wishes with beautiful meanings in Arabic. That way, you’ll know what to say to celebrate your friend’s birthday and make them smile.

How To Say Happy Birthday In Arabic?

The most common and easiest way to wish someone a happy birthday in Arabic is عيد ميلاد سعيد (Eid milad saeed). Eid milad means birthday, and saeed means happy in the Arabic language. I think this is the best phrase to keep in mind for Arabic learners because you can use it for both men and women.

Let’s see other phrases that differ based on gender.

Wishing Happy Birthday In Arabic To A Man

When you want to wish your male friend a happy birthday, the correct way of doing so is كل سنة وانت سالم (kol saneh wa inta salem). This phrase literally means “be healthy every year to come.”

Wishing Happy Birthday In Arabic To A Woman

When you want to wish your female friend a happy birthday, you should say كل سنة وانتِ سالمة (kol saneh wa inti salmeh). As you can see, there is a tiny change at the end of the sentence. What changes is the pronoun: inta becomes inti. Plus, salem changes to its female form, salmeh, and that’s all!


Arabic Birthday Wishes

As you may know, the Arab culture is very loving and prosperous. Arab people often say beautiful words to their loved ones by adding the terms of endearment at the end of their sentences. As such, Happy Birthday in Arabic is frequently accompanied by endearment words and good wishes. You can simply add habibi or habibti to your birthday wish, or extend it by wishing health, happiness, love, and other things.

There are many different variations of birthday wishes, and you can make up your own, too. Here, you can find some customized phrases to wish someone a happy birthday in Arabic, along with their English translations and pronunciations:

Happy Birthdayعيد ميلاد سعيدEid Milad Saeed
Best wishes for every yearكل عام وأنتم بخيرKul ‘Aam Wa Antum Bikhair
Happy birthday, beautifulسنة حلوة يا جميلSana Helwa Ya Gameel
May Allah accept your celebrationsتقبل الله أعيادكTaqabal Allah Oyatak
Happy days to youأيامك سعيدةAyyamk Sa’eeda
May you be well, every yearكل سنة وأنت طيبKull Sanah wa Anta Tayyib
Happy Birthdayيوم ميلاد سعيدYawm Meelad Sa’eed
We are here with you on your birthdayنحن موجودين معك في يوم ميلادكNihna Mawjoudin Ma’ak Fi Yawm Meeladik
Happy birthday and may you live to be 100 years oldكل عام وأنتي بخير وعقبال ١٠٠ سنةKul ‘Aam Wa Anti Bikhair Wa ‘Aqbāl 100 Sana
Happy birthday and God’s blessings to youكل سنة وأنت سالمة يا قلبي العمر كله يا ربKul Sana Wa Anti Salama Ya Qalbi Al-‘Umur Kulluh Ya Rabb
Happy birthday and good health to youكل سنة وأنت سالمه العمر كلهKul Sana Wa Anti Salama, Al-‘Umur Kulluh
Happy birthday and all the best wishesكل عام وأنت بألف خيرKul ‘Aam Wa Anti Bi’Alf Khair
Happy birthday, good health, peace, and wellbeingكل عام وأنتم بألف خير وصحة وسلامة وعافيةKul ‘Aam Wa Antum Bi’Alf Khair Wa Siha Wa Salama Wa ‘Aafiya

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there specific birthday traditions unique to Arabic-speaking countries?

Yes, different regions have their own customs, adding diversity to birthday celebrations in Arabic-speaking cultures.

2. How can I learn more Arabic phrases for special occasions?

There are various online resources and language learning apps that offer lessons in basic Arabic phrases, including those for birthdays. The Ling app, for example, is a great option.

3. Is it necessary to use Arabic calligraphy in birthday cards?

It’s not really necessary, but it adds a visually appealing and culturally significant element to your birthday messages.

4. What’s the significance of gestures in Arabic birthday celebrations?

Gestures, such as giving gifts or sharing a meal, are symbolic expressions of joy and goodwill in Arabic culture, as they are in many others.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned different phrases to say happy birthday in Arabic, you can easily wish your Arab friends or family members on their birthdays in their native language and surprise them!

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