7+ Easy Technology Words In Chinese


Get ready for an exciting journey into learning Chinese vocabulary! In today’s fast-paced digital world, where technology connects us globally, have you ever wondered about technology words in Chinese—one of the world’s most complex languages? Well, wonder no more! We’re about to dive headfirst into this linguistic adventure. It’s like unlocking the secrets to a treasure chest of innovation, all from the heart of the tech giant, China.

Discover how to say ‘smartphone’ in Mandarin, and explore many other fascinating terms. Join us on this engaging and fun expedition for knowledge!

What Is ‘Technology’ In Chinese?

Ever wondered how to say ‘Technology’ in Chinese without getting lost in translation? Well, in Mandarin, it’s ‘技术’ (jìshù). But hold on to your hat because it’s not just a word; it’s a portal to China’s fascinating tech universe.

At the forefront of epic Chinese technology, you’ve got tech giants like Huawei and Tencent, armed with the superpowers of 5G and AI, completely changing the game in our daily lives. But wait, the adventure is far from over! Online shopping in China is like a ride on a rocket to another galaxy, all thanks to Alibaba and JD.com. They are like Chinese Amazon! They’ve conjured up virtual shopping galaxies where you can soar through digital malls and receive deliveries faster than the speed of light, making shopping feel like an interstellar joyride!

Hold onto your seats because China’s 5G networks are like the Batmobiles of the digital world, propelling everything from smart fridges to self-driving cars at warp speed. And here’s the real kicker – they’re not confining their ambitions to our planet. China’s space missions are like epic quests to the moon and beyond, and they’re leading the charge in renewable energy, championing a sustainable future for our planet!

But wait, there’s more! China’s tech playground isn’t just for the big heroes. It’s a bustling carnival of tech startups, popping up like sideshows with innovations ranging from fintech to health tech. And in this high-speed game, there are referees – tech rules and regulations that keep everyone in check.


Basic Technology Words In Chinese

Yeah, technology is no joke in China. So, let us learn some basic vocabulary about it.

Computer – 电脑 (Diànnǎo)

Think of a ‘computer’ (or ‘电脑’ – diànnǎo in Mandarin) as your tech sidekick in the exciting world of Chinese innovation. It’s not just a machine; it’s the engine propelling China’s technological revolution.

They power everything from bustling e-commerce platforms to cutting-edge AI research. Imagine it as the secret sauce that makes China’s tech landscape sizzle with creativity and innovation—transforming the way we live, work, and connect in this dynamic digital age.

Here are some Chinese words related to 电脑 (computer) hardware (硬件 – yìngjiàn):

English TranslationChinese (Simplified)PronunciationSound
Keyboard键盘 (Jiànpán)Jee-en-pahn
Mouse鼠标 (Shǔbiāo)Shoo-bee-ow
Monitor显示器 (Xiǎnshìqì)Shee-en-shi-chee
CPU (Central Processing Unit)中央处理器 (Zhōngyāng Chǔlǐqì)Jong-yahng Choo-lee-chee
Hard Drive硬盘 (Yìngpán)Ying-pahn
Printer打印机 (Dǎyìnjī)Dah-yeen-gee
Headphones耳机 (Ěrjī)Err-jee
USB PortUSB端口 (USB Duānkǒu)USB Dwan-koh
Graphics Card显卡 (Xiǎnkǎ)Shee-en-kah
Motherboard主板 (Zhǔbǎn)Joo-bahn

Internet – 互联网 (Hùliánwǎng)

‘Internet’ (or ‘互联网’ – Hùliánwǎng in Mandarin) is the digital glue connecting billions, propelling e-commerce giants like Alibaba and transforming industries with innovations like online payment systems and AI-driven services. Think of it as the digital Silk Road, where ideas, businesses, and cultures intertwine in an electrifying dance of information.

Smartphone – 手机 (Shǒujī)

Picture the ‘smartphone’ (or ‘手机’ – Shǒujī in Mandarin) as your trusty pocket-sized sidekick. In China, the smartphone isn’t just for calls and selfies (though those are essential, too!). It’s your ticket to the dazzling realm of mobile apps, e-commerce empires like Taobao, and the cashless revolution of mobile payments through platforms like WeChat and Alipay. It’s like having a digital Swiss Army knife in your pocket—from translating a Chinese word, sending a text message to family members, hailing a ride in seconds, to even doing some technical computing!

Software – 软件 (Ruǎnjiàn)

Next is ‘software’ (or ‘软件’ – Ruǎnjiàn in Mandarin)—the digital powerhouse wizardry that makes tech in China come alive. It’s what makes super apps like WeChat perform magic tricks, from messaging to mobile payments to ordering a taxi. It’s like having a personal army of digital helpers at your fingertips, translating languages, playing music, and even teaching you how to cook your favorite Chinese dishes with just a tap!

Artificial Intelligence – 人工智能 (Réngōng Zhìnéng)

Imagine having a personal assistant who can speak a zillion languages, analyze massive data in a blink, and even beat you in a game of chess without breaking a sweat. Yep—that’s ‘artificial intelligence’ (or ‘人工智能’ – Réngōng Zhìnéng in Chinese)! An amazing tool, indeed!


Renewable Energy – 再生能源 (Zàishēng Néngyuán)

China’s tech gurus are like energy wizards, building massive wind farms, covering rooftops with solar panels, and even creating floating solar farms on water. What is all that called? You’ve guessed it right—’renewable energy’ (or ‘再生能源’ – Zàishēng Néngyuán in Mandarin)! It is turning mother nature’s features into energy, resulting in a less destructive (or even none!) effect on the environment. Yep, China is one of the global leaders at that!

Space Technology – 太空技术 (Tàikōng Jìshù)

Lastly is ‘space technology’ (or ‘太空技术’ – Tàikōng Jìshù in Mandarin). China’s space technology aims to explore the unknown, send rovers to other planets, and perhaps construct a space station in addition to rockets and satellites. That’s some high-level technology right there!

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