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Latvian Government

Do you know which government in Europe was the first to offer Internet meetings? Come and read to find the answer, and discover more about the Latvian government.

Latvia is on the banks of the Baltic Sea and is a member of the European Union. Latvia is a unified state with a parliamentary democracy. The Constitution was first adopted in 1922 and then revised in 1990.

Prime Minister Krijnis Kari is the Republic of Latvia’s current Prime Minister. On January 23, 2019, he was sworn into office.

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Latvian Government And Its 3 Sub-Branches 

The Latvian Government has three sub-branches:

Executive Main Power

The president is mostly a ritual head of state who retains influence instead of control. He has administrative authority over legislative proposals, setting ballot initiatives on legislation, vetoing legislation, and calling referendums. The president has statutory authority over the prime minister’s powers. However, the prime minister exercises them democratically.

Under his duties, he serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, executing agreements. Moreover, the role includes promoting Latvia’s parliamentary democracy broadly, formally designating diplomats and other authorities.

The Latvian government focuses more on personal discretion and discrimination based on nationality. The Executive branch also helps to strengthen Latvia’s parliament. Saeima (unicameral parliament) is the body that elects the president. The parliamentary elections cycle repeats every four years.

Judicial Main Power

The main judicial power has designed different rules about citizenship and naturalization. The Judicial lawmakers maintain sovereignty over the several divisions of court matters. Moreover, Latvian citizens and local governments take care of fundamental human rights.

Legislative Main Power

The unicameral legislative body is called saemia, which serves as the main legislative power. The election decides 100 members of this wing.

Latvian Vocabulary For Government

Vice Presidentviceprezidents
Political Partypolitiskā ballīte
To Votebalsot
To Electiecelt
Latvian Government Party Structure

Latvian Party Structure

The Latvian party structure began as a multi-party system, meaning no one party could typically win independently. Parties work together as a fractious coalition government. So, it is a part of Latvia culture that the government is often formed of a three to four-party coalition.

There are more than 50 political parties in the Latvian system. Out of 50, Nine parties play a leading role.

Political Parties Included In The Latvian Government  

  • Harmony. Jānis Urbanovičs, is the leader of this political party. They follow the social democratic ideology and support the Russian minority. Thus, the position of the Party in the country is center-left.
  • New Conservative Party. Jānis Bordāns, is leading this Party. They especially focus on Liberal conservatism and Anti-corruption. Thus, the Party position is center-right.
  • Development/For!, the Party is maintained by Daniels Pavļuts. This Party supports Social Liberalism and Classical Liberalism. This Party occupies the center position.
  • National Alliance. Gaidis Bērziņš, and Raivis Dzintars are the leaders of this Party. They focus on conservatism and Right-wing populism. This Party position is Right-wing to far-right.
  • New unity. Arvils Ašeradens is the president of the Party. The Party’s main focus is Liberal conservatism and Liberalism. This party retains the center–right Position.
Latvian Government Environment Agreements

Environmental Agreements By The Latvian Government

Geneva Convention on Long-range Trans Boundary Air Pollution

On March 18, 1983, this settlement made the aim to preserve the ecosystem from pollution by progressively reducing and preventing air pollution. Thus, it reduces long-range transboundary air pollution as much as practicable. Air pollution globally kills 10 million people per year.

Aarhus Protocol On Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

The agreement’s goal was to control, reduce, or eliminate contaminants. It also involves the release of chronic biological waste. Thirty-seven countries are engaged in this agreement.

Convention on Biological Diversity

This is to create national policies for natural biodiversity protection and ecological use. However, it was also made for the balanced and distribution of advantages from biological assets. 192 countries have enrolled in this agreement.

United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change

The agreement’s main purpose was to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases to a lower degree. It aims to preclude catastrophic activities caused by human activity in the climate system.

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