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Have you heard about the concept of eco cities? Of course you would have, it’s 2024! But did you know that Asia, or specifically China, boasts some of the best eco cities to date? If you are a traveler or a keen eco-enthusiast, this post is definitely for you!

Let’s discover the uncharted landscape of eco cities in China, where sustainability meets urban innovation. From Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City to Caofeidian Eco City and Chengdu Tianfu New Area, these Chinese eco-metropolises are paving the way for a greener future. Let’s read more about them!

List Of The Best Eco Cities In China

Here is a list of the top 3 eco cities in China that’ll blow your mind with their hi-tech sustainable model!

#1 Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City or Zhōngxīntiānjīn Shēngtài Chéng (中新天津生态城), as its name suggests, is a planned city jointly developed by both the Chinese government and the Singaporean government in 2008. This eco city is located in Binhai or Bīnhǎi xīn qū (滨海新区). 

The Tianjin Eco City is around 30 square kilometers large with around 100,000 residents as of April 2019. Its urban planning initially aimed to house around 350,000 by people, but as of 2021, it is still on its way to further attract residents and reach its intended goal. 

This eco city project was intentionally built on non-arable land, or, in simpler terms, land that can’t support the growing or crops due to soil or terrain constraints, with a “water shortage” to the southeast of Tianjin’s urban centers. This was done to show that sustainable development is possible despite difficult environmental challenges. 

The eco city observes 26 performance assessment factors based on Chinese, Singaporean, and international standards. It uses sustainable materials and building designs, as well as ensures that it is energy efficient by using renewable energy from sources such as wind turbines. This makes up at least one fifth of its energy sources. It also incorporates innovative solutions in response to water-related challenges in the region.

As one of the most renowned and high-profile eco cities in China, the Tianjin Eco City has received significant support from the central government with generous funding. It has also been branded as a stellar example of a successful eco city. 

Eco city with river and foliage

#2 Caofeidian Eco-City 

The Caofeidian Eco City or Cáofēidiān Qū (曹妃甸区) is a planned joint venture by the Chinese central government and Swedish urban planning and design firms. It is located in Tangshan or Tángshān (唐山), a coastal and industrial city in the northeast of Hebei or Héběi (河北) province.

This eco city spans an area of 1,595 square kilometers and boasts a population of over 350,000 as of 2021. As a district that is rapidly undergoing urban development, it has been declared an important area for economic growth and urban development by Chinese government officials in the eleventh Five-Year Plan. This is also due to its strategic location in the Jing Jin Ji region or Jīng jīn jì chéng shì qún (京津冀城市群) and close proximity to the Bohai Sea or Bó Hǎi (渤海).

The eco city project began in 2007 and aimed to relocate heavy industries into the region by providing affordable housing for the necessary workforce. It also strived to create a circular economy so as to offset industrial pollution and carbon emissions and ensure energy efficiency by channeling renewable energy. 

The Caofeidai Eco City also acts as an important shipping port for neighboring cities like Beijing or Běijīng (北京) and heavy industries such as heavy metals, steelworks, and manufacturing. Overall, it strives to ensure sustainability and support new developments with advanced technologies so as to enable economic growth. 

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#3 Chengdu Tianfu New Area

The Chengdu Tianfu New Area or Tiānfǔ Xīnqū (天府新区) is a new city in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It strives to be one of China’s most modern international urban areas perfect for residence, industry, and commerce, with a particular focus on modern manufacturing industry high-end service industries. 

With a planned total area of nearly 1,580 square kilometers, the Tianfu eco city is designed to integrate agricultural and rural areas surrounding Chengdu by covering other cities and areas such as Shuangliu County, Xinjin County, Jianyang City, and more. It involves a whopping total of 3 cities, 7 counties, and 37 towns and villages, making it a rather ambitious sustainable city project. 

The Tianfu eco city’s plans include reducing carbon emissions and industrial pollution, harnessing green spaces and energy sources, as well as recycling sewage and waste. The entire city has also been marketed as a “car-free city,” with its public transit network intended to account for more than half of travel within the eco valley. 

Moreover, the Tianfu city area has also been designed as a sponge city so as to mitigate flooding and recycle rainwater. It is also expected to fuel urban growth by housing a growing urban population of over 80,000 residents from existing cities. 

Eco city with buildings covered with foliage and water between them

Tips For Visiting Eco Cities In China

  1. Plan Ahead: Before touring an eco metropolis, studies about its specific functions, sights, and sustainable tasks. This will assist you are making the most out of your go to and recognize the importance of its green practices.
  2. Respect the Environment: Eco cities prioritize sustainability and environmental conservation. While visiting, make sure to follow distinctive pathways, dispose of waste nicely, and keep away from detrimental herbal habitats or wildlife.
  3. Learn About Sustainable Practices: Take the possibility to find out about the green initiatives applied inside the town, including renewable power sources, waste management systems, and green transportation options. Understanding those practices can encourage you to undertake extra sustainable habits for your day by day life.
  4. Support Local Businesses: Many eco cities promote neighborhood businesses that prioritize sustainability and moral practices. Consider helping those organizations via purchasing domestically sourced products or eating at eco-friendly eating places.
  5. Engage with the Community: Take the time to engage with nearby residents, specialists, and community leaders to benefit from insights into their experiences and views on residing in an eco metropolis. You may additionally take part in guided excursions or workshops to deepen your know-how of sustainable living practices. And even better, you can connect with the locals on a deeper level by learning Chinese with the Ling app! 

Easy Phrases For Eco Cities In China

Now that you’ve learned some really good tips, it’s time for you to learn some simple Chinese phrases related to eco cities in China.

Chinese PhrasePronunciationEnglish Translation
这个城市很环保。zhè ge chéng shì hěn huán bǎo.This city is very eco-friendly.
我想了解这个城市的可持续发展计划。wǒ xiǎng liǎo jiě zhè ge chéng shì de kě chí xù fā zhǎn jì huà.I want to learn about the sustainable development plan of this city.
这里的环境真美。zhè lǐ de huán jìng zhēn měi.The environment here is really beautiful.
我们应该保护大自然。wǒ men yīng gāi bǎo hù dà zì rán.We should protect nature.
环保意识对我们的未来很重要。huán bǎo yì shí duì wǒ men de wèi lái hěn zhòng yào.Environmental awareness is important for our future.

Ready To Visit China’s Eco Cities?

There you have it, three of China’s most well-known eco cities! If you’re blessed enough with the time and money, book your flight for a visit today. And for an even more immersive experience, why not start your language journey with the Ling app

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