6+ Awesome Vietnamese Words For Textures

Have you ever experienced the comforting embrace of a beloved quilt or admired the granular feel of sand slipping through your fingers? If so, you’ve begun a journey into the realm of senses that’s just a reach away. Vietnamese holds within its vocabulary an artful collection of words that poetically capture the diverse textures we encounter daily. Similar to how individual ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine impart distinct flavors to a dish, textures enhance our encounters. In this blog post, we’ll go over the Vietnamese words for texture. Let’s begin!

What Is Texture In Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, the word for “texture” is “kết cấu.” Say it with me: kết cấu! It’s the word you need when you’re feeling the weave of fabric, the grit of sand, or the smoothness of silk. Remember this nugget: kết cấu isn’t just about touch—it captures the structure, the essence, the very fabric of a thing. Whether you’re discussing the feel of a surface or the intricacies of an idea, “kết cấu” has got your back.

Another word that you can use is”độ chạm.” If we dissect it, “độ” translates to ‘degree’ or ‘level,’ while “chạm” signifies ‘touch’ or ‘contact.’ Together, they perform a linguistic ballet representing ‘texture’ – a fusion of degree and touch.

Soften Your Conversation With These Useful Examples

Here are snippets to kickstart your journey of incorporating ‘kết cấu (texture) into your everyday dialogues and impress the Vietnamese people:

“Chiếc khăn lông mịn này có độ chạm dễ chịu và ấm áp, thực sự khiến tôi cảm thấy thoải mái!”
Translation: “This fluffy scarf has a nice and warm touch, it really makes me feel comfortable!”

Bàn tay cảm nhận độ chạm mịn của lá cây, nhưng cũng có những gợn sóng nhỏ nhẹ.
Translation: “The hands sense the smooth texture of the leaves, yet there are also tiny ripples.”

Chiếc áo len mới của tôi có độ chạm mềm mịn, thích hợp cho mùa đông lạnh giá.
Translation: “My new woolen sweater has a gentle and smooth texture, perfect for the freezing winter.”

Những viên đá trên bãi biển mang lại độ chạm lõm và trơn, làm tôi cảm thấy sảng khoái khi chạm vào chúng.
Translation: “The rocks on the beach offer an indented and slippery texture, bringing a sense of refreshment upon touching them.”

Now, let’s uncover the captivating Vietnamese lexicon of textures!

Vietnamese Words For Textures

Common Vietnamese Words For Textures

Mềm (mềm): Soft

Picture the comforting squeeze of your favorite pillow or the feather-light touch of a bird’s plume. In Vietnam, that comforting, delicate feel is captured with one word: “mềm.” Dive deeper and you’ll discover it’s more than just a descriptor. It’s a nod to moments of relaxation, to the embrace of a loved one, to all things gentle and comforting in the Vietnamese culture. Whether you’re exploring fabrics in a Hanoi market or complimenting the feel of a handcrafted item, keep “mềm” in your pocket.

Example: Chăn mềm mại.
Translation: The blanket is soft.

Nhám (nhám): Rough

Hit a hiking trail and felt the grainy rock beneath your boots? Or tackled a DIY and grazed the coarse grip of sandpaper? Enter “nhám” – the Vietnamese master-word for all things rough. But it’s not just about touch; it’s a journey into Vietnam’s diverse terrains, from jagged mountain paths to bustling urban sidewalks. So when you encounter that unrefined, edgy feel, know that “nhám” is your linguistic bridge to it.

Example: Những tảng đá thô ráp dưới sự chạm vào của tôi
Translation: The rocks are rough under my touch.

Mịn (mịn): Smooth

Stepped into the world of satin sheets or ran your fingers over expertly polished timber? That’s the realm of “mịn” for you, Vietnam’s gift to the lexicon of smoothness. Beyond just a word, “mịn” offers a window into the nation’s artistry – from the impeccable tailoring of traditional áo dài to the artisanal craftsmanship of wooden artifacts.

Example: Anh ta quay về phía con ngựa của mình và cưỡi ngựa bằng một động tác nhịp nhàng.
Translation: He turned to his horse and mounted in one smooth movement.

Trơn (trơn): Slippery

Ever tread cautiously on an icy path or watched soap slide effortlessly in the bath? That elusive, glide-ready quality? That’s “trơn” for you, the Vietnamese term capturing all that’s slippery. But there’s more to “trơn” than just the physical. It speaks to moments of caution and awareness – those instances when we tread a bit more carefully, be it on rain-soaked streets of Hanoi or in conversations needing a bit of finesse.

Example: Đôi khi sóng gần như phủ kín các tảng đá, trơn trượt và khó đi lại.
Translation: Sometimes, the waves almost covered the rocks, and they were slippery and hard to walk on.

Sờ (sờ): Touch/Feel

Ever brushed your hand against the whisper-soft curve of a petal or felt the earthy grit of tree bark? That tactile experience, the very essence of touch, is captured in Vietnam with the term “sờ.” More than just a word, “sờ” is an invitation—a call to engage with the world around you. It speaks to the Vietnamese emphasis on experience and understanding through touch, whether exploring bustling market stalls or understanding nature’s diverse tapestry.

Example: Tôi cảm thấy tốt hơn nhiều bây giờ.
Translation: I feel much better now.

Sần (sần): Lumpy

Ever encountered a surface that makes you pause, prompting a second thought before reaching out? That’s “sần” in action, Vietnam’s nuanced term for the next-level roughness. Think beyond the everyday rough—imagine the assertive grit of high-grade sandpaper or a wooden artifact still in its raw, untouched stage.

Example: Cô ấy thích khoai tây chiên và ghét rau mầm và sữa trứng vón cục.
Translation: She loves chips and hates sprouts and lumpy custard.

Vietnamese Words For Textures

More Vietnamese Adjectives For Textures

Want to impress the locals? Here are the other words you need to use!

EnglishVietnamese ScriptVietnamese Pronunciation
BumpyGập ghềnhGup ghenh
FuzzyMơ màngMuh mang

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