5 Urdu Words For Pastries: Best Guide For Sweet Lovers

Urdu words for pastries- Featured Ling App

Pakistan has plenty of sweets that you’ll surely be obsessed with once you get a taste of them. For sweet lovers out there, which type of pastry is your go-to whenever you’re feeling a little crestfallen? If you happen to be in an Urdu-speaking country and you want to get your comfort sweet as soon as possible, here are some Urdu words for pastries that you’ll find handy!

Urdu Words For Pastries

When it comes to pastries, the Urdu language has adopted many terms from other languages, especially given the historical influences and culinary exchanges. Here are some Urdu words commonly used for pastries or pastry-like desserts:

Urdu Words for pastries- Ling App

1. Cake (کیک)

The interesting thing about the pronunciation and Roman spelling of this word is that it’s similar to the English word itself. Just like many different languages, this lexicon adopted the word “Cake” and had it written in Urdu script, which gives us “کیک,” or simply “Cake.”

Urdu Words for pastries (Pastry)- Ling App

2. Pastry (پیسٹری)

Ever wondered how to say “pastry” in Urdu? It’s written as “پیسٹری” and sounds like “peistri.” It’s kinda like the English word, but you stretch the “ei” part a bit. There are similar words that you’ll probably have a hard time pronouncing, but with enough practice, you’ll surely get the hang of it.

Urdu Words for pastries (Biscuit)- Ling App

3. Biscuit (بسکٹ)

So, if you’re curious about how “biscuit” translates into Urdu, it’s written as “بسکٹ” and you’d say it like “biskat.” It pretty much sounds like the English “biscuit,” but just end it with a gentler “t.” Kinda like emphasizing the “bis-” and then rolling into “-kat.” Easy-peasy, right?

Urdu Words for pastries (Roll)- Ling App

4. Roll (رول)

You don’t have to worry about your tongue going in loops when pronouncing “Pastry roll” in the Urdu language. If you want to say this word properly, just remember how you say it in English. In their script, they spell it like this: پیسٹری رول. In Roman Urdu, it’s pretty much similar to the English spelling.

Urdu Words for pastries (Patty)- Ling App

5. Patty (پیٹی)

So, in Urdu, when you come across “پیٹی,” which sounds like “patty,” it usually refers to a little pie or pastry stuffed with goodies like meat or veggies. But if you’re thinking burgers, then yeah, in English and in many Western places, a “patty” is that flat piece of meat (or even a veggie version) that goes right between the buns. Cool how words can have different vibes in different places, right?

Urdu Words for pastries (Pastry Shops)- Ling App

Best Pastry Shops In Pakistan To Discover Today

Now that we know some words related to pastries, let’s take a dive into the best bakeshops that offer a tasty sweet roll that you’d definitely crave. If you have a sweet tooth and happen to be in Pakistan, you’re in luck! Over the years, Pakistan’s bakery game has seriously leveled up.

There are so many spots popping up everywhere with mouth-watering pastries that it’s hard to keep track. Wanna know some of the top spots? Here’s a quick list of bakeries that folks can’t stop raving about. Dive in and treat yourself!

1. Kitchen Cuisine (Lahore & Islamabad)

In Pakistan and craving something sweet? Hit up Kitchen Cuisine. Born in Lahore, it’s now the bakery cafe everyone’s talking about. Their cakes are legendary, from rich chocolate to fluffy mousse ones. And if you’re not in a sugary mood, their savory menu is just as epic. It’s the ideal hangout spot for friends. Cozy atmosphere, great food—whether it’s a quick coffee stop or a longer chill session, you’re in for a treat at Kitchen Cuisine.

2. Jalal Sons (Lahore)

If your itinerary brought you to Lahore and you haven’t been to Jalal Sons, you’re missing out! Surprisingly, it’s more than just a grocery store, since you won’t just find essentials here but also treats that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. Right in the city’s heart, they’ve been around for ages, offering a cool mix of old-school charm and modern goodies.

Their bakery? Oh, it’s a game-changer. From delicious pastries to freshly baked bread, they’ve got something for every craving. And it’s not just about the food; the whole vibe there is super welcoming, with friendly staff and well-organized shelves. Whether you’re on the hunt for some fancy imported chocolate, setting up a cheese night, or just grabbing a sandwich on the go, Jalal Sons has got your back!

3. Masoom’s Pancake Lounge (Lahore)

Are you craving some serious breakfast goodness and various baked foods? If so, you’ve got to check out Masoom’s Pancake Lounge. Yeah, the name’s all about pancakes, and trust me, they’re epic. But there’s so much more to dig into! From drool-worthy desserts to killer shakes and some savory bites, they’ve got the whole menu game on point.

If you’re searching for a spot with a chill, cozy vibe that both families and friend groups would love, then this is one of the go-to places in Lahore. Whether you’re up for a big breakfast feast, need a dessert fix, or just wanna sip on some coffee and chat, Masoom’s is the spot to hit!

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