#30 Urdu Homestay Phrases For An Unforgettable Experience!

Urdu homestay phrases

Planning a homestay experience in the Urdu-speaking regions of India or Pakistan? Then this article on Urdu homestay phrases is going to be super useful! That’s because it’s not just the delicious food or the breathtaking scenery that makes a homestay experience memorable; it’s the interactions with the people that leave an everlasting impression on travelers.

One of my friends in the USA told me about his travel experience in Pakistan, when he stayed with a local family in Karachi. He struggled to communicate with the hosts due to his negligible Urdu skills. The Urdu language is the lingua franca of Pakistan. He kept trying to say Shukriya (thank you) but ended up saying Shikariya (hunter) by mistake, which caused a lot of laughter in the room. “Despite the language barrier, we still managed to bond over our shared love for cricket and the desi cuisine,” he reminisced.

In this article, we’ll explore some useful Urdu phrases you can use to communicate with your hosts during a homestay. Whether you’re traveling to Pakistan, India, or any other Urdu-speaking country, these phrases will help you break the ice and make your stay more enjoyable. So, if you’re ready to learn Urdu, let’s dive in!

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The Culture Of Hospitality

India and Pakistan are known for their warm hospitality culture, which is deeply ingrained in their social fabric. Visitors are treated as guests and given the utmost respect and honor. It is common for hosts to go out of their way to make sure their guests are comfortable and happy.

In both countries, guests are offered food and drink as soon as they arrive, and it is considered impolite to refuse. The traditional Urdu food is often homemade and prepared with love, and hosts take pride in their hospitality. Guests are also given priority over everything else, and hosts will often rearrange their schedules to accommodate their guests.

In addition, the host family is expected to be knowledgeable about local attractions and places of interest, and they typically offer to take their guests on tours or sightseeing trips. Even strangers are often willing to help visitors with directions or recommendations.

Useful Urdu Homestay Phrases

Though there is no specific word in the Urdu language to describe a ‘homestay’, it is commonly referred to as ghar mein rehna or ghar par tashreef laana. Ghar means home in Urdu and Hindi. The two languages are quite identical. These words literally translate into ‘staying in a home’ or ‘visiting someone’s home.’ The concept of a homestay is not new to the culture of India and Pakistan, where it is common for people to welcome guests into their homes and treat them like family.

It is an excellent way for travelers to experience local customs, traditions, and cuisine, and to interact with the locals on a more personal level. Many families in Pakistan and India offer homestays to visitors, and it has become an increasingly popular way for tourists to explore the countries while getting an authentic taste of the local lifestyle.

Homestay in Pakistan and India, Urdu homestay phrases

Urdu Phrases Related To Accommodation

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
I need a roomمجھے ایک کمرہ چاہئےMujhe ek kamra chahiye
How many people can stay in this room?اس کمرے میں کتنے لوگ رہ سکتے ہیں؟Is kamre mein kitne log reh sakte hain?
Can I access the Wi-Fi?کیا مجھے WiFi استمعال کرنے کا مہکا ملیگا؟Kya mujhe WiFi ka istemal karne ka mauqa milega?
Does the room have an attached bathroom?کیا اس کمرے میں گسلکھانا ہے؟Kya is kamre mein gusalkhana hai?
Do you provide AC and TV in the room?کیا آپ کمرے میں AC اور TV لگاکر دیتے ہیں؟Kya aap kamre mein AC aur TV lagaakar dete hain?
Indian food

Urdu Phrases Related To Meals

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
How many meals do you serve in a day?آپ دن میں کتنے وقت کا کھانا مہیّا کراتے ہیں؟Aap din mein kitne waqt ka khana muhaiyya karaate hain?
Do you serve breakfast in the room?کیا آپ صوبہ کا ناشتہ کمرے میں پروستے ہیں؟Kya aap subah ka naashta kamre mein paroste hain?
Can you make my food a little less spicy?کیا آپ میرے کھانا تھودا کم تیکھا بنا سکتے ہیں؟Kya aap mera khana thoda kam teekha bana sakte hain?
Do you also serve vegetarian or vegan food?کیا آپ شاکاھاری یا ویگن کھانا بھی پروستے ہیں؟Kya aap shaakahari ya vegan khana paroste hain?
What is on the menu today?آج خانے میں کیا بنا ہے؟Aaj khane mein kya bana hai?
street in pakistan

Urdu Phrases Related To Rent

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
Do you have a room available for rent?کرایے پر کمرہ دستیاب ہے؟Kiraye par kamra dastiyaab hai?
How much is the per day/ per month rent?ایک دن / ایک مہینے کا کرایا کتنا ہے؟Ek din/ ek maheene ka kiraya kitna hai?
Do I need to pay a monthly advance?کیا مجھے کرایا مہینے کی شروعات میں دینا ہوگا؟Kya mujhe kiraya maheene ki shuruaat mein dena hoga?
Do I need to pay for the utilities separately?کیا مجھے بجلی-پانی کا کرایا الگ سے دینا ہوگا؟Kya mujhe bijli-paani ka kiraya alag se dena hoga?
Do you accept payment through a card?کیا آپ کارڈ کے ذرے پیمنٹ لیتے ہیں؟Kya aap card ke zariye payment lete hain?
transportation and urdu homestay

Urdu Phrases Related To Local Commutes

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
I want to go to [destination]مجھے [] تک جانا ہےMujhe [destination] tak jana hai
How much does a rickshaw or taxi charge?رکشا یا ٹیکسی کتنا کرایا لیتے ہیں؟Rickshaw ya taxi kitna kiraya lete hain?
Is there a bus or metro terminal nearby?کیا یہاں اس پاس بس اسٹینڈ یا میٹرو سٹیشن ہے؟Kya yahan aas-paas bus stand ya metro station hai?
Is there an auto or rickshaw stand here?کیا یہاں اس پاس کوئی آٹو یا رککشا اسٹینڈ ہے؟Kya yahan aas-paas koi auto ya rickshaw stand hai?
Which is the correct bus or train to reach [destination]?[Destination] جانے کے لئے سہی بس یا ٹرین کونسی ہے؟[Destination] jaane ke liye sahi bus ya train kaunsi hai?
friends enjoying together - Urdu homestay phrases

Basic Courteous Urdu Phrases

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
Helloاسسلام علیکمAsslaikum/ Salaam
How are you?آپ کیسے ہیں؟Aap kaise hain?
Thank youشکریہShukriya
You are welcomeکوئی بات نہیںKoi baat nahi
Nice to meet youآپسے ملکر خوشی ہیAapse milkar khushi hui
Your food tastes deliciousآپکا کھانا بہت مزیدار ہےAapka khana bahot mazedar hai
Can I help you?کیا میں آپکی مدد کر سکتا ہوں؟Kya main aap ki madad kar sakta hoon?
I am happy to be hereمجھے یہاں آکر خوشے ہیMujhe yahan aakar khushi hui
Can you tell me something about [topic]?کیا آپ مجھے [topic] کے بارے میں بتا سکتے ہیں؟Kya aap mujhe [topic] ke baare mein kuch aur bata sakte hain?
I learned a lot from youمجھے آپسے بہت کچھ سیکھنے کو ملاMujhe aap se bahot kuch seekhne ko mila

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Now you are well-equipped with useful phrases to find your way across a homestay experience in the Urdu-speaking regions of the world. Why not take a look at other phrases that will help you become more conversational in the Urdu language? Head to the Ling platform and explore useful phrases and vocabulary via informative articles on food, culture, and traditions of the Urdu-speaking population.

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