25+ Romantic Turkish Words For Valentine’s Day & A Gift Guide

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I’m already excited for Valentine’s Day this year because it’s going to be our first Valentine’s Day to celebrate together with my husband!

I’ve already started planning how to celebrate this romantic day, what to give him as a gift, how to decorate our home, etc. Then I thought, why don’t I share some Valentine’s Day tips for those who are dating a Turkish woman? It may be more overwhelming for you since you are in a relationship with someone from a different culture.

If you want to learn Turkish for special occasions like February 14th and many others, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll teach you some Turkish words for Valentine’s Day and share a gift guide with a few ideas to surprise your Turkish partner.

What Is Valentine’s Day Called In Turkey?

In Turkey, Valentine’s Day is called “Sevgililer Günü” which means the day of lovers. Couples celebrate this day by doing romantic things such as going on a dinner date and exchanging gifts. However, I must say that Turkish women expect their men to surprise them on this day. Turkish men, on the other hand, don’t usually expect much from their partners for this occasion.

Turkish Words For Valentine’s Day

Here are some common Turkish words for Valentine’s Day you must know:

Happy Valentine’s Day!Sevgililer Günün kutlu olsun!
Valentine’s DaySevgililer Günü
BoyfriendErkek arkadaş
GirlfriendKız arkadaş
True loveGerçek aşk
Teddy bearPeluş ayı
To kissÖpmek
To likeHoşlanmak
To loveSevmek
To fall in loveAşık olmak
To hugSarılmak
I love you.Seni seviyorum.
You are so beautiful.Çok güzelsin.

As you can see, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a phrase, you can say, “Sevgililer günümüz kutlu olsun.” It means Happy Valentine’s Day to us. And if you want to learn more words and phrases in Turkish, you could try the Ling app, which is available on the Play Store and App Store.

Turkish Words For Valentine's Day-Ling

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For A Turkish Woman

In this section, I’ll give some tips for gentlemen who want to give a present to their Turkish woman but don’t know what to do. I think these gift ideas can apply to all women around the world. We don’t expect expensive or big gifts; it’s often enough to show that you care about your partner and express your love.

And please, don’t believe it when a Turkish woman says, “Oh no, no need for gifts. It’s just an ordinary day.” Okay, hear me out. We want to see that you care about us by making us happy and spoiling us without asking for it!

1. A Flower Bouquet – Çiçek Buketi

I know no woman who wouldn’t be happy when she gets a surprise flower bouquet from their partner. It’s a sign of thoughtfulness and romance. You can go for red or pink roses for Valentine’s Day if you don’t know your girlfriend’s favorite flower. Other than roses, pink peonies and cloves can be a good choice as well.

2. Handwritten Letters – El Yazısı Mektuplar

Sometimes a word is more valuable than a hundred gifts. If you think you’re not a good speaker and can’t express your emotions easily, you should try writing a heartfelt letter to your partner. I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn’t change this handwritten letter for an expensive gift.

3. Lots Of Chocolate – Bir Sürü Çikolata

Chocolate is the weak spot of almost all Turkish women. Who wouldn’t be so happy to open a gift box and see it is filled with heart-shaped chocolates and sweet candies? I know it sounds unhealthy, but remember, you are doing this to spoil her.

4. Jewelry – Mücevher

Jewelry doesn’t have to be an expensive gift choice. You can buy a beautiful necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings based on your girlfriend’s favorite accessory to wear. When buying jewelry, it is hard to decide on the design and style. In this case, you should know what style your girlfriend likes, such as minimalist, elegant, or luxurious.

5. Romantic Dinner – Romantik Akşam Yemeği

This one is a classic, but it always wins hearts! If you know a specific place your girlfriend has wanted to go for a long time, you can take her out to that place. Or you can reserve a table for two for a candlelight dinner at a chic restaurant. I’m sure your girlfriend will be happy if you plan a special date night for her.

6. Learning Turkish – Türkçe Öğrenmek

I gotta be honest, learning Turkish just because it’s your partner’s native language is a huge gesture! It shows that you care about having good communication with them and that you respect their culture and want to be a part of it. So why don’t you start learning Turkish with native-like phrases to say I love you in Turkish? They are perfect to use on Valentine’s Day!

Ready For Valentine’s Day?

I hope you’ve learned useful tips and Turkish words for Valentine’s Day after reading this blog post. I’ve tried to give a little local insight into the expectations of Turkish women on this occasion. If you want to learn more about the Turkish language and culture, check out Ling’s Turkish blog for new blog posts every week!

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