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Teuida is an interactive language learning app for improving your Korean and Japanese language skills. It offers a unique feature – the voice recognition technology. This technology provides immediate feedback on users’ pronunciation and speaking abilities, helping them improve their language skills. But how can you know if it’s the solution to all your problems while learning Korean? Let’s find out with this comprehensive Teuida review!

Teuida allows users to interact with bilingual tutors known as Teuitors. These tutors offer personalized advice and contextual tips based on their own experiences, which certainly is a more immersive and practical learning experience compared to traditional textbook learning methods. With these standout features, Teuida aims to create a supportive and engaging environment for language learners seeking to enhance their speaking proficiency.

The app aims at offering learners authentic phrases used in everyday conversations, avoiding the use of awkward phrases that might be generated by translation bots. By providing users with relevant and practical language content, the app helps learners in the target language in a practical, real-world context. Pretty impressive, right?

That’s what Ji Woong Jang, the creator of Teuida was probably aiming for in 2018 when it was first created in South Korea. The app takes an approach to language teaching by simulating conversations, even including some conversations featuring K-Pop star Nancy from Momoland! The goal is to overcome language barriers, by means of an interactive mobile application.

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What Is Teuida?

The primary purpose of the Teuida app is to create a comfortable and supportive space for language learners to practice speaking, allowing them to gain confidence and proficiency in Korean. It achieves this through interactive simulations and voice recognition technology, offering an engaging language learning experience with the aim to remove any fear of speaking.

What is it for? It focuses on learning by speaking. The app is used to learn conversation and everyday speech in Korean languages.

Languages offered? Korean and Japanese language.

Who is it for? Best app for learners who want to focus on just speaking. Suitable for beginners to intermediate learners.

Teuida has simulated conversation-videos that allow users to experience real-life language-learning scenarios.Teuida has a limited range of languages offered for learning, which might be a drawback for users seeking to learn other languages.
The app’s voice recognition feature provides instant feedback on pronunciation and speaking skills.While voice recognition technology is a valuable feature, some users may find it lacking in detailed feedback.
Teuida’s Teuitors offer personalized advice and contextual tips based on their own experiences.Advanced learners seeking comprehensive grammar instruction or language skills may find Teuida quite limiting.
The app emphasizes the use of authentic phrases used in everyday conversations, helping learners communicate in real-life situations.Full access to the app’s content may require a subscription, which could be a downside for users looking for entirely free resources.

How Does Teuida Work?

Teuida offers interactive simulated conversations that replicate real-life language scenarios. Users can engage with these scenarios as if they were participating in actual conversations, allowing them to practice speaking in practical contexts. The technology analyzes pronunciation and speaking skills and provides instant feedback on how well the users are pronouncing words and phrases.

The app allows users to interact with bilingual tutors known as Teuitors. These tutors offer personalized advice and tips based on their own experiences, going beyond traditional textbook learning methods. Teuitors can provide contextual explanations and help learners understand the language within its cultural context.

Teuida’s emphasis on providing everyday conversations helps learners communicate effectively in real-life situations and enhances their language fluency. It aims to create a supportive and immersive environment for learners to practice speaking. By simulating real-life scenarios and offering personalized feedback, Teuida helps build learners’ confidence in using the target language.

The app has gained popularity among young users, accumulating a total of 2.05 million downloads till now. Moreover, Teuida has been recognized as one of the top Korean learning apps, securing the third position on the popular Korean learning app list on the App Store.

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User Interface And Look Of Teuida

Teuida’s design is one of its standout features, providing users with an excellent user experience. The app’s interface is sleek and well-designed, contributing to a premium feel. Navigating through the menus feels smooth and intuitive, allowing users to easily access various features.

Teuida’s language courses are structured in a clear and organized manner, making it easy for learners to progress through the material. The content is divided into levels, units, and lessons. Each level is centered around a specific theme, and within each level, there are multiple units, each focusing on a particular language-objective related to the theme.

Mobile app

Teuida enables learners to access its interactive lessons, simulated conversation scenarios, and pronunciation feedback directly from their iOS or Android devices. The app is optimized to provide a seamless and engaging experience on smaller screens, making it suitable for users who want to incorporate language learning into their daily routines, whether during commutes, breaks, or leisure time.

Learners can practice speaking Korean, receive instant feedback on their pronunciation, and immerse themselves in realistic conversation scenarios, all within the convenience of their mobile devices.

Who Needs Teuida?

Teuida is designed for learners who want to improve their Korean language skills, particularly their spoken communication. The app’s emphasis on interactive simulated conversations and voice recognition technology makes it suitable for users who wish to practice speaking in real-life situations and receive instant feedback on their pronunciation.

In all honesty, intermediate to advanced learners can benefit the most from this app. In other words, it benefits learners who are already familiar with basic language structures and are looking to enhance their communication skills in more practical and complex contexts. Teuida aims to help learners become more proficient speakers by simulating authentic conversations and offering personalized feedback through interactions with bilingual tutors.

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Teuida: Features

Teuida emphasizes the importance of learning Korean through speaking rather than passive studying. The app offers interactive lessons where learners engage with tutors and receive instant feedback on their pronunciation. The app’s first-person POV conversations enable learners to practice speaking everyday expressions and in real-life situations.

The app recognizes that knowing grammar and conjugations alone isn’t enough if learners cannot confidently speak in real-world situations. By simulating real-life scenarios, it helps users overcome fear the fear of speaking.

Teuida advocates for the effectiveness of speaking practice, valuing three minutes of actual speaking with a real person over watching lengthy lecture videos. Learners can practice essential Korean expressions through first-person POV scenarios offered by Teuida.

It boasts a diverse selection of fully bilingual tutors who not only speak Korean but also understand learners’ perspectives. While appreciating K-pop and KDramas, Teuida stresses that learning Korean goes beyond listening to music or watching TV shows.

Pricing: Free vs Subscription

Teuida offers a mixed model of free and subscription-based access to its content. The app can be downloaded for free, allowing users to access the first chapter of every level without any cost. This provides learners with an opportunity to explore the app’s interface and try out some introductory content before committing to a subscription.

However, to access material beyond the first lesson or chapter of each level, users will need to purchase a subscription. The subscription model provides users with full access to the app’s structured curriculum, which includes multiple levels, units, and lessons focused on various language objectives.

The subscription price is $9.99 for one month, $20.99 for a 3-month period, and $59.99 for a year subscription. This subscription fee grants users unlimited access to all or most apps and the app’s content for the duration of the subscription.

While the free access to the introductory content provides a glimpse into Teuida’s offerings, users who are serious about using the app for continuous and comprehensive language learning may find value in subscribing to access the full range of material.

The decision to opt for a subscription ultimately depends on individual language learning goals, preferences, and the level of commitment to learning Korean through Teuida’s immersive approach. Users can evaluate the free content and the trial version before deciding whether the subscription cost justifies the benefits of using the app for their language learning journey.

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Wrapping Up The Teuida Review

Teuida’s curriculum is structured around units, each focusing on a specific objective-based language item. These objectives are designed to be immediately useful for the novice Korean learners, making the learning experience practical and relevant. While some units may include fun topics like “Expressing love to your K-Pop bias”, most of them revolve around essential language skills such as “Introducing yourself” or “Thanking and apologizing.”

Within each unit, learners go through lessons that prepare them for simulated conversation scenarios. These lessons typically teach specific phrases and language elements related to the unit’s objective. By breaking down the learning process into units and lessons, Teuida provides learners with manageable and focused language tasks, ensuring that they acquire the necessary language skills step by step.

Teuida’s approach of combining objective-based language learning with interactive conversation simulations creates a well-rounded language learning experience. It not only teaches essential language skills but also gives learners the opportunity to apply them in realistic scenarios, ensuring a more comprehensive and effective learning journey.

My Positive Experience Of Using Teuida

  • It provides learners with a virtual reality-like experience, where they are placed in different scenarios and have to participate in conversations with the app’s simulated characters.
  • The app allows users to toggle subtitles for English and Korean, as well as Hangul and Romanization for the speaking prompts. This feature enhances the learning experience, as learners can attempt the exercises without subtitles first, trying to infer the meaning of the conversation.
  • After completing a conversation exercise, learners will receive feedback on a report card that describes their performance. This feedback helps users gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Novelty aside, my favorite things about the app are that it presents a bunch of super useful sentences right away in an engaging manner and helps you start speaking almost immediately.

How Teuida Can Improve

  • They can ensure that conversation scenarios use vocabulary and phrases introduced in previous lessons. Gradually introduce new vocabulary to avoid overwhelming learners with unfamiliar words and awkward phrases during conversations.
  • They can add an option to slow down the speed of the conversation-videos to help learners grasp spoken Korean at a more comfortable pace, especially for beginners.
  • They could consider developing higher-level content for advanced learners who seek more challenging and specialized language practice.

I really do like a learning app that captures my attention and is exciting to use, and Teuida accomplishes these things. It offers a novel experience without feeling like a gimmick, which can be a hard thing to pull off.

What keeps me from wholeheartedly recommending every Korean learner pay for a subscription is that it doesn’t offer explicit instruction for pronunciation (it relies on examples) or reading which might be overwhelming for a beginner.

Ling App – Just What You Need!

Teuida Review_Ling app_Learn Korean

If you are looking for language apps that can help you more with Korean words, all the grammar rules, repeating sentences aloud, and improve on your conversation skills, you can try the Ling app. It has the option to learn all these aspects as well as focus on writing and reading skills.

With the crazy selection of 60+ languages including culture-specific tips, sentence structure, and features that provide native speakers great speaking practice, this app has it all. Understanding that you may not want to just learn Korean but many other languages, feel free to get the trial version of Ling and check out all it has to offer!

Ling is truly a one-stop language-learning solution that strives to address your needs. Right from the start, you will have support regarding any concern. Moreover, the AI Chatbot will make sure that your learning experience is seamless from each lesson to the next! Try the Ling app today – download it for your iOS or Android devices now!

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