No Bengali On Babbel: Get These 2 Best Alternatives

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Want to learn Bengali online but can’t find it on Babbel? Let me assure you that it’s not the end of the world. If there’s no Bengali on Babbel, it means there are other options, such as Ling and Simply Learn!

Hi Bengali language learners! Learning a new language is fascinating, but the adventure adds allure when the target language is as complex and varied as Bengali. However, the success of your linguistic journey may hinge on your ability to locate the ideal language-learning app.

Although Babbel is a popular language-learning program, it does not yet provide a Bengali course. But have no fear! In this article, we’ll talk about two excellent options, Ling and Simply Learn, that can help you learn Bengali quickly and efficiently.

The Bengali Language Overview

Let’s have a look at the basics of Bengali to get ourselves excited about learning this interesting language.

Where Is Bengali Spoken?

In addition to being the official language of Bangladesh, Bengali (sometimes spelled Bangla) is extensively spoken in the Indian state of West Bengal. It’s not just the most important language in everyday life for the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal; it’s also a vital part of the region’s rich literary tradition and historical legacy.

Bengali is a widely spoken language, with about 230 million native speakers. Bengali is also spoken by groups of Indian immigrants living in Tripura and Assam and by Bengali people living in other countries. Although the language is not shared worldwide, it indeed has a massive amount of native speakers.

Is It Difficult To Learn Bengali?

Surely you are aware of the Bengali script. Because of its distinctive alphabet, the Bengali language can be difficult to learn for English speakers. One of the reasons? The script!

The Bengali script is based on Kutilalipi, an eastern variant of the Brahmi script that developed a unique appearance sometime around the seventh century. Through decades of development, the script eventually became cursive.

Learning Bengali might be easy or hard, depending on things like your background with other languages. The script is phonetic, as I explained before, so how a word is written usually reflects how it is pronounced. You’ll need to put in a lot of time practicing Bengali script and learning the language’s unique grammar, verbs, nouns, and sentence structures.

Babbel App Review

Babbel can help you learn the basics, like vocabulary, daily phrases, and sentence construction, if you’re a total beginner in a language. There aren’t many speaking activities, and the material could be too simple for more advanced learners. So, Babbel is still an excellent language application that can set you up for success with the basics of your target language, but it won’t be enough to bring you to fluency on your own.

Another drawback is that fewer language options are available on Babbel than on competing services. Notably, Bengali lessons are not available.

Why Is There No Bengali On Babbel?

I was also curious why Babbel did not offer the language spoken by more than two million people, and it’s even the seventh most spoken language in the world. But I would say the complexity of producing a full Bengali language curriculum may explain why Bengali isn’t available on Babbel.

While this limitation may make learning Bengali harder for certain people, other excellent options are available!

Use These Incredible Apps To Learn Bengali!

Ready, set, go! Here are two top-notch applications that will help you master Bengali. Take a peek, shall we?

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The Ling App

Your goal of fluency in Bengali is within reach now that you have Ling as a feasible choice. Experience the joy of learning a new language with Ling by your side as you immerse yourself in the elegant Bengali language. Keep in mind that learning a new language can open doors to all sorts of exciting new opportunities. Get started learning Bengali with Ling now to open up a world of opportunity!

Gain a firm grasp of Bengali, from common phrases to the finer points of the language. Join its thriving Bengali learning group and discover the magic of language in all its forms with Ling!


  • Each language has access to 200 lessons.
  • A chatbot to help you become ready for the real-world conversation
  • Audio lessons from a native speaker to help you improve your Bengali pronunciation
  • Examples and notes on grammar use
  • The app has many memory-training games and activities
  • Get the chatbot some real-world practice
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Simply Learn

Simply Learn, a sibling app to Ling, offers lessons specifically geared at boosting your self-assurance on a trip to Bangladesh or northeastern India. You will learn the Bengali language the way native speakers speak it. The app is less complicated than others and is designed for everyday situations, such as grocery shopping or public transportation.

Simply Learn can support you with Bengali vocabulary to help improve your conversation skills. Are you looking for an app to help you learn common Bengali phrases? Or maybe you’re going to Bangladesh tomorrow and need some help with your immediate language knowledge? Well, Simply Learn is the perfect app for you! It’s like having a best friend to assist you!


  • 300+ common Bengali words and phrases
  • High-quality recordings made by native speakers
  • The app offers a technique of spaced repetition learning
  • Keep tabs on how much you’ve learned

Learn Bengali With Ling Now!

Explore the richness of the Bengali language with Ling. Its interactive tool is the key to learning the language quickly and fluently. This app provides a more rewarding educational experience by fusing cultural context with immersive teaching methods. Additionally, it responds to your skill level, whether you’re just starting out or trying to master the language.

Most Bengali learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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