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Translation apps have made our lives easier in terms of communication and knowledge sharing. However, it’s still hard to find a decent translation app for some foreign languages like Hindi.

Whether you need a Hindi-to-English translation app for learning Hindi for school projects, work documents, or communication, these can be handy for you! Below, we’ve listed the best six translation apps and websites on the internet.

Best Hindi To English Translation Apps

Here’s a list of the best apps and websites that translate Hindi to English and vice versa!

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1. Easy Hindi Typing

Easy Hindi Typing is a website that can translate English to Hindi or vice versa. This site also supports regional languages spoken in different parts of India. This means you can translate a text from/to Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, and so on. In the Hindi to English translation tab, if you write some text in English, the website will translate it to Hindi.

If you want to see the English translation, you should click on the green Translate button on the screen. Afterward, you can edit, copy, and download the translated text.

Devices: Available on the Web.

Key Features

  • Basic interface
  • Supports regional languages in India
  • Free


  • Completely free.
Hindi app for translating Hindi to English

2. Translate

Translate is another free translating website that offers Hindi to English translation and vice versa. It also corrects grammatical errors and offers both machine and human translations. What makes Translate different from other tools is that it can even translate text from an image.

If you want to get a contextually 100% correct translation, you can request a human translation from native or bilingual translators. While Translate’s machine translation is free, its human translation requires a price per word.

Devices: Available on the Web.

Key Features

  • Corrects grammatical errors.
  • Offers human and machine translation.
  • Supports image translation.


  • Machine translation is free.
  • Human translation costs $0.7 per word after the first 50 words.
Translation Hindi English apps

3. Typing Baba

Typing Baba is a simple and free translation website that focuses on Hindi and a few other languages. It’s a relatively straightforward tool. First, you have to select the source language, which is English by default, but you can change it to Hindi by clicking on the Switch symbol. Then start typing and click the translate button. That’s it! Your translated text will be in the box below. You can copy it, save it to your device, and even print it directly from the website.

However, keep in mind that you can only translate 2,000 words at once and can’t edit the translated text afterward.

Devices: Available on the Web.

Key Features

  • Simple and straightforward interface.
  • Ability to print, copy, and save the translated text.
  • Translates 2,000 words at once.


  • Completely free.
Hindi to English translation apps

4. Google Translate App

Did you know that Google Translate also has an app for both Android and iOS? You can certainly use it to translate from Hindi to English and vice versa. The app offers all the features that the website has, such as speech translation, translating documents, translating text from images, etc. In addition to the website’s features, the app can detect and translate text from photos captured with the camera. It can even translate live conversations into text!

Devices: Available on the Web, Android, and IOS.

Key Features

  • Offline translation.
  • Translates real-time conversations.
  • Translates text from live captured photos.


  • Completely free.
Hindi to English translators

5. Translate Now

Translate Now is an app that offers Hindi-to-English translation or vice versa. It has fewer features when compared to Google Translate, but it provides correct translations. As usual, you just have to write or paste the text you want to translate into the app to have it translated into your target language. You can then copy and share the translated text.

Devices: Available on Android and IOS.

Key Features

  • Doesn’t require many permissions.
  • Supports 110+ languages, including Hindi.
  • Limited free version.


  • The pro version costs $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year.
Hindi chat translation

6. Hi Translate

Hi Translate is another translation app that offers text, image, and voice translation. It works with 100 foreign languages, including Hindi. The best feature of Hi Translate is that it allows cross-application translation, which means you can use it within any app to read and write in your target language. What’s more, the app offers voice translation, real-time text translation and also works offline.

Devices: Available on Android and IOS.

Key Features

  • Supports 100 foreign languages.
  • Offers cross-application translation.
  • Supports voice and image translation.


  • The pro version costs:
    • $8.99 weekly.
    • $19.99 monthly.
    • $85.99 yearly.

Why Learn Hindi?

It’s One Of The Most Spoken Languages

When choosing a foreign language to learn, it’s important to know how much you’ll be able to use it in real life. When it comes to Hindi, more than half a billion people in the world speak it, making it one of the most spoken languages in the world! It’s the official language of India, and 200 million people speak it as a second language.

More Career Opportunities

Learning a new language means bonus points for your resume. Since Hindi is one of the most spoken yet hard languages, some universities, businesses, and governments can offer opportunities for candidates who speak it fluently.

Enjoy Bollywood Movies

Although Hollywood is known as the heart of the film industry, India’s thriving film industry has become a competitor to California. For example, In 2012, more than 2.6 billion tickets were sold for Bollywood films, which are known for their vivid musicals and extra dramatic scenes.

Deepen Your Spiritual Journey

If you’re interested in meditation and yoga, learning Hindi can be quite useful. After all, many spiritual texts are written in Hindi. As such, it can help open your mind and heart to the spiritual world.

Ling App

Tired Of Using Hindi Translation Apps? Try Ling!

We’ve covered six useful translating apps and websites. Some, like Google Translate and Hi Translate, are great for learners on the go. Others, such as Translate or Typing Baba, might be more suited for computer work. But all can get the job done when it comes to Hindi to English translation.

However, maybe you’re tired of relying on translations to understand the Hindi language. So, why don’t you start learning Hindi yourself? You may think it’s a difficult language to learn, but Ling makes it easy!

Ling is a language learning app that has practical lessons that cover all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You can learn Hindi vocabulary, phrases, and script, find bite-sized grammar explanations, and practice speaking with a chatbot. All you have to do is to use the app for ten minutes a day!

You can download the Ling app from the Play Store and App Store for free.

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