HelloTalk Vs Preply: Which Of The 2 Is The Best?

If you are wondering which is the best language learning app between HelloTalk vs Preply, we got you covered!

These language learning apps will not only be helpful when it comes to helping you learn a language or mastering your target language, but they are a great way to talk to native speakers to improve your language skills even further!

Whether you want to learn new words or you are transitioning to becoming a serious language learner, here are our thoughts on 2 very popular language learning apps!

What Is HelloTalk?

HelloTalk is a language learning application that connects you to native speakers around the world to be your language exchange partner. This language app can help you talk to people that speak the foreign language that you want to learn!

HelloTalk vs Preply

This app also has built-in language tools that can help you in translating and understanding the language easier and better.

With over 150 languages to choose from, you can learn and speak a new language with ease!

What Is Preply?

Another language learning app that is making waves today is Preply. Like HelloTalk, Preply allows its language learners to connect with real native speakers around the world to help them polish and widen what they want to learn in the language that they hope to be fluent in.

Preply app

With Preply, the language learner will have a tutor that can serve as their conversation partner as well as help them achieve their language learning goals. Through online classes, students can easily learn a new language, especially if they need assistance and guidance.

Since you are talking to a native speaker of the language, you will also be able to get an idea of how actual conversations sound in real life.

Through these one-on-one lessons, you can become fluent in a diverse set of languages that are spoken all over the world.

Battle Of The Apps: Which Is The Best?

Now that you are familiar with these applications, it’s time to compare both and see which is the best for you!

Remember that being able to know which language learning platform works best for you will make language learning easier for you as a student!

Which Is Cheaper?

This definitely makes or breaks many people’s decisions upon choosing a language application. As for HelloTalk, there is a free version that you can access but it’s supported by ads. So, if you are looking for an application that just simply introduces you to the ropes of how the language is spoken without wanting to pay for anything, you might want to consider HelloTalk.

With Preply, it doesn’t have a free version. Having said that, using Preply can be a great investment, especially if you are someone that works best with a tutor or guidance from someone that is fluent in the language that you want to master.

Which Is More Convenient?

Though convenience will always vary from person to person, it is important to note that it should be considered upon choosing the best language learning application for you. With Preply, it is encouraged to have video call lessons with your teacher to best teach the lessons and the modules for your language learning journey. Since it is technically a student-teacher setup, it is best if you also have a space in your home and the proper gadgets that can cater to this type of learning.

Contrary to Preply, you can use HelloTalk on the go. This is because you can access and talk to millions of users online just by using the application that you can download on your phone. Aside from that, you can definitely learn at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you want as well!

Which Has More Structured Lessons?

If you are looking for structured lessons and very thorough language courses, you might want to consider Preply. Since this application actually connects you to a tutor, this means that as a student, you can lay down all the language goals that you want to achieve as well as the language lessons that you want to learn.

Compared to HelloTalk, wherein you just converse and get a brief background on how the language is spoken, Preply is more reliable when it comes to having lessons that are intensive and in-depth.

Wrapping Up!

Although both applications are great ways to practice a language, they are very different in nature. Having said that, it is always important to consider what your needs are as a language student. You might want to ask yourself if you just want to learn the intricacies of the language or learn just for fun.

From there, you can choose the language learning application that is best suited for you and your language needs.

HelloTalk vs Preply: What If These Applications Don’t Work For Me?

The beauty of technology is that if these applications don’t work for you, there are definitely great alternatives that you can consider! If you are not a fan of learning through holding conversations or through having one-on-one lessons with your language teacher, you might want to consider the Ling App!

HelloTalk vs Preply

The Ling App is another language learning application that gamifies its lessons to make it not just effective for you to learn, but an enjoyable experience for you! Aside from that, it provides very specific grammar guides to help you understand the language better. Upon using the Ling App, you will definitely have access to high-quality lessons that best fit your needs as a language learner.

Did we mention that it’s also very convenient? With the Ling App, you can start learning new languages anytime and anywhere! Since it caters to your needs as a language student, you can access the application from anywhere and learn whenever you want! With just a few taps and clicks on your devices, you can have access to lessons in over 60 languages.

Start learning languages with ease by using the Ling App!

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