6 Best Apps To Learn Punjabi Quickly And Effectively In 2023

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Punjabi is a language that packs a punch globally. It’s one of the most spoken languages worldwide and holds strong positions in the UK and Canada. You’ll find a thriving Punjabi-speaking community in Canada, especially Ontario, Alberta, and BC. 

If you’re eyeing a career in fields like translation, teaching, or international business, knowing Punjabi can be a game-changer. It’s advantageous if you’re planning to work or do business in Punjab, be it in India or Pakistan.

Now, if you want to be one of the 125+ million Punjabi speakers, this article is your go-to guide for picking the best apps to learn Punjabi. And speaking of top-notch apps, the Ling app is definitely one you’ll want to check out. 

Not only that, but five other language-learning apps will help you learn the official language of the Indian State of Punjab. Take a quick look at the comparison table below, and then we’ll dive into each app to give you the lowdown on what makes them stand out.

AppBest ForStarting Price
Ling appEngaging Interactive Punjabi Lessons$8.99/month
PimsleurAudio-Driven Punjabi Language Immersion$19.95/month
DinolingoTeaching Punjabi to Children$14.95/month
italkiOne-on-One Customized Punjabi Lessons$4 to $80/hour
50LanguagesBuilding a Strong Punjabi Vocabulary$3.00/month
Mango LanguagesIntegrating Punjabi Cultural Context$7.99/month

The Ling App: Best For Engaging Interactive Punjabi Lessons

Let’s start with the best language-learning app, the Ling app. Do you know how some language apps can feel like a chore? The Ling app flips the script by turning learning into a game. 

The Ling app is packed with interactive exercises like matching games, quizzes, and even dialogue practices that simulate real-world conversations. Aside from learning words, you’re learning how to use them in context.

And let’s talk about the native speaker audio. Have you ever tried learning a language and realized you’re unsure how a word should sound? The Ling app solves that problem by including native speaker audio for each lesson. 

You get to hear the pronunciation just as you would in a natural setting. This attention to detail sets the Ling app apart from, say, a more traditional flashcard app.

A photo of Ling's monkey logo, one of the best apps to learn Punjabi today.

The Ling App’s Standout Features

  • Leaderboard Challenges: The Ling app lets you put your skills to the test against other learners on a leaderboard. It adds a fun, competitive twist to the learning process.

  • Chatbot Conversations: This chatbot is a judgment-free zone where you can chat, ask questions, and get corrected in real-time.

  • Caters to 60+ Languages: Not only does the Ling app excel in teaching Punjabi, but it also offers courses in over 60 languages, even less commonly taught ones like Lithuanian and Swahili.

What Are Users Saying About The Ling App?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.7 stars with 4.6K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users praise the Ling app for its interactive lessons and gamified approach. One reviewer mentioned, “The app makes learning a new language fun and engaging. The games are a great way to reinforce what I’ve learned.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users have pointed out that the voice recognition feature could be improved. A user noted, “Sometimes the app doesn’t recognize my pronunciation, even when I know I’m saying it correctly.”

How Much Does The Ling App Cost?

Basic$0-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
Monthly$8.99-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
-200 lessons in 50 units
-Access to 60+ languages
-Sync across all your devices
-Talk with the chatbot about 20 topics
-Grammar tips in many languages
-Same as the Monthly plan
-Same as the Monthly plan

Pimsleur: Best For Audio-Driven Punjabi Language Immersion

What if you’re someone who learns best by listening? Pimsleur might just be your jam. This language app focuses more on audio. It employs a scientifically-backed method known as “spaced repetition” to help you retain what you learn. 

But what if you’re forgetting a word just minutes after learning it? Pimsleur’s method tackles that issue head-on by reinforcing your memory through repetition and active recall.

So, is Pimsleur all about listening? No, it’s about speaking skills, too. The app offers real-life dialogue practice, so you’re not just a passive listener. You’re an active participant in Punjabi conversations. This is especially useful if you plan to use Punjabi in practical, everyday situations.

A photo of Pimsleur's logo.

Pimsleur’s Standout Features

  • Driving Mode: Stuck in traffic? Pimsleur’s driving mode turns that idle time into a language lesson. Just hit play and learn while you drive.

  • Flashcards for Quick Review: Pimsleur’s digital version of flashcards helps you quickly review and reinforce what you’ve learned.

  • Role-Play Challenges: One-sided conversation? This feature lets you practice both sides, helping you understand the flow of Punjabi dialogues.

What Are Users Saying About Pimsleur?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.7 stars with 12.3K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Pimsleur is lauded for its focus on conversational skills. A reviewer stated, “The lessons are so practical. I can actually use what I’ve learned in real conversations.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users find the subscription pricing a bit steep. “It’s a great app, but the cost can add up if you’re learning multiple languages,” mentioned a user.

How Much Does Pimsleur Cost?

7 Days Free Trial$0-Limited access to all language courses
(one language)

(all languages)
-Full access to one/all language course
(all languages)
-Full access to all language courses for one year

Dinolingo: Best For Teaching Punjabi To Children

Got little ones at home? You can say that Dinolingo is the Pixar of language apps to learn Punjabi for kids. It’s colorful, it’s interactive, and it’s educational. 

Dinolingo employs storytelling to introduce basic Punjabi vocabulary and concepts. Remember how stories captivated us as kids? Dinolingo taps into that magic to make learning Punjabi fun and engaging for children.

But don’t let the playful design fool you. This app is rooted in educational psychology principles. Of course, you’ll learn words, but you’ll also understand how they fit into sentences and stories. So, if you’re a parent, why not give your kids a head start in language learning?

A photo of Dinolingo's logo.

Dinolingo’s Standout Features

  • Animated Stories: Dinolingo introduces new words and concepts in a way that will keep kids hooked.

  • Parental Dashboard: Want to keep tabs on your kid’s progress? The parental dashboard lets you do just that, right down to setting daily goals.

  • Interactive Exercises: Like the Ling app, Dinolingo has fun exercises like fill-in-the-blanks and matching games to reinforce their learning.

What Are Users Saying About Dinolingo?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.6 stars with 19 reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Parents and kids alike are enjoying Dinolingo. One parent said, “My child loves the dinosaur theme. It’s a fun way to introduce a new language.”

  • Room for Improvement: A few users said they would like more content. “The app is good, but it could use more levels for advanced learning,” said a parent.

How Much Does Dinolingo Cost?

-Full access to one language
$449/year-Full access to all languages
Family Gift$149/year-One-year access to one language
Schools$280/year-Up to 10 students
$460/year-Up to 20 students
Charter Schools$149/student-One-year access to one language
Homeschoolers$14.95/month-Full access for up to 4 students

italki: Best For One-On-One Customized Punjabi Lessons

Looking for something more personalized? italki is where you’ll find it. This platform is the Airbnb of language learning. italki connects you with certified Punjabi teachers for one-on-one official Punjabi lessons. 

We’ve all experienced classroom-like settings that don’t cater to our specific needs, right? italki solves that by tailoring each lesson to you. Yep, just for you.

What’s really unique about italki is the live interaction. You might say, “I’ve seen the likes of those, and they aren’t live.” But no, they’re not pre-recorded lessons. 

With italki, you’re having real conversations with native speakers in real time. This is invaluable for picking up nuances like pronunciation and intonation.

A photo of italki's logo.

italki’s Standout Features

  • Teacher Reviews: No more teacher roulette. With italki, you can read reviews and pick a teacher who vibes with your learning style.

  • Lesson Notes: Forget scribbling notes during class. Your teacher provides them for you, and you can revisit them anytime.

  • Language Exchange: This feature lets you chat with native speakers while helping them learn your native language.

What Are Users Saying About italki?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.8 stars with 3.4K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users appreciate the one-on-one lessons with native speakers. “The personalized lessons are a game-changer. I feel like I’m making real progress,” said a reviewer.

  • Room for Improvement: Some users mentioned that the app could be more user-friendly. “The interface is a bit confusing at first,” noted a user.

How Much Does italki Cost?

PlanPrice (Per Hour)Features
Community Tutors$4 – $30-Informal practice and conversation exchange
-Native or advanced speakers
-Flexible scheduling
Professional Teachers$10 – $80-Certified professionals
-Detailed questions and advanced topics
-Test preparation
-Structured lesson plans
Trial LessonsHighly Reduced Rates-30-minute lessons with different teachers
Lesson PackagesVaries-Agree on the number of lessons with the teacher

50Languages: Best For Building A Strong Punjabi Vocabulary

50Languages is an app that’s basically a vocabulary gym for your brain. Flashcards, quizzes, crossword puzzles—you name it, 50Languages has it. The goal? To arm you with a Punjabi vocabulary so strong you’ll never be tongue-tied again.

You might be thinking, “Is it all just word memorization?” Nope, there’s more to it. 50Languages teaches you how to string those words together into coherent sentences. One more thing: each word comes with example sentences to show you how it fits into daily chats.

A photo of 50Languages' logo.

50Languages’ Standout Features

  • Crossword Puzzles: 50Languages includes crossword puzzles focused on vocabulary. It’s learning disguised as playtime.

  • Phrasebook: Ever get stuck trying to order food or ask for directions? The app’s phrasebook has got you covered for all those real-world situations.

  • Audio Examples: No more second-guessing your pronunciation. Each new word comes with an audio example to set you straight.

50Languages: What Are Users Saying?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.8 stars with 530 reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: People who are serious about language learning find 50Languages to be a valuable resource. One reviewer said, “For serious learners and polyglots, this is the most efficient way to add languages to your repertoire.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some language learners would like to see more structure. “There are no lessons about sentence structures and grammar aside from what you can absorb from the phrases,” mentioned a user.

How Much Does 50Languages Cost?

-No access to tests
Silver$3.00 (one month)

$6.00 (six months)

$8.00 (one year)
-No ads
-No access to tests
Gold$5.00 (one month)

$8.00 (six months)

$12.00 (one year)
-No ads
-Access to tests

Mango Languages: Best For Integrating Punjabi Cultural Context

Last is Mango Languages, your go-to app for a deep cultural dive into the Punjabi world. Ever hear a phrase and think, “What’s the story behind that?” Mango Languages fills in the gaps, teaching you the culture behind the words.

But here’s where it gets really interesting. The app uses a “chunking” method to break down sentences, making them easier to digest. You’ll also pick up idioms and local sayings, giving you a well-rounded understanding of Punjabi culture.

And hey, if you’re digging the cultural insights from Mango Languages, you’ll find the Ling app does that and then some. It’s your comprehensive guide to both Punjabi language and culture.

A photo of Mango Languages' logo.

Mango Languages’ Standout Features

  • Color-Coded Grammar Notes: If grammar feels like a maze, Mango Languages’ color-coded notes are your roadmap.

  • Voice Comparison: Want to sound like a native? Record yourself and compare it to a native speaker’s clip.

What Are Users Saying About Mango Languages?

  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.8 stars with 36.4K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Mango Languages is highly rated for its comprehensive approach. “It’s like being with a private tutor, but you get to learn what you want to,” said a reviewer.

  • Room for Improvement: Some users would like more varied examples. “The exact same example appears over and over. It would be useful to have variations,” noted a user.

How Much Does Mango Languages Cost?

Single Language
-Access to one language
-Endangered and Indigenous language courses
-Bonus language courses
-Assessment and placement tests
-Mango Movies
-Mango Reader
-Customer support
-Progress tracking
All Languages
-All features of the Single Language plan
-Unlimited access to all 70+ languages
-Family Profiles (up to 5)
-Parental controls
EnterpriseContact Sales-All features of the All Languages plan
-Dedicated Account Manager
-Enterprise authentication support
-Marketing and promotional tools
-In-depth usage stats
-Classroom management tools

Why Use Apps To Learn Punjabi In 2023?

You’re probably wondering, “Why should I opt for an app to learn Punjabi this year?” It’s because learning a language through an app offers unparalleled convenience. 

You can learn Punjabi online or offline, anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone. And in 2023, when life is busier than ever, who wouldn’t want that flexibility?

But let’s get to the point. While all the apps to learn Punjabi we’ve discussed offer unique features, the Ling app stands out for its comprehensive approach. It gives you interactive lessons, cultural insights, and a smooth user experience. 

So, if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for learning Punjabi, the Ling app is the way to go. Download the Ling app from Google Play and the App Store today. You’ll be glad you did.

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