8 Best Apps To Learn Portuguese Rapidly In 2023

Best Apps To Learn Portuguese Ling App

Ready to plunge into the vibrant world of Portuguese? Strap in because 2023 is your year to become fluent! Maybe you’re planning to samba your way through the carnivals of Rio, sample pasties de nata in the streets of Lisbon, or just want to add another linguistic feather to your cap. Either way, learning Portuguese is an excellent adventure – and we’re here to guide you!

Hold up, though. Let’s be real here. We’re jet-setting through the fast-paced eon of byte-sized learning. Who’s got time to wrestle with heavy-duty textbooks or endure never-ending lessons? Nope, not us! Well, here’s the kicker – you can master European and Brazilian Portuguese lounging on your plush couch, sipping your latte, or even sweating it out on a treadmill! Ain’t that fun? But which apps are worth your time? Which ones will get you ordering Feijoada like a local and make you feel like you’ve moved to the vibrant streets of Portugal or Brazil?

We’ve tested and ranked the best apps to learn Portuguese in 2023. So, if you’re ready to “falar Português” – stick with us. It’s going to be an exciting ride! Let’s jump right in!

Why Learn Portuguese?

Alright, here’s the lowdown on why diving into Portuguese is a pretty sweet idea. First off, it opens up a whole world of amazing vibes from Brazil to Portugal and beyond. Think samba, bossa nova, and the cozy sound of fado – your playlist’s about to get seriously upgraded.

Plus, when you roll with Portuguese, you’re in for a treat if you’re a travel junkie. Imagine strolling through the colorful streets of Lisbon or catching some rays on the stunning beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Knowing Portuguese is like having a VIP pass to connect with the locals and trust me, they appreciate it when you sprinkle a bit of their language into the conversation.

And let’s talk about food. Portuguese cuisine? Total game changer. From the iconic pastel de nata to the feijoada in Brazil, your taste buds are in for a party. So, long story short, learning Portuguese isn’t just about words; it’s about unlocking a whole world of music, travel adventures, and mouthwatering eats. Time to spice up your language game!

Best Apps To Learn Portuguese

Quick Summary:

Our Top 3 Picks for Apps to Learn Portuguese
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Intuitive interface
  • Detailed and gamified lessons
  • Learn with audio from native speakers
A photo of Pimsleur logo - Ling review


  • Learn by listening 
  • Recall methodology
  • Mobile-friendly design
A photo of Bluebird Languages logo - Ling review


  • Interactive lessons
  • Personalized study plan
  • Feedback from Portuguese speakers

1. Ling – Best For Adaptable And Fun Learning

If you’ve been rummaging around in an endless sea of language learning apps, looking for a tool that meshes with your learning style, the Ling app just might be the answer! This trendy and user-friendly app takes learning Portuguese to a whole new level, merging practicality with a healthy dose of fun. It’s like carrying around a fun-loving Portuguese language tutor in your pocket.


  • Intuitive Interface: Trust me; you won’t struggle to navigate this application. Everything is at your fingertips.
  • Detailed Lessons: The lessons are broken down into bite-sized chunks that make even the hardest grammar rules seem like a piece of “bolo de cenoura” (that’s carrot cake to us English speakers!).
  • Learning Efficacy: The unique balance between fun and learning outcomes in the Ling app is something we haven’t often seen. Ling makes it simple to pick up Portuguese quickly and naturally.
Ling apps to learn Portuguese


Ling stands tall when it comes to performance. Whether it’s the snappy interface, easy-to-navigate layout, or the quality of the language learning material, Ling has got you covered. What’s more? The native-like pronunciation guidance is a real confidence booster. You can always look out for some reviews on either the Play Store or App Store to find out what learners are saying about Ling!


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Pimsleur – Best For Listening And Speaking

Ready to polish your Portuguese listening skills and speaking chops? Then, meet Pimsleur, your auditory-accent accomplice that makes diving into conversational Portuguese a piece of cake. Whether you’re at work, in your car, or prepping your dinner, Pimsleur’s got your back.


  • Listen to Learn: Spend less time with your eyes on the screen and more time tuning into practical lessons. Kick back, listen up, and let Pimsleur do the rest. Podcast lovers, this is your moment!
  • Speak Like a Native: Pimsleur’s got you covered with its patented recall methodology. Hear something once, and voilà, you sound like you’ve lived in Portugal for years. Obrigado (thanks), Pimsleur!
  • Portable Learning: Put Pimsleur in your pocket with its mobile-friendly design. This app loves to travel as much as you do!
Pimsleur apps to learn Portuguese


The app takes a ‘learn through conversation’ technique, blending it seamlessly with personalized pronunciation practice, which has garnered top-star user reviews. Not just a one-trick pony, Pimsleur shines with its reading lessons that complement the oral ones, giving you a balanced language learning experience.


  • 1 level:$150.00
  • Full course: $575.00

3. Busuu – Best For Interactive Learning

Who said learning Portuguese has to be boring? Definitely not Busuu! It brings learning Portuguese in a captivating and engaging way. It’s right there in the palm of your hand whenever you want to dive in. If you’re thinking of trying it out, here’s everything you need to know.


  • Interactive Lessons: With Busuu, learning Portuguese isn’t a monotonous task. It’s a conversation! Shy away from dauntless lists of vocabulary, Busuu comes into action with robust and interactive lessons, keeping you engaged every step of the way.
  • Study Plan: As your personalized planner, Busuu molds a schedule around your time, tailoring the plan to your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, there’s a spot for everyone under Busuu’s Portuguese learning sun.
  • Feedback from Portuguese Speakers: Nothing beats authentic guidance. You’ve got the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from native Portuguese speakers, which is a huge plus!
Busuu apps to learn Portuguese


The interactive features, coupled with a friendly interface, make learning Portuguese feel like you’re playing your favorite language-based game. With tens of millions of users globally, you’ll never have to face the trials and tribulations of mastering Portuguese alone. Join a community of Portuguese learners and share experiences, tips, and a good laugh along the way.


  • Monthly: $13.95
  • 6 Months: $50.70
  • Yearly:$58.38

3. Mondly – Best For Beginners

Alright, amigos, let’s talk about Mondly—a lifesaver for those fresh on the Portuguese learning scene. This app goes the extra mile for our beginner buddies, making it super easy to grasp the basics of the language.


  • Quick & Easy Lessons: Say goodbye to the time pressure. Mondly serves bite-sized lessons that you can snap up while on your morning jog or sipping your midday brew.
  • Practical Vocabulary: Mondly dishes out real-world language. Less on the metaphysical debates and more on asking directions or ordering your favorite snack. Simple but essential!
  • Interactive Chats: Shake off your newbie nerves with Mondly’s real-life conversations. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to chat with the locals.
Mondly apps to learn Portuguese


Mondly hits all the right notes when it comes to aiding beginners in learning Portuguese. Its user-friendly interface, gamified lessons, and practical teaching lead to a smooth-sailing language learning experience. Your first day on the app, and you’ll feel right at home!


  • Monthly subscription: $9.99 (one language)
  • Yearly subscription:$47.99 (one language)
  • Lifetime subscription: $89.99 (access to all 41 languages)

4- Rocket Languages – Best For Auditory Learning

When it comes to language apps that have managed to win hearts and set trends, Rocket Languages steals the limelight! Best suited for auditory language learners, this outstanding app has carved out an admirable spot in our roundup.


  • Interactive Audio Lessons: Engage in over 60 hours of interactive audio lessons designed to get you speaking and understanding Portuguese pronto!
  • Phonetic Spellings: Rocket Languages simplifies pronunciation by providing phonetic spellings alongside the regular text.
  • Voice Recognition: Hone your pronunciation skills with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology.
Rocket langauges apps to learn Portuguese


Rocket Languages delivers on its promise to make language learning enjoyable and effective. With a focus on auditory learning, its well-structured lessons and engaging narration simulate real-life conversations that help build your language skills with confidence. Paired with its practice exercises and quizzes that cater to various learning styles, it’s no wonder Rocket Languages leaves users raving with satisfaction.


  • 6 months: 10.80 / month
  • One-time payment: $59.98

5. Drops – Best For Vocabulary Building

If you’re serious about enriching your Brazilian or European Portuguese vocabulary, then Drops is a perfect choice! Drops takes the monotony out of vocabulary learning and, instead, brings a fun, colorful world of Portuguese words right at your fingertips.

Drops apps to learn Portuguese


Drops is every bit as reliable and pleasant as a soothing bossa nova track. This language-learning app is streamlined and simple to navigate, making your learning experience smooth.Also, Drops does a stellar job when it comes to teaching Portuguese words. The gaming-based approach does more than just keep things exciting; it helps you remember the lessons longer.


  • Free (limited features)
  • Monthly premium$13.00
  • Yearly premium$69.99 ($5.83/month)
  • Lifetime access$159.99

6-MosaLingua – Best For Memorization

MosaLingua is a solid resource for budding language learners, especially if you’re all about getting those words and phrases to stick. Just think of it as your trusty sidekick for memory magic.


  • Focused Learning: MosaLingua uses a Spaced Repetition System. It keeps track of the words you’re struggling with and makes you review them at the perfect time to boost memorization.
  • Rich Content: It offers more than 3,600 flashcards containing useful phrases and vocabulary, each coming with audio pronunciation by native speakers.
  • Real-Life Scenarios: The app provides over 14 diverse categories and 100 subcategories for scenario-based learning.
Mosalingua apps to learn Portuguese


This app nails the balance between friendliness and flawlessness. It’s like a great buddy who knows when to push you and when to back off to let you absorb what you’ve learned. Plus, with its on-point reminders, you won’t miss a study session that could be a game-changer. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to sharpen your Portuguese, MosaLingua shows consistent, tangible results.


  • Monthly subscription: $9.49/month
  • Yearly subscription: $59.90/year

7. Babbel – Best For Personalized Learning

When it comes to personalized learning experiences, Babbel goes the extra mile. It’s interactive, intuitive, and remarkably user-friendly, making it a solid contender on our list.

Babbel apps to learn Portuguese


Babbel’s performance is impressively spot-on. The Portuguese lessons are designed in small, manageable chunks, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. And guess what? You can ditch the fluff because Babbel focuses on practical vocabulary that you can apply right away.


  • Monthly premium: $13.95
  • 3 months premium: $41.85
  • 6 months premium: $83.70
  • Yearly premium: $167.40
  • Lifetime access: $599.99

Cracking The Code Of The Portuguese Language With Ling

The world of language learning has truly blossomed, providing a wide range of apps to help you master Portuguese in 2023. Each app caters to different learning styles, preferences, and goals, so it’s essential to choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Remember, the best app for you will be the one that keeps you coming back for more. And we assure you that ling is that app! It will not only help you learn but also create an enjoyable, engaging, and interactive experience. Stay committed, practice consistently, and soon you’ll be falando Português like a pro.

With a plethora of accessible and user-friendly options at your fingertips, the journey to learning Portuguese has never been easier. So, go on, and dive into the stimulating world of language learning.

Download Ling now from the App Store or Play Store, and start speaking Portuguese now!

Boa sorte (good luck) on your journey!

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