Best 6 Apps To Learn Catalan Rapidly!

Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

Do you know what’s common between “tetraclorobenzoquina“, “anticonstitucionalment” and “tetrabromofluresceïna“? Well, a) all three of them come from the Catalan language, and b) they are some of the longest words in the language. In fact, Catalan boasts 277 words containing all the five main vowels! Isn’t that intriguing?

So, would you like to know a bit more about this fascinating language? How about taking baby steps and starting by learning about the best apps to learn Catalan? Yep, we thought so! One of the best options to do so is, of course, the Ling app, but I have also brought you this round-up of all the best resources. Let’s get going!

Quick Summary:

Our Top 3 Picks for Apps to Learn Catalan
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • All in one learning experience
  • Choose form 60+ languages
  • AI Chatbot to practice conversation
An image of Duolingo app logo - review by the Ling app - best apps to learn languages


  • Audio recorded in native speaker voices
  • Speech recognition technology
  • Free access to all lessons
Interactive Lessons


  • Conversations with virtual characters
  • Daily lessons and challenges
  • All-round holistic understanding

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Catalan?

Ling Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

1. Ling: Best App For Overall Learning

When it comes to learning Catalan in the most fun and engaging manner, Ling is your go-to language learning app. Thanks to its gamified approach, there is never a dull moment as you find your steps amidst Catalan words.

Apart from various interactive features like bite-sized lessons recorded in native speaker voices, fun quizzes, and engaging exercises, there is the OG of the language-learning process: the AI-powered chatbot. It is the most brilliant part about Ling, as it converses with you in real-time on day-to-day conversations to help you get into the practice of using daily phrases. There is no fluff floating around on Ling, my friend.

Stand Out Features Of Ling

  • The best thing about Ling is its interactive lessons that make you practice your speaking skills along with reading and comprehension skills.
  • The lessons cover everything from Catalan vocabulary to grammar.
  • The app also offers personalized learning paths, so you can focus on the areas that matter the most to you.
  • Ling has a speech recognition feature that helps you improve your accent and sound like a native speaker while practicing conversational skills with AI chatbots.
  • The app sports a vast library of real-life dialogues and audio recordings for you to practice your listening skills.


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99
Duolingo Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

2. Duolingo: Best For Beginners Lessons

Duolingo is everywhere. There is no denying the fact. The cute little green owl has been keeping every user on their toes through its daily reminders (and may I say warnings) to do their daily lessons. If you are someone who likes to be regular with your practice sessions, however short they may be, then Duolingo is a good option to try.

This absolutely free app to learn Catalan online has some good features to get you started as a beginner. Language learners will get initial lessons on basic phrases and vocabulary. The short and crisp lessons are a good place to start Catalan-spoken practice. However, direct lessons on Catalan grammar are few and far between. That’s why this app is not meant for advanced learners.

Stand Out Features

  • Duolingo’s biggest selling point is its free Catalan lessons.
  • This Catalan learning app has many interactive features.
  • Speech recognition technology helps the user improve their pronunciation skills.
  • The audio lessons are recorded in the native language by native Catalan speakers.


  • Free version
  • Super Duolingo: $6.99/month
Mondly Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

3. Mondly: Best App For Learning Via Virtual Reality

Are you an audio person? Then Mondly might be the best choice for you. Its language courses are quite useful in preparing you for real-life conversations that you can have with native Catalan speakers. It employs the latest technology-based features like VR (Virtual Reality) to make your learning experience engaging as well as immersive.

Stand Out Features

  • It offers a chatbot feature that engages you in interactive dialogues with virtual characters. This helps you practice speaking and listening skills in a natural and immersive way.
  • Mondly also offers you daily lessons and challenges to keep you motivated and consistent in your language-learning journey.
  • The cultural context in the lessons helps you gain an all-round holistic understanding of the Catalan language instead of learning it in an isolated manner.


  • Free version(limited features)
  • Premium subscription starts at $9.99/month.
Memrise Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

4. Memrise: Best App For An Immersive Experience

Memrise is my go-to app for when I want to indulge in a lot of cultural vibes. Why? Because the app provides short videos and clips of real natives going about their daily lives or talking to the camera about day-to-day routines. It is by soaking up all the things happening around them that you get an idea of the atmosphere in which Catalan is actually spoken.

In fact, you can start gathering vocabulary used daily in the Catalan language just by browsing through these short videos and clips.

Stand Out Features

  • Memrise’s chatbot conversation feature – Membot – is a strong contender for the AI-powered chatbot learning process. It helps you make your own sentences just after the first free lesson.
  • Though it is a subscription-based app, you can make use of the free features, especially unlocking conversations with the chatbot, by watching ads.
  • It gives you absolute freedom to customize your learning path depending on your proficiency level in the language as well as your areas of interest.


  • Monthly subscription: $14.99
  • Yearly subscription: $89.99
  • Lifetime membership: $199.99
iTalki Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

5. iTalki: Best App For Live Interactions

iTalki is one of the most popular tutor-based platforms for language learning. At the moment, there are around 71 Catalan tutors onboard iTalki to help you speak Catalan at your own pace. The platform offers you the best opportunity to interact with native speakers face-to-face for a thoroughly interactive learning experience.

Stand Out Features

  • The best thing about this platform is the flexibility it provides to learners, depending on their needs and learning goals.
  • The live, face-to-face classes with the tutors have the benefit of real-time feedback on your performance and progress, based on which your tutor customizes your classes.
  • The amount of money you spend on learning Catalan is within your control. You can choose the tutor and the number of lessons based on your budget.


  • Trial session: between $5 to $35.
  • The cost per session ranges between $10 to $35.

6. Clozemaster: Best App For Building Vocabulary

Clozemaster is another app incorporating gamification elements to make learning more engaging and motivating. With Clozemaster, learners can earn points, track their progress, and compete with other users – all in all, get a feel of competing in a game while learning a language! Moreover, its primary approach is to teach languages using complete sentences rather than isolated words.

Stand Out Features

  • Clozemaster incorporates a spaced repetition system to optimize vocabulary retention. In simple words, the words and phrases pop up before the learner at timed intervals. These intervals gradually space out as the user becomes more familiar with the vocabulary and phrases.
  • The app boasts a vast collection of sentences in which learners get exposure to different sentence structures, vocabulary, and grammar rules.


  • Free (limited features)
  • In-App Purchases-Clozemaster Pro:
  • Monthly: $8.99
  • Yearly:$69.99
Apps To Learn Catalan Ling App

Why Learn Catalan?

Are you aware that Catalonia, where Catalan is widely spoken as its official language, is a treasure trove of culture and history? One can only imagine strolling down the enchanting streets of Barcelona, hearing the locals chat in their melodious Catalan accents. By learning the language, you’ll unlock a deeper connection to this vibrant region and its people. You’ll be able to engage in heartfelt conversations, understand local traditions, and truly savor the richness of the Catalan culture.

And the best part is that Catalan isn’t just confined to Catalonia either. It’s also spoken in Valencia, the Balearic Islands, and even parts of France and Italy. So, when you learn Catalan, you’re not just opening doors to one region but several, enriching your travel experiences and broadening your horizons.

From a practical standpoint, mastering Catalan can boost your career opportunities. Many international businesses have a presence in Catalonia, putting Catalan-speaking professionals in high demand. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply looking to enhance your job prospects, Catalan can be a valuable asset on your resume.

Let’s not forget the linguistic charm of Catalan itself. It’s a language with a unique blend of Latin roots and its own distinctive character, often described as a bridge between Spanish and French. Learning Catalan can improve your overall language skills and open doors to mastering other Romance languages.

And the last thing is that it is absolutely fun to learn a new language. Catalan is no exception. With a plethora of resources, including apps, courses, and native speakers eager to help, you can easily embark on your Catalan learning journey and even make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

So, dive in and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Learn Catalan With Ling

Now that you have gone through the top 5 apps to learn Catalan, what do you think of starting your language learning program with a lot of fun and bang?

You are guaranteed the best start should you choose to enter your Catalan learning phase with the Ling app. It not only comes loaded with all the innovative language learning tools and features but also offers you a plethora of free resources to add to your cultural understanding.

The Ling blog is one such resource that helps you with a number of well-curated articles on the cultural aspect of language learning.

So, without further ado, download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store and give it a genuine try!

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