6 Best Apps To Learn Afrikaans In 2023

best apps to learn afrikaans

So, there I was, scrolling through my phone, daydreaming about a trip to South Africa, when I stumbled upon the intriguing world of apps to learn Afrikaans. Yep, that’s right, Afrikaans — the language that sounds as fascinating as its name. And I don’t know about you, but learning a new language always seemed like a big, scary task, filled with textbooks and old-school CDs.

But hold on a second.

Learning Afrikaans through apps? Man, that’s like finding a cheat code in a video game!

No more snuggling up with those boring grammar books (I mean, who does that?) or going gaga playing thousands of hours-worth of recordings. Instead, it’s all about high-fives and interactive lessons with a virtual South African buddy. Curious? Grab your phone, fellow language adventurers, and let’s dive into the world of apps to learn Afrikaans! Because trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Afrikaans

Quick Summary:

Our Top 3 Picks for Apps to Learn Afrikaans
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Gamified learning experience
  • Sounds recorded by native speakers
  • AI chatbot to practice vocabulary
Italki logo image - Ling review widget


  • One-on-one lessons 
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Diverse pool of tutors
Mondly Logo Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Engaging and interactive lessons
  • Multi-language support
  • Regular updates and fresh content
Best Apps to Learn Afrikaans-ling app-monkey-logo


Do you remember the joy of playing games as a child? The excitement, the curiosity, the sense of accomplishment? Ling brings all of that into learning Afrikaans. With its gamified lessons, it turns each learning module into a delightful game. You don’t just learn; you play, explore, and conquer levels as you grasp the language. It’s like rediscovering the child-like joy of learning, making each lesson a thrilling adventure!

What I personally love about Ling is that it doesn’t just throw you into the deep end. It offers various lesson levels, starting from beginner to expert, guiding you step by step. Each lesson or tier introduces new complexities, challenges, and excitement. It’s like playing a video game, where each stage unfolds new sets of expressions and more conversations with its chatbot!

What’s a game without rewards? Ling offers daily reminders so that you won’t forget to challenge yourself and earn banana points. These daily nudges keep you engaged, motivated, and constantly moving forward on your Afrikaans learning journey. And the best part? This isn’t just true for Afrikaans but also for 60+ other languages!

Stand-Out Features

  1. Gamified learning experience
  2. Accessibility and user-friendly design
  3. Affordable pricing


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99
iTalki-Best apps to learn afrikaans-in-2023-Ling app


For those seeking guided lessons, Italki might already be on the radar. The platform provides personalized, one-on-one support for mastering Afrikaans with the help of professional teachers and community tutors; it also allows you to connect with fellow learners to build a supportive community. It’s especially great for those who thrive on shared learning experiences. This not only enhances language skills but also introduces learners to diverse cultures and accents, making your learning journey incredibly effective and genuine.

Stand-Out Features

  1. One-on-one lessons 
  2. Flexible scheduling
  3. Diverse pool of tutors


  • Starting price: $4.63/hour
  • Prices vary depending on the tutor’s credentials and experience.
mondly app


When it comes to learning a new language, interactivity is essential, and that’s where Mondly excels in the field of language apps. Offering interactive lessons with native speakers and augmented reality (AR) support, the 2014-released app turns learning Afrikaans into an engaging and exciting experience.

With it, you can start practicing pronunciation and start understanding the rhythm of the language. The secret behind that? All the lessons inside are crafted to mimic real-life dialogues! Each phrase is meticulously taught, helping learners to grasp the intricacies of Afrikaans. So yep! Everything you’ll learn here can be used in real life!

And speaking of real life, you can also utilize its advanced AR feature! With it, users can simply point their phone at an object, and the app will provide its name in Afrikaans. I tried it many times before, and I realized that this function not only makes learning more interactive but also connects the virtual learning experience to real-world applications.

Stand-Out Features

Certainly! Below are the pros and cons of using Mondly as an app to learn Afrikaans:

  1. Engaging and interactive lessons
  2. Augmented reality integration offers a unique and immersive learning experience.
  3. Accessible on various devices
  4. Multi-language support
  5. Regular updates and fresh content


  • Monthly: $9.99/month (one language)
  • Yearly: $47.99/year (one language)
  • Lifetime access (all 41 languages) $89.99


Who doesn’t know the Pod101 series?

AfrikaansPod101 offers lessons that intertwine language skills with cultural insights, giving you a holistic view of Afrikaans. From podcasts and video lessons to printable materials, this one offers a diverse range of resources tailored to different learning styles.

What I personally love about this is that it features several forms of interaction. You can join forums, participate in discussions, and connect with other learners and native speakers. Sometimes, you can even join their free live video lessons via YouTube so you can connect with the whole community and ask questions, share experiences, and learn together.

Stand-Out Features

  1. Diverse learning materials
  2. Professional instruction
  3. Cross-platform accessibility
  4. Affordable pricing


  • Free (limited features)
  • Basic monthly plan: $4.00
  • Premium monthly plan: $10.00
  • Premium plus monthly plan:$23.00
Clozemaster-6-best-apps-to-learn-afrikaans-in-2023-Ling app


Clozemaster is a language-learning app designed to learn Afrikaans and over 50 other foreign languages. Its approach involves filling in the blanks with the right words, covering reading, listening, speaking, and grammar. Despite not being designed for teaching languages from scratch, it is excellent for improving language skills and knowledge. This app provides curated collections of common phrases and vocabulary in your target language, reducing the need for independent research.

Stand-Out Features

  1. Contextual learning
  2. Sentence structure practice
  3. Engaging pixel art design


  • Free (limited features)
  • In-App Purchases-Clozemaster Pro:
  • Monthly: $8.99
  • Yearly:$69.99
Simply Learn Afrikaans

6-Simply Learn Afrikaans

Simply Learn Afrikaans understands that not everyone wants to be a language expert. Sometimes, all you need are the basic phrases to get by. If you want to order food, ask for directions, or make small talk in Afrikaans, this app guides you through those very essentials.

Have you ever felt lost in an app filled with countless features and buttons? Simply Learn Afrikaans is the complete opposite. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even the most technologically challenged individuals can navigate through the lessons with ease. You won’t be spending time figuring out the app; you’ll be spending it learning Afrikaans!

Worried about internet connectivity while traveling? The best part is that this app works offline, ensuring that you have access to your lessons even in remote areas. It’s a true travel companion!

Stand-Out Features

  1. Traveler-focused content
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Phonetic transcriptions and audio support



Why learn Afrikaans?

Still curious why learning Afrikaans is worthwhile­? Let’s jump right into it. Firstly, Afrikaans isn’t just an outdated language—it is actually one of the official languages of South Africa. This language is spoken by multiple African communities, so knowing Afrikaans gives you access to a colorful array of people. And let’s not overlook the travel benefits!

South Africa isn’t the sole place where Afrikaans shines. Namibia and a dab of other nations also proudly claim Afrikaans as one of their official languages. So, packing a bit of Afrikaans in your linguistic suitcase can turn a regular vacation into a language adventure. And last but not least, the unique blend of Dutch, Malay, Portuguese, and a dash of indigenous African languages makes Afrikaans a linguistic cocktail worth sipping. Learning Afrikaans isn’t just about words; it’s about unlocking a cultural treasure chest. From bakkies and lekkerkos to braais and geselligheid, Afrikaans brings a whole vibe to the table!

Which Of The Apps To Learn Afrikaans Is Your Favorite?

We’ve explored a diverse range of apps to learn Afrikaans, each with its unique features, strengths, and potential drawbacks. But now, it’s over to you, dear readers, to choose the one that resonates with your learning style and goals.

If I were to crown the winner, though, it would still be Ling🏆

Why Ling, you ask? It’s the combination of gamified learning, various skill levels, and engaging content that sets Ling apart. It’s an app that makes learning Afrikaans not just educational but downright fun! Whether you’re a beginner or already have some grasp of Afrikaans, Ling’s dynamic approach adapts to your needs and keeps you engaged.

So, why not give Ling a shot? If you’re curious about Afrikaans, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in this beautiful language. Download Ling now from the App Store or Play Store, and embark on an Afrikaans adventure that’s both thrilling and enriching.

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