10 Useful Thai Phrases For Discussing Mental Health Issues

Thai Phrases For Discussing Mental Health-ling app-woman got depressed

It’s important for us to talk about mental health as we try to understand and support each other better. Knowing a few Thai language phrases can be handy if you’re thinking about going to Thailand or just want to chat with Thai-speaking friends or coworkers. How about we dive into some helpful Thai phrases for discussing mental health?

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day (October 10th), we at Ling will explore language sensitive vocabulary as part of our #MentalHealthVocabWithLing campaign. We can learn together and promote empathy and understanding as we go. You see, it is just a friendly reminder that mental health is critical, and how we talk about it can make a big difference in showing kindness!

How To Say Mental Health In Thai?

I want to ask if you know the Thai vocabulary related to mental health. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet. I’ve got you covered! Here are the most common seven Thai words for mental health. Let’s take a look below!

Mental healthสุขภาพจิตSùk kà pâap jìt
Mental health problems/mental illnessesปัญหาสุขภาพจิตBpan hǎa sùk pâap jìt
Mental health consultationบริการปรึกษาด้านสุขภาพจิตBɔ̀ rí gaan bprʉ̀k sǎa dâan sùk pâap jìt
Mental health counselorผู้ให้คำปรึกษาด้านสุขภาพจิตPûu hâi kam bprʉ̀k sǎa dâan sùk pâap jìt
Mental health facilitiesสถานบริการสุขภาพจิตSà tǎan bɔ̀ rí gaan sùk pâap jìt
Mental health Hotlineสายด่วนสุขภาพจิตSǎai dùan sùk pâap jìt
Mental health servicesบริการสุขภาพจิตBɔ̀ rí gaan sùk pâap jìt
Thai Phrases For Discussing Mental Health-ling-app-a man depressed

Common Thai Words And Phrases For Mental Health Matters

Okay, now you have some basic and important words about mental health. Let’s dive into some common Thai words and phrases related to mental health issues. And then, you’ll learn how to use these words in common phrases.

AnxietyความกังวลKwaam gang won
Depressionโรคซึมเศร้าRôok sʉm sâo
Panic disoderโรคแพนิกRôok pɛɛ ník
Bipolar disorderโรคไบโพลาร์Rôok bai poo laa
Bipolar disorderโรคอารมณ์สองขั้วRôok aa rom sɔ̌ɔng kûa
SchizophreniaโรคจิตเภทRôok jìt pêet
Dementiaโรคสมองเสื่อมRôok sǒm ong sʉ̀am
Well-beingสภาพความเป็นอยู่ที่ดี/ความอยู่ดีมีสุขSà pâap kwaam bpen à yûu tîi dii / kwaam à yûu dii mii sùk
PsychotherapyการทำจิตบำบัดGaan tam jìt bam bàt

Is Depression Common In Thai Society?

Yeah, depression is a major mental health problem worldwide. It’s interesting how the rates of depression can differ from country to country, like in Thailand, for example.

Do you know that many years ago, it was uncommon for Thai society to recognize mental health illnesses like depression? Many people don’t feel comfortable with it, you know? When someone goes to see a psychiatrist, they’re often seen as someone with a serious mental disorder. Fortunately, nowadays, Thai people are becoming more aware of depression and how different factors like culture, society, economy, and individual experiences can influence it.

Also, it’s important to understand that depression is a complicated thing. Many different factors influence it, and how common it is can vary over time. If you or someone you know in Thailand is going through a tough time with depression or any mental health issue, it’s really important to reach out to qualified mental health professionals. They can provide the support and guidance you need.

Thai Phrases For Discussing Mental Health Issues

Here are the most common structures used in mental illness-related conversations.

Are you feeling well lately?ช่วงนี้สบายดีมั้ยChûang níit baai dii mái
I have depression.ฉันเป็นโรคซึมเศร้าChǎn bpen rôok sʉm sěe ráa
I feel my heart beating very fast. (those who has panic disorder)ฉันรู้สึกหัวใจเต้นเร็วมากChǎn rúu sʉ̀k hǔa jai dtên reo mâak
I want to do psychotherapy.ฉันต้องการทำจิตบำบัดChǎn dtɔ̂ɔng gaan tam jìt bam bàt
When I get older I’m afraid I’ll have dementia.พออายุมากขึ้น ก็กลัวจะเป็นโรคสมองเสื่อมPɔɔ aa yú mâak kʉ̂n gɔ̂ɔ glua jà bpen rôok sǒm ong sʉ̀am

Sensitive Thai Phrases To Encourage Person Suffering From Depression

You’re not crazy, you’re just sad.คุณไม่ได้เป็นบ้า คุณแค่เศร้าKun mâi dâi bpen bâa kun kɛ̂ɛ sěe ráa
I don’t know how bad you felt. But I’m willing to understand you.ฉันไม่รู้ว่าเธอรู้สึกแย่สักแค่ไหน แต่ฉันยินดีจะทำความเข้าใจเธอนะChǎn mâi rúu wâa təə rúu sʉ̀k yɛ̂ɛ sàk kɛ̂ɛ nǎi dtɛ̀ɛ chǎn yin dii jà tam kwaam kâo jai təə ná
You’ll be better soon.อีกไม่นานคุณจะดีขึ้นìik mâi naan kun jà dii kʉ̂n
How can I help you?ฉันจะช่วยเธอได้อย่างไรบ้างChǎn jà chûai təə dâi à yâang rai bâang
You’re not alone.คุณไม่ได้อยู่ตัวคนเดียวนะKun mâi dâi à yûu dtua kon diao ná
Thai Phrases For Discussing Mental Health-ling-app-a woman depressed

In Summary

Now, you’ve got some important Thai phrases to dive into when handling mental health conversations. Keep expanding your linguistic collection and conquer those conversations like a pro! Not only will you be able to chat with your Thai friend, but you’ll also be extending your empathy, showing them that you genuinely care and understand their struggles.

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