30+ Easy Words: Health Problems In Thai language

health problems in thai

If you are planning to visit Thailand, knowing some of these useful words and expressions related to health problems in Thai language can help you get the required medical assistance without any hassle. In as much as we do not want to admit it, we will never know when an emergency or ภาวะฉุกเฉิน (pronounced pha-wa-chuk-chein) will arise, which is why it is better to come prepared. In this post, we will walk you through the general words that you can use at the hospital or โรงพยาบาล (pronounced roong-pá-yaa-baan) and important phrases that will help you explain what you are feeling to the doctor. If you are up for that, then let’s start learning!

There is no denying that preparing for a trip to an exotic place like Thailand can literally make you feel so excited with all the Instagrammable places and sumptuous delicacies. However, preparing for a trip is not just about loading up your suitcase with your favorite เสื้อผ้า (pronounced suea-pha)! In order to truly prepare for what’s going to happen, you should also keep in mind your health conditions.

As a rule of thumb, it is always recommended that you get checked by your doctors, especially if you are under medication or getting treatment for common diseases. In addition, it would be wise to bring a few medicines or ยา (pronounced yaa) on your backpack so you’d never have to search for an alternative once you are in the country. According to the Thai embassy’s policy, travelers are allowed to bring as many as 30 pieces of each of their medicines.

But just in case you still get sick in the country, speaking the basic Thai language can truly help you out. To help you get started, please read the important words and phrases in the next sections below.



General Health Problems In Thai Language

General Health Problems In Thai Language

We do understand that there is nothing scarier than being alone and suddenly feeling sick in a country far form home. Whether it is your first time traveling to Thailand or not, please take note of the translations for the general health problems below.

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Low bloodความดันเลือดต่ำKwaam-dan-luêat-dtàm
High bloodความดันเลือดสูงKwaam-dan-luêat-sŏong

Now that you know the basic translation for some of the common health conditions, please do note that you can also point out the body part where you are precisely experiencing pain. To learn this, we invite you to read our previous post here.


Useful Words And Phrases At The Hospital

Now if you ever find yourself, needing to receive treatment right away, use this set of useful Thai words and phrases today.

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Ambulanceรถพยาบาล Rót-pá-yaa-baan
Can I pay by credit card?จ่ายด้วยบัตรเครดิตได้ไหมJàai dûuai bàt-kree-dìt dâi-mǎi
Check upตรวจสุขภาพ Dtrùat sùk kà pâap
Doctorแพทย์ Phaeet
Emergencyฉุกเฉิน Chùk-chә̌әn
Fill out these papersช่วยกรอกเอกสารเหล่านี้Chûuai grɔ̀ɔk èek-gà-sǎan lào-níi
Health Insuranceประกันสุขภาพprakan sukhphapah
I need to be admitted to the hospitalฉันต้องการเข้ารับการรักษาในโรงพยาบาลChǎn tong-kan kâo ráp gaan-rák-sǎa roong-pá-yaa-baan
InjectionการฉีดGaan chìit
Inpatient departmentแผนกผู้ป่วยในPà-nɛ̀ɛk pûu-bpùai-nai
Nurseพยาบาล Pa-yaa-baan
Outpatient departmentแผนกผู้ป่วยนอกPà-nɛ̀ɛk pûu-bpùai-nɔ̂ɔk
Please write down the instructions for the medication.กรุณาจดคำแนะนำสำหรับยาGà-rú-naa chud kham neana sam-krab yaa
This is my medicineนี่คือยาของฉันNîi kʉʉ yaa khong chǎn
To treatรักษา Rák-sǎa
X-rayภาพเอ็กซ์เรย์Phaa ek sa ree


How To Explain Your Symptoms

How To Explain Your Symptoms and health problems in that language

Now once you are infront of the doctor, you must use any of these words to explain the เจ็บ (pronounced jep) or pain and อาการ (pronounced as ahgaan) or symptoms you are feeling.

EnglishThaiPronunciation GuideCategory
I was stabbedฉันถูกแทงChǎn tùuk thaengInjury
I fellฉันล้มChǎn lômInjury
I was hit by a carผมถูกรถชนPhom tùuk rót chonInjury
I was bitten by a dogฉันถูกสุนัขกัดChǎn tùuk su-nak gadInjury
It hurts hereเจ็บตรงนี้Jèp trong níiPain
I experience burning painรู้สึกปวดแสบปวดร้อนRúu-sʉ̀k bpùat-saeb-bpùat-rɔ́ɔnPain
I am bleedingผมเลือดออกPhom leud ɔ̀ɔkBleeding
There is blood in my urineมีเลือดในปัสสาวะของฉันMi leux nai pad-sa-wa khong chǎnBleeding
There is blood in my stoolอุจจาระมีเลือดปนKuchara mi leud ponBleeding
I cough up bloodผมไอเป็นเลือดPhom ai bpen leudBleeding
I have feverฉันมีไข้Chǎn mii khâiGeneral
I have headacheฉันปวดหัวChǎn pbùuat-hǔuaGeneral
I feel dizzyฉันรู้สึกวิงเวียนChǎn rúu-sʉ̀k wing wiianGeneral
I have a coughฉันไอChǎn aiGeneral
My back hurtsหลังของฉันเจ็บlăng khǎawng chǎn jèpGeneral
My skin itchesฉันรู้สึกคันผิวหนังChǎn rúu-sʉ̀k khan phĭu năngGeneral
I have chillsฉันรู้สึกหนาวChǎn rúu-sʉ̀k năaoGeneral
I vomitedฉันอาเจียนChǎn a jeinDigestion
I have no appetiteฉันไม่มีความอยากอาหารChǎn mâi-mii kwaam yàak aa-hǎanDigestion
I feel so scaredฉันกลัวมากChǎn gluua mâakMental
I feel depressed ฉันรู้สึกเหนื่อยใจChǎn rúu-sʉ̀k nʉ̀ʉai-jai Mental

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you have found here the best way to express what symptom or uncomfortable feeling you are experiencing. If you enjoyed this post, let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you would like to learn more about the Thai language, we invite you to read out other online articles, including the basic words for hobbiesmoods, and emotions, and vocabulary for places. In addition, you should also check out our most recommended language learning application that will get you motivated and excited in mastering the Thai language. To learn more about it, read below.


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