25+ Interesting Old Fashioned Thai Terms

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Did any of your Thai friends mention that you use old fashioned Thai terms? Sometimes relying too much on the textbook can make you sound like coming from a hundreds-year-ago era. But wait, don’t blame me for criticizing Thai language textbooks! Let me explain a little bit more in this post!

Many textbooks were written a long time ago or based on older ones. For example, when textbooks were first released long ago, they taught pronouns ดิฉัน (dì chǎn) for females and กระผม (grà pǒm) for males. But in fact, locals use ฉัน (chǎn) for Thai women and ผม (pǒm) for Thai men. Using the terms from the book during formal occasions would be considered correct, but let’s be real; it sounds pretty old-fashioned.

So, if I, as a Thai person, heard a man refer to himself as กระผม (grà pǒm) without seeing him, I would picture a polite man wearing a formal male national outfit. I think either the speaker is exceptionally polite, or maybe they’re a time-traveling Thai person.

Anyway, learning old-fashioned Thai terms can also help you improve your Thai skills. Whether you’re trying to avoid sounding like someone in traditional Thai dresses or just want to use the right words in a formal setting, let’s learn some new words together!

How To Say Old Fashioned In Thai?

Let’s start by learning the Thai term “old-fashioned” and how it is used in a phrase.

  • Ancient/old-fashioned – โบราณ (boo raan), เชย (chəəi)

Both of these Thai terms are often used in everyday conversation. Let’s look at the phrase to see how they work.

  • This is such an old-fashioned skirt. – กระโปรงตัวนี้เชยมากเลย (grà bproong dtua níi chəəi mâak ləəi)
  • This ancient town is beautiful. – หมู่บ้านโบราณนี้สวยจัง (mùu bâan boo raan níi sǔai jang)

Old Fashioned Thai Terms You Need To Know

Have you ever watched a Thai period drama and noticed how elegant and luxurious the traditional attire looks on the characters? It’s as if they were born into a high-class society, and their language differs from today’s era!

Remember those Thai pronouns I talked about earlier? Well, those words are ดิฉัน (dì chǎn) and กระผม (grà pǒm). They’re typically old-fashioned words or used in very formal situations. Here, I’ve got some old-fashioned terms for you that you surely won’t hear in any case, except for period dramas.

Alright, let’s check out an old Thai word together!

Badเส็งเคร็งSěng kreng[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]เส็งเคร็ง[/Speechword]
Old บุโรทั่งบุโรทั่งBù roo tâng[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]บุโรทั่ง[/Speechword]
If you lie… ผิปดสัจจาคำPì bpòt sàt jaa kam[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ผิปดสัจจาคำ[/Speechword]
Strange, unusualวิปลาสWíp bpà lâat[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]วิปลาส[/Speechword]
Many อึดตะปือʉ̀t dtà bpʉʉ[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]อึดตะปือ[/Speechword]
Glance sidewaysชม้อยChá mɔ́ɔi[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ชม้อย[/Speechword]
Cheerfulเหิมหื่นHə̌əm hʉ̀ʉn[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]เหิมหื่น[/Speechword]
Loseพ่ายPâai[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]พ่าย[/Speechword]
DawdleแชเชือนChɛɛ chʉan[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]แชเชือน[/Speechword]
Thank youขอบน้ำใจKɔ̀ɔp náam jai[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ขอบน้ำใจ[/Speechword]
Miss (you)คำนึงถึงKam nʉng tʉ̌ng[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]คำนึงถึง[/Speechword]
Lazyคร้านKráan[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]คร้าน[/Speechword]
Oh, my goodness!คุณพระช่วยKun prá chûai[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]คุณพระช่วย[/Speechword]
Mirror คันฉ่องKan chɔ̀ɔng[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]คันฉ่อง[/Speechword]

Thai Gen Z Won’t Get These Thai Old Fashioned Slangs

Have you heard about the Thai slang word “กิ๊ก (gík)” that Thai people use to refer to a person’s casual lover? People have been using this slang for a long time, and it’s still going strong! It’s pretty cool how people of all ages can understand it.

However, there are also plenty of Thai slang words that are no longer in use. Simply put, if you hear locals using old-fashioned Thai slang words mentioned in this section, chances are they’re in their middle age.

So, once you learn these words, you’ll be able to understand Thai and even guess the age of the person speaking.

Coolจ๊าบJáap[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]จ๊าบ[/Speechword]
Excellentเจ๋งเป้งJěng bpêng[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]เจ๋งเป้ง[/Speechword]
Not a big dealจิ๊บจ๊อยJíp jɔ́ɔi[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]จิ๊บจ๊อย[/Speechword]
So coolเลิศสะแมนแตนLə̂ət sà mɛɛn dtɛɛn[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]เลิศสะแมนแตน[/Speechword]
Excitedกระตู้วู้Grà dtûu wúu[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]กระตู้วู้[/Speechword]
So clearแจ๋วแหววJɛ̌ɛo wɛ̌ɛo[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]แจ๋วแหวว[/Speechword]
Brag (Thai slang verb)ซุยSui[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ซุย[/Speechword]
Deadเด๊ดสะมอเร่Dét sà mɔɔ rê[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]เด๊ดสะมอเร่[/Speechword]
Cute like JapaneseคิกขุอาโนเนะKík kù à noo né[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]คิกขุอาโนเนะ[/Speechword]
Afraid of something (chicken out)ป๊อดBpɔ́ɔt[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ป๊อด[/Speechword]
Nice, chill, easyสบายบรื๋อ สะดือโบ๋วSabaai Bue Sa Due Bo[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]สบายบรื๋อ สะดือโบ๋ว[/Speechword]
Confusedงงเต๊กNgong dték[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]งงเต๊ก[/Speechword]
It’s terribleซังกะบ๊วยSang gà búai[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]ซังกะบ๊วย[/Speechword]
It’s beautiful/It’s coolกิ๊บเก๋ยูเรก้าGíp gě yuu ree gâa[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]กิ๊บเก๋ยูเรก้า[/Speechword]
Innocentหน่อมแน้มNɔ̀ɔm nɛ́ɛm[Speechword voice=”Thai Female” isinline]หน่อมแน้ม[/Speechword]

In Summary

A broad vocabulary is good for chatting with Thai people from different age groups and in various situations. Using old-fashioned terms can make you sound outdated, even if you didn’t mean to. But making mistakes is part of the learning process. You can actually learn a lot from your mistakes!

Yeah, even if you use old-fashioned Thai terms, people can still understand you, and you can communicate effectively. So, you shouldn’t rely on simple English words to explain locals anymore; instead, you should use Thai words more. Trust me, you’ll surely impress Thai natives!

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