Happy New Year In Thai: #1 Epic Guide

happy new year in thai

Want to speak like a total pro as you wish someone a happy new year in Thai? Discover how you can say that with style and get to know its significance in today’s post.

We are already in the middle of the year, and in just a few months’ time, the “ber” months will be creeping in. Before the day comes, it is better to come prepared with all the seasonal greetings you may say to your Thai friends and colleagues. After all, what better way to practice your Thai language skills than striking up conversations using common phrases, right? In the case of the Thai people, they celebrate one important holiday on a different day than the Westerners. This holiday is known as the traditional new year’s day celebration. Discover more about this most celebrated festival below.

How To Say Happy New Year In the Thai Language

Of course, learning how to say happy new year in Thai will definitely boost your chances of being on the good side of your Thai friends or colleagues. Impress them now by saying the phrases below.

Happy new year สุขสันต์วันปีใหม่ sùksǎn wan pee mai
Happy new year แฮปปี้นิวเยียร์ happy new year
New year’s day วันปีใหม่ wanb pee mai
New year’s holiday วันหยุดปีใหม่ wanyùt pee mai
Toast ดื่มอวยพร dùuemuuaiphaawn
Fireworks ดอกไม้ไฟ dàawkmáaifai
Five ห้า haa
Four  สี่ sii
Three สาม sam
Two สอง song
One หนึ่ง nueng
What are you going to do on this New Year’s Eve? คุณจะทำอะไรในวันส่งท้ายปีเก่านี้  khuṇ ca thả xarị nı wạn s̄̀ngtĥāy pī kèā nī̂
Do you want to go to a party?  คุณอยากไปปาร์ตี้ไหม khun yaak pai party mai?
I wish you good luck ฉันขอให้คุณโชคดี! Cchạn k̄hx h̄ı̂ khuṇ chokh dī!
I wish you good health and happiness. ฉันขอให้คุณมีสุขภาพแข็งแรงและมีความสุข C̄hạn k̄hx h̄ı̂ khuṇ mī s̄uk̄hp̣hāph k̄hæ̆ngræng læa mī khwām s̄uk̄h
I wish you good luck throughout the new year. ขอให้ โชคดี ตลอด ปีใหม่ ครับ/ค่ะ K̄hx h̄ı̂ chokh dī tlxd pī h̄ım̀ khrạb/kh̀a
I wish you a lot of happiness ขอให้มีความสุขมากๆ Kho haï mee kwam suk 

How To Celebrate New Year In Thailand

happy new year in thai

Are you wondering when is the Thai new year and how people in Thailand celebrate it with family and friends? Or perhaps you are thinking about the most native word or phrase to express a happy new year and wish someone happiness and good health? We will answer all that in today’s post.

The new year celebration is truly important for more of us as it signifies the end of a year and the start of a new adventure. It shows hope and the end of

Every country has its own traditions on how they welcome, plan their party, and celebrate the day. For instance, other Asian countries like the Philippines usually welcome new year’s day with fireworks to cast off evil spirits and serve 12 round fruits on the table as a sign of good luck and abundance for the year ahead. The same is true for Chinese people who celebrate the end of the year by giving out red envelopes and witnessing the lion and dragon dances.

In the United States, new year’s day is usually celebrated with family and friends, where they gather around for a huge happy party with lots of food, music, and alcohol. People are usually much more formal for European traditions, and they usher in the new year with mouthwatering dishes like roasted pork and a premium glass of wine!

The Thai new year is quite different from what other countries usually experience. You see, the concept of “new year” is actually celebrated thrice a year: one in April, known as Songkran, the Chinese New Year in February, and the Western new year, observed every January 1st/last day of December.

Songkran is known as the traditional New Year, which involves water splashing. It marks the start of the Buddhist New Year, and you can expect Buddha images bathed with water mixed with fragrant flower scents and monks sprinkled with water over their heads. What usually happens during this special time is that the families gather to visit temples and give out their offerings and prayers.

Since this traditional new year in Thailand is done every April 13th to 15, another meaningful ceremony takes place, and this is known as รดน้ำดำหัว (Rod Nam Dum Hua). This celebration also honors the elderly, which is why the young Thai pour rose and jasmine-scented water into the palms or the feet of their elders and parents as a sign of love, respect, and admiration to them.

Another notable way by which the Thai people celebrate the new year is by busting out dance moves at the much-awaited Songkran music festivals. For years, the holiday has turned famous streets into a water battleground where people gather for one of the largest parties ever! And when we say party, we literally mean an excellent time since the Thais set up sound systems, stages, and even water/foam machines so that everyone will have a pleasant time.


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