Gym Vocabulary In Thai: 10+ Phrases To Get Your Heart Racing

gym vocabulary in Thai

One thing is for certain, Thai food is excellent; however, another thing to consider is just how calorie dense it is! Here, we find a problem. Eating Thai food is an unparalleled experience, but that also sees your beltline expanding. So what to do? How about learning gym vocabulary in Thai so you can eat all that gorgeous pad thai, but also learn about the language you need, which will help you keep the pounds off?

Are you ready to fight your way to second language mastery? Ling is the app that helps you learn Thai and 60 other languages. Ling is the mental equivalent of a productive physical workout, albeit much shorter. You practice your Thai 10 minutes a day and, over the course of weeks, feel the real gains you’re making.

Gym Vocabulary In Thai – Must See List

EnglishThaiThai Script
BarbellYk n̂ảh̄nạkยกน้ำหนัก
Exercise ballLūkbxl xxkkảlạng kāyลูกบอลออกกำลังกาย
Exercise bikeCạkryān xxkkảlạng kāyลูกบอลออกกำลังกาย
Jump ropeKradod cheụ̄xkกระโดดเชือก
KettlebellKhet theilbelเคตเทิลเบล
Personal trainerP̄hū̂ f̄ụks̄xn s̄̀wntạwผู้ฝึกสอนส่วนตัว
Punching bagKras̄xbกระสอบ
Rowing machineKherụ̄̀xng krrcheīyng bkเครื่องกรรเชียงบก
ScalesKherụ̄̀xng chạ̀ngเครื่องชั่ง
TrampolineThæ rm pho līn
TreadmillLū̀ wìngลู่วิ่ง

The Fitness Industry In Thailand

One thing is for sure the fitness industry in Thailand is an exciting area to be involved in.

The industry as a whole is currently worth $50 million but is growing at an impressive rate of about 4% per year. But what is driving this?

This is a trend we see a lot in developing nations. A combination of social media, i.e., seeing how your favorite influencers look and wanting to copy their bodies, as well as ever-improving dietary and exercise information. Fifty years ago, the concept of exercising to stay fit was very rudimentary in Thailand, but now the streets of Bangkok are buzzing with talk of this new exercise regime or this fancy new diet.

Speaking of Bangkok, it really is the hub of the gym scene. A recent survey estimated that 40% of Bangkok residents visit the gym 2-3 times per week, the two biggest venues being sites operated by Virgin Active and Fitness First. If you’re looking for a high-end, quality gym, these are the two best options.

Thai gym vocabulary

As Thailand’s economy continues to grow, these people have more disposable income, which means more emphasis on gym memberships, with the average gym goer spending about 2500 baht on gym costs.

So what is the number 1 exercise that Thai people like to do? You purists out there will be glad to know it’s good old-fashioned running. 51% of people surveyed say it’s their primary form of exercise. However, this isn’t the running of the past; it’s impossible in Bangkok because of numerous factors like a lack of green space, bad air quality, and the sheer heat outside. This means that most people run on treadmills in indoor facilities where you can more easily track progress and enjoy the air-conditioned environs.

Another interesting wrinkle in all of this is the explosion of dietary supplements. 39% of gym goers supplement their food intake with whey protein, and of course, Red Bull is also voraciously drunk to help you hoist that little bit of extra weight when deadlifting.

Gym Vocabulary In Thai- Exercises And Verbs

Here is a list of exercises and verbs to get your blood pumping

Bend overKhông ngxโค้งงอ
Do aerobicsTên xæ ro bikเต้นแอโรบิก
Do press-upsKd xạphกดอัพ
Do sit-upsSi thxạphซิทอัพ
Do yogaLèn yokhaเล่นโยคะ
JoggingWìng xxkkảlạng kāyวิ่งออกกำลังกาย
Lift weightsYk n̂ảh̄nạkยกน้ำหนัก
gym vocabulary in Thai

Gym Vocabulary In Thai- Useful Phrases

Want to be able to speak in full sentences? Look below

Be careful that the weights you lift aren’t too heavyRawạng xỳā h̄ı̂ n̂ảh̄nạk thī̀ khuṇ yk h̄nạk keinpịระวังอย่าให้น้ำหนักที่คุณยกหนักเกินไป
Do you have the phone number for a personal trainer?Khuṇ mī h̄māylek̄h thorṣ̄ạphth̒ s̄ảh̄rạb p̄hū̂ f̄ụks̄xn s̄̀wn bukhkhl h̄rụ̄x mị̀?คุณมีหมายเลขโทรศัพท์สำหรับผู้ฝึกสอนส่วนบุคคลหรือไม่?
How many calories did you burn?Khuṇ p̄heā p̄hlāỵ pị kī̀ khælxrī̀?คุณเผาผลาญไปกี่แคลอรี่?
It is good to exercise for at least one hour per dayPĕnkār dī thī̀ ca xxkkảlạng kāy xỳāng n̂xyh̄ nụ̀ng chạ̀wmong t̀x wạnเป็นการดีที่จะออกกำลังกายอย่างน้อยหนึ่งชั่วโมงต่อวัน
My legs are aching after that jogK̄hā k̄hxng c̄hạn pwd h̄lạng kār wìng h̄eyāa«ขาของฉันปวดหลังการวิ่งเหยาะๆ
This exercise is cardiovascularKār xxkkảlạng kāy nī̂ pĕn h̄ạwcı læa h̄lxdleụ̄xdการออกกำลังกายนี้เป็นหัวใจและหลอดเลือด
What a great workout!Ch̀āng pĕnkār xxkkảlạng kāy thī̀ yxd yeī̀ym!ช่างเป็นการออกกำลังกายที่ยอดเยี่ยม!
When are you next going to the gym?Khrậng t̀x pị khuṇ ca pị rong yim meụ̄̀x h̄ịr̀?ครั้งต่อไปคุณจะไปโรงยิมเมื่อไหร่?
Where is the gym located?Rong yim tậng xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịn?โรงยิมตั้งอยู่ที่ไหน?
Who is the owner of the gym?Cêāk̄hxng yim khụ̄x khır?เจ้าของยิมคือใคร?

Learn Thai With Ling

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Learning basic Thai words and phrases is just the first step on your Thai language learning journey.

What you need in your life is to learn on an app that is comprehensive and doesn’t skip any aspect of the Thai language learning process.

Ling is here for you to practice listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar. It is a system like no other that takes you from language learning zero to hero.

If you liked this blog, think about checking out a few others, such as Merry Christmas in Thai and Chinese loan words in Thai.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

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