3 Easy Steps To Join The Ling Affiliate Program Today

In today’s truly competitive world, the only thing that can help you keep up with the pace is by initiating constant upskilling sessions for yourself. Among all the areas that you can focus on, picking up a second or third language will significantly provide personal fulfillment and a chance to expand your career opportunities. In fact, the latest surveys show that speakers of foreign languages get to enjoy an increased earning potential, and it also allows one to develop a competitive edge against other employees. Would you also like to be an advocate and encourage people to learn through the Ling Affiliate Program? Find out more below.

The Ling App is committed to raising public awareness of the benefits of mastering a foreign language to empower people across the globe. Compared to its competitors, the company has been working closely with real language professionals and native speakers to consistently create unique language learning resources that are guaranteed to support total beginners and turn them into confident speakers of over 60+ foreign languages.

What makes this application truly a gem is that it comes with logically arranged, intuitive lessons that take on a holistic approach. You can expect every item to have translations based on your chosen language, audio files to guide you for pronunciation, useful writing patterns, and a straightforward explanation of how to use every word, phrase, and expression like a total pro. To ensure your success, it also comes with challenging quizzes and fun games to stimulate the practice of new and existing knowledge.

If you have been using the Ling App and would love to help us spread the word about it, we invite you to become our partner and sign up for the Ling Affiliate Marketing Program today. Signing up to become an official partner is free. This is available to anyone passionate about learning- may you be a student, a corporate professional, a language educator, or an influencer!


What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program, also known as an associate program, is an online opportunity that allows interested individuals to earn a commission out of every sale generated from their unique affiliate link. To join any affiliate program, you will have to sign up to be vetted by the company before you can access your advanced dashboard. Without having to pay anything as an affiliate partner, your goal will be to refer a friend or rave online, and you will instantly get uncapped commissions. 


Why Join The Ling Affiliate Program?

Ling Affiliate Program

Here at Ling, we make the complex process of affiliate marketing easy for you!

The Ling Affiliate Affiliate program offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help us promote language learning with the world. For every new paid subscriber that signs up and purchases the Ling App platform with your unique link, you will earn a 50% commission- no questions asked! You will also get instant access to an advanced dashboard for you to track your analytics, get your unique link, check your payout dates and options, and see exactly how many clicks, leads, and conversions you are getting.

Unlike other affiliate programs that will let you swim on your own upon signing up, we provide extensive support and give you more-designed resources to succeed in all the promotional campaigns you are planning to do. Depending on your need, we can even customize designs for your online marketing materials and help you in terms of planning since you will be connected to your very own affiliate manager.

Benefits Of The Ling Affiliate Program

  1. Uncapped earning potential and stable commission payout throughout the customer lifecycle!
  2. Timely payouts via PayPal, Bank transfer, or other payment methods are available.
  3. International applications are accepted, which means that you can join our program wherever you are in the world so long as you are 18 years old and above.
  4. Unlimited access to promotional templates directly from our team.
  5. Best-in-class priority support service to all affiliates to ensure that you’ll earn commissions hassle-free.
  6. Exclusive access to new promotional campaigns and behind-the-scene updates regarding the platform.

Are you ready to turn your love for language learning into your next most profitable side hustle? Please read below to find out about our 3-step quick-start guide so that you can start your journey with us today!


How To Signup For The Ling Affiliate Program

Joining the Ling Affiliate Program is easy, and there is no pre-approval process which significantly shortens the whole process of starting your partnership with us. The number one requirement that we are mainly looking for in our partners is a genuine passion for languages- and of course, Ling App! To start your application, you have to take note of the following:

  1. Complete the form here and fill out all the basic information needed, such as your name, email address, company, website/channel URL, and your desired password. Once you submit that, you will receive an email from our team that contains a link to access your dashboard.
  2. Once you have signing-in to your freshly created dashboard, you can navigate and see your unique affiliate link, which you will use for your marketing. This affiliate link can be used anywhere in social media, sent via email, and you may even add it to comment sections when describing the product.
  3. Start earning! Remember to sign in to your affiliate link to track your earnings and identify where your largest clients are coming from.
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What makes learning with Ling special

Interactive exercises

Improve your pronunciation by starting a conversation with our app’s interactive chatbot

Engaging activities

Practice your skills with mini-games and track your progress with fun quizzes

Mix of languages

Choose from over 60 languages, both big and small, and listen to audio from native speakers

Proven results

Backed by linguistic research, our learning methods can help you achieve fluency in record time