Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party: #1 Best Event To Share Your Passion!

Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party

Xin chào! สบายดีมั้ยทุกคน? 我很高兴 that I could introduce you to the language event… Oops! It looks like my brain is running in a multilingual mode, confusing all the languages in my head. Well, I’m not the only one fluent in mixing up languages. Oh, friends, trust me, even the polyglots the Ling team met at the Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party sometimes struggle, but they’re still having a blast!

Yes, I’m talking about the recent language exchange event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And you know what? You can also join them next time you’re in your best life in Chiang Mai. Let’s go over the latest scoop about this event below!

What Is The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party About?

The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party is a vibrant and welcoming community for language enthusiasts. This laidback language exchange club lets people connect, learn, and make friends. The best part? Registration, sign-ups, and money are unnecessary. Just show up whenever it suits you!

Enjoying the community is super easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Get your flag stickers at the check-in counter when you arrive.
  • Put them on your shirt, jeans, arm, or any place noticeable.
  • Put your native language sticker on top and arrange the rest by ability level.

But wait, are you worried you might not be fluent enough to put that particular country’s flag? Hey, don’t stress too much! The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party is open to all language learners, so grab a flag and start making friends with other language enthusiasts to practice!

Attendees also get to enjoy a quick live Thai class with experienced instructors who focus on teaching you simple conversations and everyday vocabulary. 

You know what’s great? This class is totally free! It shows the party is dedicated to promoting language learning and bringing people from different cultures together!

Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party-ling-app-group photos of winners

Event On 16th May 2023

In a recent event held on May 16th, 2023, the Language Exchange Party received sponsorship from Ling, the innovative language-learning app that aims to enable individuals to learn something new every day, anywhere, and connect people through language. 

As a token of our support, we generously offered 03 vouchers for free premium subscriptions, valid for six months. And that’s not all – we’re also including 02 vouchers that grant you one-year access to the app available on both Google Play Store and App Store!

This noteworthy contribution underscores Ling’s dedication to promoting language learning and creating opportunities for meaningful connections. We hope this can equip everyone with the necessary tools to learn new languages or Thai while you’re living in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party-ling-app-Andrew Preller The Founder

Exclusive Interview With Andrew Preller, The Founder Of The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party

During our conversation with Andrew Preller, the founder of the Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party, we delved into the inspiration behind this vibrant community. Andrew expressed his deep appreciation for the incredible group of individuals that have come together, creating a fantastic network of language enthusiasts.

He feels truly honored to have met and interacted with people from diverse backgrounds, exchanging captivating stories and gaining insights into languages and cultures worldwide.

1. Could You Please Introduce Yourself Briefly?

My name is Drew Preller, and I was born and raised in the US but have lived abroad for nearly 5 years now. I have always been fascinated by history, culture, and languages and enjoyed meeting people worldwide.

2. What Inspired You To Start The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party?

When I first arrived in Chiang Mai, I was a regular member of a language exchange event known as Mundo Lingo. I loved that event and made many good friends there. Unfortunately, after Covid lockdowns were lifted, the group was never rebuilt, and I thought that was a real loss for Chiang Mai. After several months I started my own event so that people could have the same experience I had with the original group.

3. What Are The Main Goals Of The Language Exchange Party?

I always tell people that the event is a party first and a language exchange second. I want it to be a place where people from different parts of the world can meet, get to know each other, and share ideas. I always believed that if people from two distant lands could connect as friends, then learning about each others’ cultures and languages would naturally flow from that.

That is why we welcome people from everywhere, whether they speak ten languages or one.

Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party-ling-app-group photos (2)

4. How Do You Create A Welcoming And Inclusive Environment For People Of Different Language Levels And Backgrounds?

This might sound like a joke, but I honestly believe a big part of the welcoming environment is the stickers. I realized the power of stickers as a teacher, and it turns out that adults love them too!

In all seriousness, people really light up when they see their country or regional flag on someone else’s shirt, and an instant connection is made. As a wise man once said, “When you speak to a person in their second or third language, those words go to their head. But when you speak to a person in their native language, those words go to their heart.” This has created an incredible community of kind, welcoming, and thoughtful people eager to connect and include everyone.

5. Could You Share Any Success Stories Or Memorable Experiences That Have Happened At The Language Exchange?

To me, there is no one single night or event that was a success story, but I am really proud of the success of the group in general. When I made the first event, I was terrified that no one would show up, and I think I only had about eight different flags to give out to people and little blank stickers for the rest.

Luckily, many of my friends whom I had met at Mundo Lingo showed up to support me, and that was great. There were quite a few ups and downs, venue changes, terrible thunderstorms, etc, but somehow the group survived it all, and little by little, it began to grow.

Along the way, some members began to contribute, and it became less of “my” event and more of “our” event. I couldn’t have done it without special contributions by members like Garett Madu, who has helped out in so many ways, Seri Kim, who was our original photographer and resident fairy godmother, giving out gifts and snacks on special days, Doe Hoon Kim who supported me at the event whenever I needed help, Kru Olivia who has stepped up to be our resident Thai teacher and has done an amazing job, and to all our venues over the past year and a half but especially The Moat House which has been our home for the past 10 months, the staff there have been really great to us and been so accommodating with everything we’ve wanted to do.

I also couldn’t have done it without all the amazing regulars who really made the event what it was. I just make Facebook events and buy stickers. It’s the people that show up that make it great.

In Summary

Wow, the Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party has produced amazing countless success stories and unforgettable experiences! This gathering is not just your typical language practice session because it has become a platform for individuals to forge lasting connections, share their experiences, and broaden their horizons. 

It’s incredible how this event’s participants overcame language barriers and formed deep friendships. In addition, they’ve gained a whole new appreciation for the richness of global diversity.

Are you someone who loves learning new languages or just starting out? The Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party is the perfect place for all language enthusiasts! It’s super welcoming and supportive, so you’ll feel right at home. 

This community is so cool in how it brings people from all over together and helps them connect through language, and it’s a great way to have fun and make lifelong friends while improving your language skills. 

Come on and join us in the next session!

All photos are credited to John Zuo at Chiang Mai Language Exchange Party’s Facebook Group.

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