Top 10 Malay Actors You Should Watch Now

The Malaysian film industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with an array of talented Malay actors leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Although most Malaysian male actors may not be huge names outside of Asia, there is plenty to admire about their contribution to the domestic big screen over the decades. So, let’s celebrate the top 10 male Malay actors, who have carved their names in the movie industry through their outstanding performances and contributions to the world of cinema.

P. Ramlee

No list of top Malay actors would be complete without mentioning the legendary Tan Sri Datuk Amar Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh, sensibly known by his shorter stage name: P. Ramlee. Widely regarded as one of Malaysia’s greatest entertainers, Ramlee’s influence and legacy continue to inspire generations of actors. Known for his charismatic performances, he showcased his versatility in various genres, including romance, comedy, and musicals.

His iconic roles in the comedy series “Bujang Lapok,” an episode of which won the Best Comedy award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival, and “Anakku Sazali,” for which he scooped the Best Actor gong at the same festival, have earned him a permanent place in the hearts of Malaysians. Among his many honors is his 2021 appearance on the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu. The fast food giant added the Burger P. Ramlee to celebrate this giant of Malay cinema.

Shaheizy Sam

Shaheizy Sam has established himself as one of the most sought-after actors in Malaysia. With his boyish charm and exceptional acting skills, Sam has consistently delivered memorable performances. He has shown his versatility in both comedic and dramatic roles, captivating audiences with his portrayal of complex characters. Notable films featuring Sam include the telemovie “Adnan Sempit,” “Polis Evo,”(and Polis Evo 2 and 3), and “Adnan Sempit.” In 2016, he married Malaysian model and actress, Syatilla Melvin.

Aaron Aziz

Aaron Aziz is a Singaporean actor who relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2014. Aziz is known for his intense on-screen presence and natural acting abilities, as well as his directing talents. His charisma and good looks have made him a favorite among audiences throughout Asia. Aziz has proven his versatility by taking on challenging roles in both film and television. Notable performances include his roles in “KL Gangster,” “Ombak Rindu,” and “Pisau Cukur.”

Bront Palarae

Bront Palarae (born Nasrul Suhaimin bin Saifuddin) is a Malaysian actor, screenwriter, film director, and producer known for his exceptional range and dedication to his craft. His ability to seamlessly transition between intense and light-hearted roles has made him a highly respected figure in the industry. Palarae’s notable works include “Terbaik Dari Langit,” “Belukar,” and “Edge of the World.” He has also played the role of goodwill ambassador to UNICEF’s My Promise To Children campaign, championing children’s rights in Malaysia.

Zul Ariffin

Malaysian actor, famous director, and model, Zul Ariffin, is of Malay, Indonesian and Dutch descent. He has proven his acting chops through his impressive performances in various genres, including action, drama, and romance. Films like “Miss You 200%,” “Titian Love,” and “Cage” have showcased Ariffin’s versatility as an actor as well as being the reason he has received numerous accolades.

Adi Putra

Another Singaporean who has relocated to Malaysia, Adi Putra is a versatile actor who has successfully portrayed a wide range of characters throughout his acting career. From action-packed roles to emotionally charged performances, Putra has left a lasting impression on audiences. His notable works include “KL Gangster,” “Signals of Love,” and “KL Gangster 2.” In 2008, Putra showed off his musical skills by putting out “Birth,” his debut studio album.

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Syamsul Yusof

Syamsul Yusof is not only an accomplished actor but also a skilled film director, singer, model, and screenwriter. His contributions to the industry extend beyond his on-screen performances. Yusof’s talent shines in films like “KL Gangster” and “Munafik,” which he directed and starred in. His ability to bring depth to his characters has earned him critical acclaim, including being the youngest person ever to win the Best Director award at the Malaysian Film Festival, at the age of 25! He is also the son of the famous director Yusof Haslam.

Hans Isaac

Hans Isaac is a multi-talented artist known for his versatility as an actor, director, and producer. With his unique charm and impressive acting skills, he has captivated audiences in both comedic and dramatic roles. Isaac’s notable works include “Buli,” “Cuci,” and “Papadom 2.” He was once engaged to the 2011 winner of the Miss Tourism International beauty pageant, Aileen Gabriella Robinson.

Zizan Razak

Zizan Razak’s comedic timing and natural wit have made him a household name in Malaysia. He has effortlessly transitioned from stand-up comedy to acting, showcasing his versatility and knack for entertaining audiences. Razak’s notable performances include “Bikers Kental,” “Polis EVO,” and the feature film “Abang Long Fadil 2.” In 2011, Razak got into trouble for a comment he made in the comedy “Hantu Bonceng” saying: “Ashaduanna Muhammadar…syaitan”, which means: “I bear witness that Muhammad is … the devil”. He apologised.

Hairul Azreen

Hairul Azreen has made a significant impact on the Malaysian film industry, and the authenticity he brings to his characters has earned him critical acclaim. Azreen’s notable works include “Polis Evo 2,” “Pasal Kau!,” and “Ada Hantu.” He is married to actress, blogger, and TV host Hanis Zalikha.

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Cinema Words To Use At The Malaysian Movies

ActressPelakon wanita
BackgroundLatar belakang
ScreenplayLakon layar
ScreenwriterPenulis skrin

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