9+ Easy Malayalam Words For Office Equipment


Ready for a thrilling linguistic journey? We’re delving into the enchanting world of “Malayalam words for office equipment”, where words breathe life into our understanding of office stuff. Buckle up, grab your notepad (or പേപ്പർ), and get set for an enlightening and fun search for office equipment!

What Is ‘Office Equipment’ In Malayalam?

In Malayalam, ‘office equipment’ succinctly translates to ‘കച്ചവടം ഉപകരണങ്ങൾ’ (kachavadam upakaraṇaṅgaḷ), encapsulating the tools and machinery vital to an office’s functionality. This translation unveils the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity in Kerala’s work culture, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

‘കച്ചവടം’ (kachavadam) signifies ‘office,’ symbolizing the hub for work, communication, and innovation in Kerala’s society, where age-old values and contemporary principles coexist harmoniously. Conversely, ‘ഉപകരണങ്ങൾ’ (upakaraṇaṅgaḷ) directly corresponds to ‘equipment,’ underscoring the practicality and functionality of these tools. It is amazing that having their own translation and word showcases Malayalam’s adaptability to evolving workplace needs while honoring its rich cultural heritage. Exploring the translation of ‘office equipment’ in Malayalam unravels not just linguistic beauty but also provides insights into the language dynamic and inclusive nature of Kerala’s work environment.


Common Malayalam Words For Office Equipment

From computers to stationery, let’s uncover the Malayalam words for office must-haves. Let’s start!

Computer – Combyoottar (*കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ*)

Hey there! In the buzzing workplaces of Kerala, you’ll come across the magnificent Combyoottar (computer), which is more than just a machine. It’s like the digital heartbeat of your workspace, boosting productivity, fostering innovation, and becoming your loyal companion in Kerala’s tech-savvy professional arena.

  • Example: The computer is working great. – Combyoottar nannaayi pravarthikkunnu. (കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ നന്നായി പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്നു.)

Telephone – Telephaaanu/Telifon (ടെലിഫോണ്)

Let me introduce you to the friendly telephaaanu or telephone. It’s not just your regular device; it’s your direct connection to business transactions and social relationships. Every conversation is infused with the warmth and hospitality that characterizes Kerala. So whether you’re closing deals or exchanging stories, the Telephone adds a touch of Kerala’s charm to every call!

  • Example: Are you finished using the telephone? – Ningal telifon upayogam poorthiyaakkiyo? (നിങ്ങൾ ടെലിഫോൺ ഉപയോഗം പൂർത്തിയാക്കിയോ?)

Fax Machine – Fax Machin (ഫാക്സ് മെഷീൻ)

In the lively offices of Kerala, you’ll find the cool and vintage Fax Machin (fax machine), acting as a delightful bridge between handwritten notes and digital archives through telephone wires. It’s like a charming reminder of Kerala’s journey from tradition to modernity, bringing a nostalgic touch to your workplace.

  • Example: Can I borrow the fax machine? – Enikku fax machin kadam vaangaamo? (എനിക്ക് ഫാക്സ് മെഷീൻ കടം വാങ്ങാമോ?)

Printer – Priner (പ്രിന്റർ)

Enter the domain of the sorcerer, the priner (പ്രിന്റർ), or the printer! With a magical wave, this ingenious machine transforms your digital ideas into tangible realities. It adds a whole new dimension to your creativity in Kerala’s dynamic workplaces. No longer are your thoughts confined to the digital realm; they become touchable and shareable!

  • Example: The printer is running out of ink. – Printaril mashi theernnu. (പ്രിന്ററിൽ മഷി തീർന്നു.)

Photocopier – Fottokoppiyar (ഫോട്ടോകോപ്പിയർ)

Within Kerala’s offices, the Fottokoppiyar (photocopier) reigns supreme, excelling in precision and ease when it comes to document reproduction. It’s like the superstar of streamlined work processes, bringing efficiency and simplicity to Kerala’s modern work culture.

  • Example: I’ll be using the photocopier. – Njaan fottokoppiyar upayogikkum. (ഞാൻ ഫോട്ടോകോപ്പിയർ ഉപയോഗിക്കും.)

Paper Shredder – Peper Shrader (പേപ്പർ ഷ്രെഡർ)

Say goodbye to manually destroying documents because the paper shredder or peper shrader (പേപ്പർ ഷ്രെഡർ) is here to save the day! It’s your efficient privacy companion in Kerala’s workplaces, ensuring the protection of sensitive information while saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Example: Where is the paper shredder? – Peper shrader evideyaanu? (പേപ്പർ ഷ്രെഡർ എവിടെയാണ്?)

Scanner – Skanar (സ്കാനർ)

Say hello to the digital artist, the Skanar (scanner). Much more than a machine, it’s your gateway to effortlessly transform the physical world into the digital realm. This clever gadget makes document and photo preservation a breeze, making it an invaluable asset in Kerala’s offices.

  • Example: Can you turn the scanner on? – Ningalkku skanar onakkan kazhiyumo? (നിങ്ങൾക്ക് സ്കാനർ ഓണാക്കാൻ കഴിയുമോ?)

File Cabinet – Fill Kaabinetu (ഫയൽ കാബിനറ്റ്)

The Fill Kaabinetu (file cabinet) is the unsung hero in Kerala’s offices. It keeps your important documents and cherished memories safe in the midst of a busy atmosphere, acting as a keeper of secrets and an organizer. Think of it as your reliable time capsule, reflecting Kerala’s practicality in the professional setting.

  • Example: Let’s arrange the file cabinet. – Fill kaabinetu crameekarikkam. (ഫയൽ കാബിനറ്റ് ക്രമീകരിക്കാം.)

Calculator – Kaalkkulater (കാൽക്കുലേറ്റർ)

In Kerala’s offices, the ‘കാൽക്കുലേറ്റർ’ (Kaalkkuleṟṟar) isn’t just a calculator; it’s your go-to tool for crunching numbers efficiently. It’s the heart of corporate mathematical tasks, adding precision and speed to office work in Kerala.

  • Example: Can I borrow the calculator? – Enikku kaalkkulater kadam vaangaamo? (എനിക്ക് കാൽക്കുലേറ്റർ കടം വാങ്ങാമോ?)

More Malayalam Words For Office Equipment

You might be wondering about some stationery office equipment. Don’t worry, folks, we haven’t forgotten about them!

Ready to further expand your Malayalam vocabulary in the world of office equipment? Hold onto your പേപ്പർ (paper) and get ready to explore a treasure trove of words that will elevate your office lingo game! Take a look at the table below:

English TranslationMalayalam WordPronunciation
Pen പേനpena
Pencil പെൻസിൽpensil
Eraser ഇറേസർiraysar
Notebook നോട്ടുബുക്ക്neaattuebooku
Stapler സ്റ്റാപ്ലർstaaplar
Paper പേപ്പർpeper
Highlighter ഹൈലൈറ്റർhilaiter
Scissors കത്രികkathrika
Glue Stick പശ സ്റ്റിക്ക്pasha stikku
Tape ടേപ്പ് teppu

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