56+ Easy Personality Vocabulary In Cantonese


Hard-working ( 勤力 kan4 lik6)? Kind 善良 (sin6 loeng4)? Which adjective describes you the best? Today, we’ll learn easy personality vocabulary in Cantonese!

When you travel around Hong Kong, you’ll meet different people with different personalities. As a traveler in a foreign land, you must adjust and be sensitive to avoid misunderstandings. It also shows respect for the person you are talking to. To do that, you can start by learning different personality vocabulary in Cantonese.

Mastering the different words to describe personality has a lot of benefits, especially for those coming for the first time to visit Hong Kong. If you’re traveling, this will be helpful to make new friends or get by with the locals. You’ll learn more about the personality of Hong Kongers, and you might be able to adapt to some of them. If you’re in a business or work, learning about different personalities will help you know your colleagues and business partners more, making it easier for you to work and close deals.

So, in this article, let us learn different personality vocabulary in Cantonese.

Cantonese Word For Personality

The Cantonese word for “personality” is 性格 (sing3 gaak3). It’s worth noting that Hong Kong has a unique culture deeply rooted in its people. Hong Kongers are generally well-educated and have a global perspective due to their extensive travel and interactions with people from other countries. While some businesses may tolerate poor behavior to close a deal, many Hong Kongers hold themselves to higher standards. Understanding the common personalities of Hong Kongers can give you a head start, and there’s much more to learn beyond what we’ve covered here.


Cantonese Words To Describe Personality

After learning the Cantonese word for personality, let us widen our vocabulary. In Hong Kong, you won’t find communicating with locals that hard because English is also widely spoken. But language isn’t the only factor you should consider when communicating! You should also be sensitive to the different types of personalities of people. To help you out in this area, here are some adjectives that describe people in Cantonese.

Hard-Working – 勤力 (Kan4 Lik6)

Hong Kongers are hard-working 勤力 (kan4 lik6). According to Hong Kong Business, 70% of the people who work in Hong Kong never stop, even at home. The people of Hong Kong give a whole new meaning to the phrase “work hard, play hard.” There are so many committed people in Hong Kong to the point that the city never seems to sleep.

Educated – 有學識 (Jau5 Hok6 Sik1)

The next personality word we’ll learn is educated 有學識 (jau5 hok6 sik1). The main goal of education in Hong Kong is “All-Round Education and Lifelong Learning.” They think that everyone has something to offer. Their education and training curriculum are world-class and are meant to help students with different skills, hobbies, and abilities reach their full potential to be ready to face the challenges of globalization and a knowledge-based economy.

Smart – 聰明 (Cung1 Ming4)

Another personality vocabulary in Cantonese that we should learn is smart 聰明 (cung1 ming4). This can be useful, especially if you’re studying or working in Hong Kong. Fun fact, there’s this thing called Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong, whose goal is to use innovation and technology to create a Smart Hong Kong that is known around the world for its strong economy and good quality of life.

Wordly-Wise/Sophisticated – 世故 (Sai3 Gu3)

Given that Hong Kong is one of the most sophisticated cities in the world, it should come as no surprise that this entryway to Asia excels at providing the five-star experiences, services, and amenities that today’s wealthy clients demand. These include legendary hotels, Michelin-starred dining, luxury shopping, bespoke tailoring, relaxing spa treatments, and globally renowned arts and culture.

Serious – 正經 (Zing3 Ging1)

With their excellent nightlife, it’s fascinating to know that Hong Kongers are pretty serious in their everyday life. Even though it is a busy and diverse city, the way people work there is based on Chinese customs and unspoken cultural norms. Whether you’re starting a new business in Hong Kong or looking to hire people here, it’s important to recognize how naturally committed people are.

Optimistic – 乐观 (Lok6 Gun1)

As the region battled the COVID epidemic last year, Hong Kong, which was compelled to execute a version of Beijing’s zero-Covid policies comprising one of the longest border restrictions in the world, experienced a 3.5% economic decline. It wasn’t until the end of last year that it was once again able to travel without quarantine. However, in addition to giving Hong Kong a boost, the resumption of regular commercial activities has rekindled competition for the title of Asia’s financial center. So yep, the locals are now very optimistic!

Family-oriented – 以家庭爲導向 (Ji5 Gaa1 Ting4 Wai4 Dou6 Hoeng3)

When figuring out what family life is like in Hong Kong, starting with the cultural roots of family structure and routines is essential. Chinese traditionalism and Western modernism are the main cultural forces that shape Hong Kong families. Traditionally, there are clear roles for husband and wife, parents and children, and older and younger brothers. For example, a husband/father should be strong and kind to his wife in exchange for her loyalty and love. He should also teach and protect his children in exchange for their respect and obedience.


Other Personality Vocabulary In Cantonese

After learning different personality vocabulary in Cantonese that might be used to describe Hong Kongers, let us now widen our vocabulary with more words.

EnglishCantoneseJyutping Romanization
active活躍wut6 joek3
affectionate親切can1 cit3
ambitious有野心jau5 je5 sam1
arrogant自大zi6 daai6
anxious不安bat1 on1
brave勇敢jung5 gam2
cold冷淡laang5 daam6
calm冷靜laang5 zing6
creative有想像力jau5 soeng2 zoeng6 lik6
conceited自大zi6 daai6
conservative保守bou2 sau2
crazy黐線ci1 sin3
confident自信zi6 seon3
cruel殘忍caan4 jan2
curious好奇hou3 kei4
diligent勤奮kan4 fan5
educated有學識jau5 hok6 sik1
energetic有活力jau5 wut6 lik6
extroverted外向ngoi6 hoeng3
easy-going隨和ceoi4 wo4
friendly親切can1 cit3
funny有趣jau5 ceoi3
generous大方daai6 fong1
greedy貪心taam1 sam1
humorous幽默jau1 mak6
hard-working勤力kan4 lik6
honest誠實sing4 sat6
ignorant無知的mou4 zi1 dik1
introverted內向noi6 hoeng3
impatient冇耐性mou5 noi6 sing3
kind善良sin6 loeng4
loyal忠實的zung1 sat6 dik1
mean賤格zin6 gaak3
modest謙虛him1 heoi1
open-Minded冇偏見(Mou5 Pin1 Gin3)
polite冇禮貌mou5 lai5 maau6
patient有耐性jau5 noi6 sing3
pessimistic悲觀的bei1 gun1 dik1
reliable可靠ho2 kaau3
responsible有責任感jau5 zaak3 jam6 gam2
romantic浪漫long6 maan6
selfish自私zi6 si1
smart聰明cung1 ming4
shy害羞hoi6 sau1
stubborn固執gu3 zap1
superstitious迷信mai4 seon3
unreliable靠唔住kaau3 m4 zyu6
vain自大zi6 daai6
wise聰明cung1 ming4

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