16 Easy Malayalam Words For Hiking


Step into the enchanting world of Kerala, where emerald jungles and towering peaks beckon adventurers from around the globe. As you set foot on these scenic trails, have you ever yearned to converse with nature in the lyrical Malayalam language? In this article, we invite you to discover the essence of hiking in Kerala through its native tongue. These Malayalam words for hiking are more than just phrases; they are the keys to unlocking the stories hidden within the wilderness.

Join us on a linguistic voyage as we explore the vibrant lexicon that enhances every step of your hiking journey in this lush paradise!

What Is “Hiking” In Malayalam?

In Kerala, “കാൽനടയാത്ര” (Kaalnadayaathra) or hiking is deeply ingrained in the state’s culture and geography. Kerala’s diverse landscapes, from lush forests to rolling hills, offer numerous hiking opportunities, which means more adventure!

Moreover, hiking is a spiritual journey through the state’s diverse landscapes, each step a tribute to the ancient traditions and indigenous communities that have called these forests home for centuries. As hikers embark on their ‘kaalnadayaathra’ adventures, they’re not merely exploring nature; they’re connecting with Kerala’s nature and historical places. Having said that, it is a must to thread the land with respect, discipline, and kindness.

കാൽനടയാത്ര (hiking) is an opportunity to not only appreciate Kerala’s pristine beauty, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between its people and the land they cherish.


Do Keralan People Enjoy Hiking?

Keralan people have a profound appreciation for their breathtaking natural surroundings. With a landscape as diverse as Kerala’s, it’s no wonder that hiking is a beloved pursuit. Locals and visitors alike relish the opportunity to connect with nature, scale scenic peaks, and traverse lush trails. Whether it’s the thrill of adventure or the serene communion with the environment, hiking is a passion that unites Keralans in their love for “God’s Own Country” (another name for Kerala) and its pristine wilderness.

Keralan people frequently hike in a variety of scenic locations throughout the state. Some of the most popular hiking destinations in Kerala include:

Western Ghats

The Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer a plethora of hiking trails. Places like Munnar, Wayanad, and Idukki are renowned for their lush tea plantations, rugged terrains, and trekking opportunities.

Periyar National Park

Located in Thekkady, this national park provides a unique hiking experience. Hikers can explore dense forests and might even spot wildlife like elephants and tigers, so beware!


Known as the “Golden Peak,” Ponmudi is a charming hill station near Thiruvananthapuram. Its misty hills and vibrant flora make it a favorite hiking spot.

Chembra Peak

Lastly, a place situated in Wayanad, Chembra Peak, is a challenging but rewarding hike. At the summit, you’ll find a heart-shaped lake, perfect for a post-hike dip.

These are just a few examples of the many hiking destinations scattered throughout Kerala. The state’s natural diversity, from misty hills to dense forests and serene backwaters, ensures that Keralan people have a multitude of options to choose from when they want to embark on a hiking adventure.


Basic Malayalam Words For Hiking

Now we’re all set with loads of places and good to go. But wait, we are not done yet. Before you begin your trek, let’s get familiar with basic Malayalam words for hiking. Let’s go!

Mountain – പർവ്വതം (Parvatham)

“പർവ്വതം” (Parvatham) in Malayalam translation, or ‘mountains’ in the English language, are nature’s giants, offering thrilling treks and enchanting tales. These majestic giants invite adventurers to conquer their rugged slopes, offering thrilling treks and awe-inspiring vistas. Explore these majestic wonders, where adventure meets magic.

Grassland – പുൽമേട് (Pulmedu)

Next is the spaces of ‘പുൽമേട്’ (Pulmedu) or ‘grasslands,’ which offer a peaceful escape for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. With swaying grasses and vibrant wildflowers, they’re perfect for picnics, wildlife watching, or simple relaxation in nature’s embrace.

Summit – ഉച്ചകോടി (Uchakodi)

This is the rewarding view of hiking: “ഉച്ചകോടി” (Uchchakodi) or ‘summit’! Reaching these peaks means unlocking a world of wonder and adventure, making every ascent a journey to remember.

Nature – പ്രകൃതി (Prakrithi)

“പ്രകൃതി” (Prakriti, or Nature) in Kerala is like a thrilling adventure park, where you can hike through jungle roller coasters, chase waterfalls on nature’s slides, and take serene boat rides on the lazy river of backwaters. Actually, it’s Mother Nature’s territory and playground, and every moment is a ticket to fun and wonder. But keep your eyes and ears open as Mother Nature also has her wild creatures like tigers, bears, and lions (just to name a few).

Rest – വിശ്രമിക്കുക (Visramikkuka)

Take a short “വിശ്രമിക്കുക” (Vishramikkuka), or rest, during a Kerala hike—hitting pause on your adventure to savor nature’s beauty and recharge. It’s those delightful breaks that make the journey even more enjoyable!

Scenery – പ്രകൃതിദൃശ്യങ്ങൾ (Prakrithidyrashyangal)

Lastly, the “പ്രകൃതിദൃശ്യങ്ങൾ” (Prakriti Drisyangal, or scenery) on a Kerala hike is like ever-changing artwork, from lush forests to cascading waterfalls, making each moment an adventure. I could argue that this is 80 percent the most beautiful part of hiking!


More Malayalam Words For Hiking

More than these very basic Malayalam words associated with hiking, let us look at some others that we will definitely be needing in our adventure!

English TranslationMalayalam WordPronunciation
Backpack ബാക്ക്പാക്ക്Bacqpaakku
Hiking Boots മലകയറ്റ മെതിയടിMalakayatta methiyadi
Water Bottle വെള്ളകുപ്പിVellakuppi
Map മാപ്പ്Maappu
Compass കോമ്പസ്Kombas
First Aid Kit പ്രഥമശുശ്രൂഷ കിറ്റ് Pradhamashusroosha kittu
Trek ട്രെക്ക്Trekku
Walk നടക്കുകNadakkuka
Exploration പര്യവേക്ഷണംParyavekshanam
Food ഭക്ഷണംBhakshanam

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