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Compliments in Bengali- Featured Ling App

You know those days when you’re feeling a bit down and a random compliment just makes everything better? We’ve all been there. So, how about we explore some heartwarming compliments in Bengali that can make anyone’s day? Are you with me?

Imagine just hearing, ‘Your outfit looks fantastic’ on a day when you least expect it. It’s the power of simple words that can make a world of difference. However, a little cultural tidbit: Bengalis aren’t really known for dishing out compliments often. It’s a bit rare in their culture.

However, learning words like this can be handy because Bangla or Bengali is a widely spoken language in Bangladesh. It’ll definitely be useful once you visit the country. Another fun fact is that this language is second to the most widely spoken language in India. So, aren’t we hitting two birds with one stone by learning these compliments?

7 Impactful Compliments In Bengali To Learn Today

What kind of compliment do you like hearing the most? There are flattering remarks that can easily sweep you off your feet and have you smiling like a kid. Despite not being huge at giving out these sweet affirmative words, the Bengali language still has its own take. Here are some words and phrases that can help you make someone happy and confident!

Compliments in Bengali- Ling App

1. Tumi Khub Sundar (তুমি খুব সুন্দর) – You Are Very Beautiful.

Starting off strong, here we have a compliment that gives a burst of flattery, and this may even sound a little flirty, depending on your tone. Aside from showing appreciation for someone’s visuals, it’s also a great way to boost their confidence. To make it easier for you to understand each word, here’s a breakdown of their meaning:

  • Tumi – Refers to the informal or personal word “You” in English. Typically used with people who are the same age, someone younger, or someone you’re in a close relationship with.
  • Khub – Translates to “very” or “much.”
  • Sundar – Pertains to the adjective “beautiful.” You can use it on both objects or persons.
Compliments in Bengali (Your eyes are beautiful)- Ling App

2. Tomar Chokh Khub Sundar (তোমার চোখ খুব সুন্দর)- Your Eyes Are Very Beautiful

Have you ever caught yourself gazing into someone’s eyes and just blurting out how beautiful they are? Each of us has eyes that sparkle in unique shades and colors. And sometimes, you just can’t help but compliment the ones that captivate you the most. So, if you ever feel that way, go ahead and tell them, ‘Tomar chokh khub sundar.’ It’s a lovely way to express your admiration.

  • Tomar – It translates to “your” in English.
  • Chokh – Means “eye” or “eyes.”
  • Khub – This translates to “very” or “much” in English. It functions as an intensifier.
  • Sundar – “Beautiful” in Bengali.

3. Tumi Khub Mishti (তুমি খুব মিষ্টি)- You Are Very Sweet.

Simple gestures can warm your heart almost immediately; even a simple gift or compliment can instantly put us in a good mood. If you happen to want to return the favor, you can always verbalize your appreciation towards their action. Getting their reaction upon hearing this can either be cute or hilarious, since some people may find it awkward to hear you compliment them. In this sentence, “Mishti” has the translation of “Sweet” in English.

Compliments in Bengali (Smile)- Ling App

4. Tomar Hashi Khub Sundar (তোমার হাসি খুব সুন্দর)- Your Smile Is Beautiful.

Smiling can easily make us look younger, don’t you think? And there are smiles that just get so infectious to the point we smile along with them. To compliment someone’s smile, you can simply say, “Tomar hashi khub sundar.” Trust me, their smile will go even wider once they hear this! In this sentence, you’re probably unfamiliar with “Hashi,” which simply means “Smile” in English.

Compliments in Bengali (Intelligent)- Ling App

5. Tumi Khub Buddhiman (তুমি খুব বুদ্ধিমান)- You Are Very Intelligent.

A friend group would never be complete without that person who just seems to know everything. Yeah, that humble kid who often denies that they’re smart but gets perfect scores during exams. Like, girl, let’s be real and accept the crown! On these occasions, we can’t help but just compliment their intellect. In Bengali, we say “Tumi khub buddhiman” in which “Buddhiman” refers to “Intelligent.”

6. Tomar Kotha Bolar Style Khub Bhalo (তোমার কথা বলার স্টাইল খুব ভালো)- The Way You Speak Is Lovely.

Our voices come in different tones and pitches, and sometimes they may sound a little different when we’re speaking to someone we’re unfamiliar with. Gone is the loud and unfiltered self, and hello to its “shy type” counterpart. If you happen to hear someone tell you, “Tomar kotha bolar style khub bhalo,” don’t get offended! This is a compliment that means, “The way you speak is lovely.”

  • Kotha – Means “words” or “speech” in English.
  • Bolar – This is a verb that means “to speak” or “speaking.”
  • Style – This is a word borrowed from the English language.
  • Khub bhalo – Translates to “very good.”

7. Tumi Onek Talent (তুমি অনেক ট্যালেন্ট)- You Are Very Talented.

Where were you when skills were being handed out from above? There are people out there who seem to have it all, like they can dance, sing, and even make art! What can they not do? If you want to compliment someone because of their talent, saying “Tumi onek talent” is your go-to phrase. Notice that they’ve borrowed the word “talent” from English, but they also have their own word for this, which is “Pratibhā.”

  • Tumi – This word means “you” in Bengali.
  • Onek – It translates to “very” or “a lot” in English.
  • Talent – This word is similar to its English counterpart, referring to a natural aptitude or skill.

Want To Learn More Bengali?

Getting compliments gives us a push in the back, saying we’re doing just fine. Who knew that simple words could immediately lighten up someone’s mood, right? If you want to connect with Bengali locals, then learning more than compliments is a great way to continue your journey. Don’t worry; Ling can help you from start to finish!

Feel free to enjoy as you learn different languages with the Ling app. You can play gamified quizzes and exercises or practice your pronunciation with its speech recognition feature. You’ll find there is a lot more to unpack as you progress your voyage with us.

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