15+ Motivational Lithuanian Quotes Made Easy For You

Lithuanian quotes

Like me, are you also a great sucker for motivational quotes? Are you also always on the lookout for a different quote poster to adorn your walls? Well then, you are in for a treat, dear reader!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some popular Lithuanian quotes that hold the key to immense wisdom and experiential insights. And I sincerely hope that these thought-provoking Lithuanian quotes will definitely leave you with a fresh perspective on life. God knows how hard we are struggling to manage this entire adulting business!

So, grab your cup of tea and settle in. We are going to explore the profound insights that Lithuanian culture has to offer through its delightful array of quotes.

Lithuanian Quotes & Their Meanings

Sample this: Badaujančiam žmogui duona saldesnė už medų. Confused? This quote means that to a starving man, bread is sweeter than honey. Isn’t that such a succinct way of imparting wisdom?

In the table below, we are going to witness the unveiling of Lithuanian wisdom through some similar as well as popular quotes in the Lithuanian language. And mind you, these Lithuanian sayings are no less than the wisdom showering Lithuanian proverbs.

Not all gold glittersNe viskas – auksas, kas auksu žiba
Well begun is half doneGerai pradėta pusė padaryta
God gave teeth, God will also provide breadDievas davė dantis, Dievas duos ir duonos
Such father, such sonKoks tėvas, toks ir sūnus
Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroadSvetimi dūmai akis graužia
Such parents, such childrenKaip senieji giedojo, taip jaunieji dainuoja
Don’t take something from someone, if you don’t give anything to themNereikalauk nieko iš kito, jei pats nieko neduodi
Walking like he sold the earthEina kaip žemę pardavęs
Cat patting leads to hump raisingKatė glostoma kuprą kelią
Sitting dazed as if just been kissedSėdi kaip pabučiuotas
The shoemaker walks barefootedŠiaučius be batụ, kriaučius be apsiausto
There is no worse devil than a farmer who wants to be a gentlemanNėra blogesnio velnio už ūkininką, kuris nori būti džentelmenu
First do the job, then do what you wantPirma padaryk darbą, o po to daryk ką nori
There is no cure for stupidityNuo kvailumo vaistų nėra
Easy to say but not to doLengva pasakyti, bet ne padaryt
Constant dropping wears the stoneLašas po lašo ir akmenį pratašo

Why Do We Look At Lithuanian Quotes?

Scratching your head and wondering why should we be looking at Lithuanian quotes?

Learning Lithuanian quotes isn’t just about picking up fancy phrases or foreign words. It is more like a quest in which you come across a treasure trove and unlock it to enter the heart and soul of the language. Or, better, think of it as a shortcut to understanding the essence of Lithuania and its people.

But how are they ambassadors of the Lithuanian culture? First off, these quotes are like mini cultural capsules. They’re sprinkled with history, traditions, and the collective wisdom of generations. By familiarizing yourself diving to these snippets of language, you’re plunging headfirst into the context that shaped the way Lithuanians communicate and view the world.

Plus, quotes always pack a punch! They are like tiny linguistic devices from which spring forth useful wisdom along with grammar and vocabulary. Or maybe, they are like little language puzzles, revealing the nuts and bolts of sentence structure and introducing new words in a natural context. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to keep on learning that way? You’re having fun while soaking up linguistic knowledge!

But it’s not just about the language. Understanding Lithuanian quotes opens doors to connecting with locals on a deeper level. When you can sprinkle these gems into conversations, you’re showing appreciation for their culture, and they’ll probably be happily surprised by your efforts.

Lithuanian quotes

Round Up

Whenever learning a new language, it is always a good idea to learn it within the context of its culture. That way, you not only learn new things rapidly but are also aware of when, where, and how to speak what. Your formal grammar and vocabulary lessons might fall short before the streetside conversational skills that you picked up by immersing yourself totally in the regional culture to which the language belongs.

The same is the case with the Lithuanian language. Learning Lithuanian quotes isn’t just about sounding impressive or better than the rest. It is, in fact, about embracing a language through its stories, its quirks, and its heartwarming phrases that make you feel like you’re part of something bigger – the Lithuanian experience.

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