50+ Fun Conversational Lithuanian Phrases For Your Next Trip

conversational Lithuanian phrases

Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 01:36 am

Planning a visit to the wonderful country of Lithuania? Looking to learn conversational Lithuanian phrases so that you can buy an entry ticket to the KGB museum? Wish to order the traditional dish of cepelinai in perfect Lithuanian? Need a quick phrasebook for a smooth traveling experience in the stunning Baltic lands of Lithuania? Well, you have landed at the right spot!

Mastering some basic conversational phrases in the Lithuanian language can go a long way in enhancing your travel experience and helping you connect with Lithuanian speakers. It is a gorgeous language with a fascinating history that deserves a little love from visitors. Even a few easy phrases spoken by English speakers (or native speakers of other languages) are enough to show respect and admiration towards the local culture. This article will handhold you through essential conversational phrases in Lithuanian to facilitate your language learning journey!

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Basic Conversational Lithuanian Phrases

When you embark on a journey to explore a new country, being aware of some basic conversational phrases of the local language is like holding a magical key to unlock the gateway to unforgettable experiences! Imagine dazzling the native speakers with a cheerful Labas! (Hello) or ordering delicious local food without tripping over your words.

It’s nothing less than a magical wandwork that instantly creates a bond of warmth and respect with the people you meet. You’ll see the locals’ eyes light up with delight, and they might even teach you more exciting phrases, making you feel right at home! So, pack your linguistic adventure kit with the following useful phrases and get ready to visit Lithuania well-prepared.

Basic Greetings In Lithuanian

Hi (informal)Sveikas
Good morningLabas rytas
Good dayLabas diena
Good eveningLabas vakaras
Good nightLabos nakties
GoodbyeViso gero
Cheers / Good healthGera sveikata

Basic Lithuanian Conversation

How are you?Kaip laikaisi?
I am good, thank youViskas gerai, ačiū
What is your name?Koks tavo vardas?
My name is_____ / I am _____Mano vardas yra_____ / Aš esu ____
Where are you from?Iš kur tu esi?
I am from _____Aš esu iš ______
Nice to meet youMalonu susipažinti
See you laterPasimatysime vėliau
Have a nice dayGeros dienos
Thank you/ Thank you very muchAčiū/ Labai ačiū
You are welcomePrašom

Now that you have a handful of words and phrases, it’s time to practice memorizing them on your own. Check out the Ling app on the App Store or Google Play Store to help you. It contains real conversations with native speakers that will help you become familiar with the pronunciation and the context of these words.

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Basic Phrases For Shopping

I like this itemMan patinka šis daiktas
How much does this cost?Kiek tai kainuoja?
Can you lower the price?Ar galite sumažinti kainą?
That’s expensive!Tai brangu!
What can you offer for a better price?Ką galite pasiūlyti už geresnę kainą?
Please give a discountPrašau suteikti nuolaidą
Can you show it in a different size?Ar galite tai parodyti kitu dydžiu?
Do you accept card payments?Ar priimti atsiskaitymus kortele?
Can I pay in cash?Ar galima atsiskaityti grynais?

Basic Restaurant Phrases

May I see the menu, please?Ar galiu pamatyti meniu, prašau?
What is today’s special?Kokia šiandien dienos patiekalas?
I would like to order ________Norėčiau užsisakyti _______
Can you recommend anything vegetarian?Ar galite ką nors rekomenduoti vegetariškai?
I would like to order a beerNoriu uzsisakyti alaus
The meal was deliciousPatiekalas buvo skanus
Get me the check, pleaseAtnešk man čekį, prašau
Which way is the toilet?Kur yra tualetas?

There are many restaurants that you can enjoy in Lithuania. So don’t miss out on memorizing restaurant vocabulary words first and then travel around Lithuania to practice the language with the locals.

conversational Lithuanian phrases

Basic Phrases For Asking Directions & Transportation

I want to walkAš noriu nueiti pėsčiomis
Which way is the bus stop?Kur yra autobusų stotelė?
I need a taxi to the airportMan reikia taksi į oro uostą
Take me to (location)Nuvežkite mane į (location)
Where is the nearest local market?Kur yra artimiausias vietinis turgus?
I don’t understand this addressAš nesuprantu šio adreso

Basic Emergency-Related Phrases

I don’t speak LithuanianAš nekalbu lietuviškai
I need helpMan reikia pagalbos
Can you help me?Ar galite man padėti?
Do you speak English?Ar tu kalbi angliškai?
Where is the nearest ATM?Kur yra artimiausias bankomatas?
I am not feeling wellAš nesijaučiu gerai
Take me to the doctorNuvesk mane pas gydytoja
Call an ambulanceIškvieskite greitąją pagalbą
Call the policeSkambinti policijai
conversational Lithuanian phrases

The Lithuanian Language: An Overview

Lithuanian is a fascinating Baltic language, reminiscent of the beautiful Baltic culture of strength and resilience. As one of the oldest surviving languages in the world, it boasts a rich heritage dating back centuries. The Lithuanian language stands out as a linguistic marvel, all thanks to its unique linguistic features and intricate grammar.

The language is renowned for its archaic elements, as it preserves ancient Indo-European characteristics that have faded in other languages. Did you know that it shares a lot of common vocabulary with Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of ancient India? The melodious expression of Lithuanian speech is enough to enchant all the flocking travelers to this scenic land. However, its complexity packs quite a delightful punch to language lovers. Getting to know this language is a freewheeling journey into the heart of Lithuania’s identity, revealing the nation’s passion for language, literature, and its cherished heritage.

Learn Lithuanian With Ling!

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And given the tech era we belong to, the app also incorporates gamification elements to make learning fun and interactive. You can earn rewards, complete challenges, and compete with friends as you progress through the language levels. A great way to keep you motivated and focused, right? So, just head to your phone and download the Ling app now!

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