Korean Extinct Animals: Tragic Loss Of Korean Tiger

Overpopulation has given rise to many global issues, but the loss of wildlife is the worst of them all. Do you know about the Korean extinct animals? If you are also interested in learning about the extinct and endangered species in South Korea, then buckle up, as we will tell you all the habitats in the South Korean region. Let’s get started!

Korean Extinct Animals

Like other parts of the world, the population bomb is causing immense pollution and destruction of forests, aside from wildfires. In such situations, it’s almost impossible to expect wildlife to thrive naturally. Due to the continuous tension between the two (not so different) nations, many animals (ignoring homo sapiens for a moment) have lost their lives to the brutality of land mines.

Two Koreas have seen many wars, and while most people only acknowledge and sympathize with the loss of humans, the vulnerable wild animals get neglected. Let’s talk about the extinct Korean tigers that were threatened decades ago and have now been erased from the face of the earth.

The Korean Tiger

Losing the Korean tiger is by far the worst thing that has happened to Korea, considering the strong association of the Korean tiger with Korean culture.

There was once a vast population of majestic tigers who had people taking care of them in the mountainous landscape of Korea. At that time, they were considered invasive and equally feared and respected.

Korean tigers’ massive role in the starting of Korean civilization is based on the Legend of Dangun (단군). The white tiger is also greatly important in this beautiful culture as it represents wisdom. Koreans believe that a tiger’s fur turned white as it gained all the knowledge and is not a spiritual being.

Just like we use “once upon a time” before starting any story, the Koreans say, 호랑이 담배 피우던 시절, which means when the tiger smoked cigarettes. As absurd as it may sound to you, Korean paintings of Korean tigers smoke.

In 2018, the Republic of Korea hosted the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, where the mascot depicted a tiger named 수호랑 (Soohorang). This name was strategically designed from two words, 수호 (Suho) and 랑 (Rang), meaning protect and tiger.

Note. the word for tiger is 호랑이 (horangi).

Korean Endangered Species

Korean Endangered Species
Alveopora JaponicaEurasian CurlewLong-Tailed Goral
Asian DowitcherEurasian OtterMalus Komarovii
Asian Leopard CatEurasian Peregrine FalconMarsh Earwort
Basking SharkFairy PittaMarsh Grassbird
Bekko TomboFar Eastern MyotisNehalennia Speciosa
Birdlike NoctuleGray Nurse SharkNordmann’s Greenshank
Black Finless PorpoiseGreat BustardNorth Pacific Right Whale
Black-Blotched StingrayGreat White SharkNorthern Fur Seal
Black-Faced SpoonbillGreater Spotted EagleOchre-Rumped Bunting
Black-Footed AlbatrossHong Kong GrouperOriental White Stork
Black-Headed IbisJapanese CranePleske’s Grasshopper-Warbler
Black-Spotted Pond FrogJapanese Crested IbisRingstraked Guitarfish
Black-Tailed GodwitJapanese DevilrayRufous-Backed Bunting
Bowmouth GuitarfishJapanese MurreletSaker Falcon
Bronze WhalerKelp GrouperSaunders’s Gull
Buff-Breasted SandpiperKnifetooth SawfishScaly-Sided Merganser
Cape SharkLeopardSeoul Pond Frog
Chinese EgretLesser White-Fronted GooseShort-Tailed Albatross
DholeLong-Billed MurreletTristam’s Woodpecker

Useful Vocabulary

EnglishKorean Romanization
Area Of Occupancy점유 면적Jeom-Yu Myeonjeog
Breed In Captivity포로에서 번식Polo-Eseo Beonsig
Carnivore육식 동물Yugsig Dongmul
Common Species일반적인 종Ilbanjeog-In Jong
Conservation Effort보존 노력Bojon Nolyeog
Critically Endangered멸종 위기에 처한Myeoljong Wigie Cheohan
Deforestation삼림 벌채Samlim Beolchae
Endangered멸종 위기Myeoljong Wigi
Endangered Species멸종 위기 종Myeoljong Wigi Jong
Extinct In The Wild야생에서 멸종Yasaeng-Eseo Myeoljong
Food Chain먹이 사슬Meog-I Saseul
Global Warming지구 온난화Jigu Onnanhwa
Herbivore초식 동물Chosig Dongmul
Monitor감시 장치Gamsi Jangchi
Near Threatened거의 위협Geoui Wihyeob
Overharvest과잉 수확Gwaing Suhwag
Overhunt과잉 사냥Gwaing Sanyang
Recover다시 덮다Dasi Deopda
Sustainability지속 가능성Jisog Ganeungseong
Threatened Categories위협받는 카테고리Wihyeobbadneun Kategoli
Threatened Species위협받는 종Wihyeobbadneun Jong
Vulnerable Species취약종Chwiyagjong
Wildlife야생 동물Yasaeng Dongmul

Common FAQ’s

Common FAQ's

What are endangered animals in Korea?

Although organizations such as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have formed a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea to serve as a biosphere reserve, there is an extensive list of endangered species of animals and birds in both countries. Some include the Siberian musk deer, the Asiatic black bear, the red-crowned crane, and the Cinereous vulture.

What animals are only in Korea?

Some animals are unique to South Korea, so you might not find them elsewhere. This includes Korean brown frogs, Korean gorillas, Korean water deer, Korean pine, Korean hare, Korean field mouse, Korean spruce, etc.

Are tigers extinct in Korea?

There was a time when the Korean peninsula was populated with majestic tigers who would explore the place and live there peacefully. Many feared them and were known to be protective of their families. You won’t be able to see the Korean tigers now as they are going through extinction. There might be some traces of them in an unexplored part of Korea, but it seems like they are gone for the most part.

Did Korea have wolves?

Korea did and still has wolves. As the population increased in Korea, their number started decreasing, but now the government and people pay due importance to their safety and existence.

Wrapping Up

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