95 Incredible Jobs In Korean You Must Know

“In life, there’s no such thing as a worthless dream.” This line from the Korean drama “Dream High” shows the importance of turning your dreams into your jobs in Korean culture (직업 | ji-geob). Start-up, Hospital Playlist, Itaewon Class, and Record of Youth. These are some famous Kdramas that will inspire you to pursue different occupations, 직업 (ji-geob) or jobs in Korean society. They can effectively discuss the common problems and struggles in each profession. These Kdramas will not just entertain you but also give you a glimpse of what to expect when it comes to pursuing your passion as a career.

When we were young, we all had a dream of what we were going to be in the future. Some will say they want to be a doctor, nurse, engineer, teacher, and more. But, when it comes to deciding what to pursue, many of us are struggling with what to choose, our passion, or our career. Some got lucky because they could pursue both their passion and career at the same time. So, if you’re reading this blog, you are probably interested in pursuing what you want in South Korea.

Well, you are in the right place because, in this blog, you will learn relevant words and phrases related to Jobs in Korean language for free. You will learn some common occupation names in the Korean language but, if you want to learn Korean more, check out Ling App for a fun language learning experience.

How To Ace Your Job Interview?

Before we learn how to name jobs in Korean language, let’s first learn some tips on how to ace your job interview and increase your chance of getting the job.

  1. Research your potential employer. This will give them the impression that you are really sincere in their company.
  2. Review the job description and make sure that you really have the qualities and skills they are looking for.
  3. Introduce yourself effectively. Introducing yourself does not end by stating some basic information that can be found in your resume. If you are familiar with the STAR method, you may use it; this will help them know what kind of person you are in handling situations.
  4. Dress appropriately. Remember that the first impression lasts, so avoid wearing inappropriate and revealing clothes. Dress formally and make yourself neat.
  5. Follow up on your interview by sending them an email or calling their official contact number during their business hours.
  6. Just remember that in the Korean workplace, you must observe punctuality. If there were times that it will be unavoidable, make sure to apologize as a sign of respect and politeness. You should also observe hierarchies that are determined by age and position. In the Korean workplace, everything can be fast-paced, but this does not always equate to productivity. Koreans can be competitive, but they also value building relationships at the same time.

Just remember that in the Korean workplace, you must observe punctuality. If there were times that it would be unavoidable, make sure to apologize as a sign of respect and politeness. You should also observe hierarchies that are determined by age and position. In the Korean workplace, everything can be fast-paced, but this does not always equate to productivity. Koreans can be competitive, but they also value building relationships at the same time. This is very important to know before we learn about naming jobs in the Korean language.


What Are The Highest Paying Korean Jobs?

When we talk about jobs, there are lots of things that come to our minds. The Korean word for “job” is 직업 (jigeop). We all have that one big dream job position that we always hope to get for different reasons. Maybe because it’s the one you love to do, it is the one that your parents told you to do, or like most of us wanted, it is a high-paying job. If you want to learn how to name occupations and jobs in Korean, why don’t we start naming the highest-paying jobs in Korean society?

Jobs in Korean Language


1. 의사 (Uisa) – Doctor And 외과 의사 (Oegwa Uisa) – Surgeon

Cha Yu-ri: “Are you still scared of operating rooms?”
Jo Kang-hwa: “Yes.”
Cha Yu-ri: “Why? I thought you were getting better. Why haven’t you been treated?
Jo Kang-hwa: “I feel guilty. About getting better. I feel too guilty.”

This scene is from one of the most emotional K-dramas that you’ll ever watch, entitled “Hi, Bye Mama.” In this Kdrama, Cha Yu-ri and Jo Kang-hwa are married with one kid. Unfortunately, Cha Yu-ri had an accident and died. Jo Kang-hwa, a chest surgeon, feels guilty about not being able o save his wife. Although this Kdrama does not only talk about being a doctor and surgeon, you can see what a typical surgeon or doctor can experience. The responsibility of saving lives is one of the reasons why doctors 의사 (Uisa) and surgeons 외과 의사 (Oegwa Uisa) own the first spot in the highest paying jobs in Korean society.

2. 심판 (Simpan) – Judge

“What makes a law just are the judges’ decisions based on the presumption of innocence and the law of evidence.” (Yang Jong-Hoon)

This line is from Yang Jong-Hoon in the Kdrama “Law School.” He is a former judge 심판 (simpan), but after a very controversial case that involves one of his close colleagues and friend, he stoops down and becomes a law school professor instead. If you want to be a judge or lawyer someday, this will be a perfect Kdrama for you because you will realize the importance of being a fair judge in these modern times. This job requires a long time of studying and hard work because someday, you will be the one responsible for giving justice to the people of your country. Although it’s one of the highest-paying jobs in Korean culture, it should be more of a responsibility than a job.

3. 변호사 (Byeon ho sa) – Lawyer

“Becoming a lawyer was the only way a poor kid like me could have justice.” (Kang Sol-A)

A student who does not have a lot of money to go to a fine college, a student who’s always near to failing, and a student who wants to make the lives of the people around her better, this is how we can describe Kang Sol-A as a law student in the Kdrama “Law School.” If you want to be a lawyer (변호사 | Byeon ho sa) someday, you’ll surely enjoy this show because you will learn a lot and relate to her experiences. Being a lawyer nowadays can be hard considering the power of money, but it’s up to you what kind of lawyer you’ll want to be. Just like the previous one, being a lawyer (변호사 | Byeon ho sa) will really pay you a lot, but it’s one of the hardest jobs in Korean society.

4. 은행 관리자 (Eunhaeng Gwanlija) – Bank Manager

“So, Moo Sung, just save all your money in the bank.” (Sung Dong-il)

One of the most memorable characters in the Kdrama “Reply 1988” is Sung Dong-il, a banker but, because of the loan, he had to pay that his friend borrowed from the bank. But, even though he had to pay for this loan, he still managed to feed his family, send his 3 children to school and help the needy by buying random things they sold. This was way back in 1998 so, can you imagine how much a bank manager (은행 관리자 | Eunhaeng Gwanlija) earns now? A bank manager in Korea should have a Bachelor’s Degree to be qualified for this position. You’ll have to deal with money which can be tempting but always remember that maintaining your dignity is still way more important than money.

5. 최고 경영자 (Choego Gyeong-Yeongja) – Chief Executive Officer

You can’t make any decisions if you’re afraid of criticism. And if you can’t make decisions, you can’t be a CEO. What do you want to be? A good person or a CEO? Don’t be greedy. You can’t be both. Choose one. Just one.” (Han Ji Pyeong)

Starting up a company requires a lot of work, hardships, and failure. The Kdrama “Start-up” can give you tips on how to start a start-up. In this Kdrama, you’ll see the different kinds of CEO (최고 경영자 | Choego Gyeong-Yeongja). You’ll learn how to solve and deal with different problems starting from your own company or team to your competitors. As a CEO, you don’t just consider the development of your company, you should also consider the importance of your staff. One of the things that you can learn from this is that the CEO doesn’t always have to be the one who holds the biggest share. If you want to know more information, you can search for it or watch the drama.


Other High-Paying Jobs In Korean

Here are other high-paying jobs that you can also consider. Because it is high-paying, you may have to invest a huge amount of energy, time, and hard work. But hey, this will all be worth it when you reach your success.

Romanization English Translation
최고 재무 책임자 Choego Jaemu Chaegimja) Chief Financial Officer
치열 교정 의사 Chiyeol Gyojeong Uisa Orthodontist
교수 Gyosu Professor
조종사 Jojongsa Pilot
마케팅 디렉터 Maketing Direkteo Marketing Director

Learning Korean Job Titles

After learning about the highest-paying jobs in Korean society, let’s learn more about Korean job titles that will widen your vocabulary. These are just common job titles in Korean language that you’ll typically see in their dramas if you are not from South Korea. If you want to learn more vocabulary about jobs in Korean language, you can check out Ling App.

Entertainment And Arts

Romanization English Translation
가수 gasu singer
댄서 daenseo dancer
모델 model model
배우 baeu actor
감독 gamdok director
사진작가 sajinjakga photographer
동영상 블로거 dongyeongsang beullogeo video blogger
음악가 eumakg musician
화가 hwaga painter


Romanization English Translation
치위생사 hiwisaengsa dental assistant
치과 의사 chigwa uisa dentist
간호사 gan ho sa nurse
약사 yaksa pharmacist
의료계 종사자 uiryogye jongsaja healthcare worker


Romanization English Translation
수의사 suuisa veterinarian
동물 관리인 dongmul gwalliin animal caretaker

Food And Beverage

Romanization English Translation
제빵사 jeppangsa baker
요리사 yo ri sa chef
웨이터 weiteo waiter


RomanizationEnglish Translation
유치원 교사yuchiwon gyo sakindergarten teacher
학교장hakgyojangschool principal


Romanization English Translation
광고 전문가 gwanggo jeonmunga advertising specialist
인사조수 insajosu human resources assistant
매니저 maenijeo manager
마케팅전문가 maketingjeonmunga marketing specialist
회사원 hoe sa won company worker
사무원 samuwon office worker
비서 biseo secretary
보조 bojo assistant
인사조수 insajosu Human resources assistant


Romanization English Translation
그래픽 디자이너 geuraepik dijaineo graphic designer
IT 전문가 IT jeonmunga IT specialist
프로그래머 peurogeuraemeo programmer

Transportation And Tourism

Romanization English Translation
버스 운전사  beoseu unjeonsa bus driver
택시 운전사 taeksi unjeonsa taxi driver
트럭 운전사 teureok unjeonsa truck driver
승무원  seungmuwon flight attendant
관광 가이드 gwangwang gaideu tour guide
여행사 직원 yeohaengsa jigwon travel agent

Law Enforcement And Safety

Romanization English Translation
경찰관 gyeongchalgwan police officer
군인 gunin soldier
경비원 gyeongbiwon security guard
소방관 sobanggwan firefighter


Romanization English Translation
작가  jak ga writer
기자 gi ja journalist
보고자 bogoja reporter
편집자 pyeonjipja editor

Beauty And Cosmetics

Romanization English Translation
스타일리스트 seutailliseuteu stylist
미용사 mi yong sa cosmetologist
메이크업 아티스트 meikeueop atiseuteu makeup artist

Sales And Real Estate

Romanization English Translation
부동산 중개인  budongsan junggaein real estate agent
판매원 panmaewon salesperson
광고 전문가 gwanggo jeonmunga advertising specialist

Architecture, Engineering, And Construction

Romanization English Translation
건축가 geonchukga architect
공학자 gonghakja engineer
건설노동자 geonseollodongja construction worker

Repair And Maintenance

Romanization English Translation
관리 직원 gwalli jigwon maintenance worker
목수 moksu carpenter
청소부 cheongsobu cleaner
배관공 baegwangong plumber
관리인 gwalliin janitor
자동 기계 jadong gigye car mechanic
개인간호사 gaeinganhosa personal caretaker

Bank And Finance

Romanization English Translation
회계사 hoegyesa accountant
금융 상담원 geumyung sangdamwon financial advisor


Romanization English Translation
운동 강사 undong gangsa fitness instructor
개인 트레이너 gaein teureineo personal trainer
코치  kochi coach

Other Job Titles

Romanization English Translation
실업가 sireopga businesswoman
기업인 gieobin businessman
출납계원 chullapgyewon cashier
육아종사자 yugajongsaja childcare worker
고객센터 직원 gogaeksenteo jigwon customer service representative
전기기사 jeongigisa electrician
농부 nongbu farmer
의료계 종사자 uiryogye jongsaja healthcare worker
임상병리사 imsangbyeongnisa laboratory technologist
우편집배원 upyeonjipbaewon mailman
우체국 사무원 ucheguk samuwon post office clerk
–학생 haksaeng student
주부  jubu housewife

How To Increase Your Edge In Getting Jobs In Korea?

Jobs in Korean

As the world becomes global, job seekers have to adapt to the fast-changing world. Today, employees who know how to speak more than one language have a higher chance of promotions. For applicants, speaking in more than one language can open doors for international job opportunities, and it will also give you an edge over other applicants. In addition, company owners will most likely hire applicants that can do business and transact services in different parts of the world to widen their connections and market.

Learning a new language like Korean can be tough and daunting at first, but with Ling App, nothing is impossible. You can learn Korean and other languages like JapaneseChinese, and Filipino. All you need to do is download the app or go to the website, and you’ll have free access to fun and meaningful language lessons. These lessons have audio recordings, translations, images, and quizzes to support your learning.

Learning Korean can be a good start in learning new languages. The culture behind the Korean language is undeniably colorful, which makes it interesting to learn. So, if you are planning to apply for a job in South Korea, why not start Learning Korean now? Widen your horizons. Increase your chances of being hired. Learn languages with Ling App now!

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