Best 30+ Khmer Pronouns You Must Know!

Pronouns In Khmer

In daily speech, the form of the Khmer pronouns (or សព្វនាម pronounced as sapvoneam) is crucial. Therefore, mastering it is a must to sound like a local. With practice, the closer you go to fluency in the Khmer language. But first, we must understand the use of pronouns in Khmer grammar.

There’re a variety of pronouns in Khmer grammar, including those that refer to the first person (speaking person), the second person (the listener), or the third person (persons or things spoken about), indefinite pronouns, and relative pronouns (which link sentences). First, however, this article will focus on personal pronouns and their use.

If you’re having trouble learning Khmer pronouns, look at our blog post on personal pronouns for some advice. Then, please focus on the lesson and observe how each word changes its position in relation to the previous one. Let’s get started!

Khmer Neutral Personal Pronouns

Subject pronounObject pronounPossessive adjectiveKhmerPronunciation
TheyThemTheirពួកគេPuok Ke

Khmer Intimate Personal Pronouns

These personal pronouns will address intimate friends or individuals of a similar age, status, or position.

Subject pronounObject pronounPossessive adjectiveKhmerPronunciation
Khmer Personal Pronouns

Khmer Pronouns Referring To A Specific Person

Khmer wordPronunciationEnglish word
បងប្រុសBong ProsOlder brother (you)
បងBongElder sibling (I/me/my)
This personal pronoun refers to elder sibling. The husband also uses this pronoun to address himself when speaking to his wife. And his wife refers to her husband with this pronoun.
ប្អូនP’ounYounger sibling (I/me/my)
This personal pronoun refers to a younger sibling. The wife also uses this pronoun to address herself when speaking to her husband. And his husband refers to his wife with this pronoun.
A parent’s sister, including a sister-in-law. And it’s a respectful term of address to an older woman who you don’t know.
A parent’s brother or brother-in-law. And it’s a respectful term of address to older men who you don’t know.
Referring to a young child, a person at least one year younger. Also, Khmer children use it to address themselves when speaking to parents or parents talking to their children.
It can be referred to as a young child, a person at least one year younger.

Khmer Pronouns Related To Social Status

Let’s look at some fascinating facts about Cambodia before we show you how to address monks and members of the royal family using personal pronouns.

Is there a king or queen in charge in Cambodia? Yes, the monarchy had been in place from at least the year 68 AD. A monarch is a symbolic leader to whom people are expected to show love and respect, but his actual power is somewhat limited. And to the Khmer people, the king is also a symbol of stability, peace, and prosperity. We may also discuss Buddhism, which is the official religion of Cambodia and is accepted by 95% of its population. In addition, Christianity and Cham Muslim are both popular and active in the country.

After brushing up on Cambodian culture, let’s get started on the pronouns you need to know to communicate effectively in formal contexts.

Khmer Pronouns For Monks And Royals

Referring To Royal Family Members

  • ខ្ញុំព្រះបាទអម្ចាស់ (Khnhom Preah Bat Ang Mchas) – I/me
  • ទូលបង្គុំ (Tul Bangkum) – I/me
  • ព្រះករុណា (Preah Kakrona) – Your Majesty
  • ទ្រង់ (Trong) – He/she/his/her

Lay Buddhist To Buddhist Clergy

  • ករុណា (Kakrona) – I/me
  • ព្រះតេជគុណ (Preah Decha Kun) – You
  • ព្រះអង្គ (Preah Ang) He

Buddhist Clergy To Lay Buddhist

  • អាត្មា (Atma) – I/me
  • ញោមស្រី (Nhoum Srei) – You (to female)
  • ញោមប្រុស (Nhoum Pros) – You (to male)
  • ឧបាសក (Ubasak) – He
  • ឧបាសិកា (Ubaseka) – She


And there we have it! In our experience, it is a must to use Khmer pronouns to help you confidently speak the language in full sentences. It helps in the comprehension on the part of the person or thing to whom or to which you’re referring. Since they support the smoothness and clarity of sentences, pronouns are important in writing. Also, it’s a convenient way to express ourselves without having to use our own names. Khmer pronouns, as you can see, aren’t only for making sentences sound nicer; they also require that you use the correct term for the right person, like in the case of monks and royal family members. So we hope that you’ve learned a lot and are now better equipped to use these pronouns.

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