60+ Easy Technology Words In Japanese!

Technology Word In Japanese

Learning technology words in Japanese is essential for a traveler to this technology-leading country! Imagine going to the birthplace of the top technological companies in the world, and home to the leading automotive company. Let us dive into it, learning everything from computer words to tech jargon in Japanese! Ready to be a tech lingo master? Let’s go!

Why Learn Technology Words In Japanese?

Wait a second, folks. Why should we even learn these technology words? The answer is that these will elevate your travel, allowing seamless device navigation. You can also gain a competitive edge in the job market as a bilingual tech enthusiast. Immerse yourself in anime, manga, and games with newfound tech understanding. Furthermore, you’ll be able to embrace diverse viewpoints and fresh angles on tech concepts.

Convinced enough? 行きましょう (Let’s go)!

technology words in japanese

Building The Basics: Common Japanese Tech Terms!

Let us begin our tech lingo journey by identifying the Japanese terms for common gadgets. These will get you started:

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
LaptopノートパソコンNōto Pasokon
SmartwatchスマートウォッチSumāto Uotchi
Game ConsoleゲームコンソールGēmu Konsōru
VR HeadsetVRヘッドセットVR Heddosetto
Fitness TrackerフィットネストラッカーFittonesu Torakkā

There you have it, your gadget glossary!

Navigating The Digital Landscape: Internet And Software Terms!

Let’s hop on to Japanese vocabulary for the software technology world! Here are the things that you can type into a Japanese search engine to identify words related to computers, software, and the Internet:

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
WebsiteウェブサイトUēbu Saito
Social MediaソーシャルメディアSōsharu Media
FirewallファイアウォールFaia Uōru

Here it is, your bento box full of new words from Japanese computer vocabulary!

Hardware Essentials: From Computers To Gadgets

Since we’ve mentioned the software, what are the hardware terms? Worry not, fellas! Here they are:

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
USB MemoryUSBメモリUSB Memori
WebcamウェブカメラUebu Kamera
External Hard Drive外付けハードドライブSotozuke Hādo Doraibu
Gaming MouseゲーミングマウスGēmingu Mausu

Just speak these words in a computer store, and you will be all set.

Unveiling The Future: Cutting-Edge Innovations!

Since Japan is one of the leading countries in cutting-edge innovations, we will also tackle terms to identify those! Here is some innovative-technology vocabulary in Japanese:

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
Artificial Intelligence人工知能Jinkō Chino
Cutting-Edge Innovations最新の発明Saishin no Hatsumei
Technological Breakthroughs技術革新Gijutsu Kakushin
Virtual RealityバーチャルリアリティBācharu Riariti
Augmented Reality拡張現実Kakuchō Genjitsu
Sustainable Innovation持続可能なイノベーションJizokukanōna Inobēshon

Whew! Those are technologically mesmerizing words. There you have it, advanced-technology words in Japanese!

Entertainment Tech: Where Culture Meets Innovation!

How about terms for entertainment that are continuously being amplified by technology? Of course, we won’t forget about them! Here they are:

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
Video GamesビデオゲームBideo Gēmu
Live PerformanceライブパフォーマンスRaibu Pafōmansu
Comedy ShowコメディーショーKomedī Shō

Enjoy using these terms to gain access to your favorite entertainment in Japan!

Green Technology: Sustainability In Japanese Tech

Amazing fact: Japan is also making efforts to improve the world’s health! They are doing their best to replace fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly energy sources. Talk about wise use of technology, right? They use their technology for the betterment of the earth itself by using sustainable sources!

Let us learn the Japanese words for these green technologies!

English TranslationJapaneseRomanization
Environmental Technology環境技術Kankyō Gijutsu
Global Economy地球経済Chikyū Keizai
New Energy新エネルギーShin Enerugī
Sustainable Practices持続可能なプラクティスJizokukanōna Purakutisu
Eco-Friendly SolutionsエコフレンドリーソリューションEko Furendorī Soruyūshon
Green InnovationグリーンイノベーションGurīn Inobēshon
Renewable Resources再生可能な資源Saisei Kanōna Shigen
Eco-Conscious TechnologyエココンシャステクノロジーEko Konshasu Tekunorojī
Clean EnergyクリーンエネルギーKurīn Enerugī
Low Carbon Footprint低炭素足跡Tei Tanso Ashiato

Let us promote our care for the earth to future generations by speaking the positivity these Japanese words represent!

Importance Of Knowledge About Technology

Being literate about technology is not only an option but a necessity, as it is continuously developing. Being knowledgeable in this area is not only cool but brings many benefits!

In our modern world, our communication will improve if we know how to use the fruits of software development, such as Facebook, Google, emailing, and more! More than that, we will also harness the newly digitalized education resources that the Internet offers. Lastly, in a professional setting, enhanced efficiency will be just within the reach of our efforts.

Technology is ever-advancing, and it is exciting to see how much more our world will be able to do because of this advancement. Hence, we must learn all about it! And part of being technologically literate is our knowledge of the appropriate vocabulary.

These are just the terms in Japanese—there are a lot of languages in the world!

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