#1 Best Guide To Relationship Vocabulary In Croatian

Croatian Couple taking a walk through the vineyards during a date

If you plan to date someone from Croatia, or if you are already dating someone who is Croatian and you want to impress them, this is definitely the only guide you need. Want to learn more? Start your language learning journey here!

Have you always wanted to learn Croatian? If so, now’s your chance! In this blog post, we’ll be talking about some of the most exciting language vocabulary you could ever learn. Want to know what it is? It’s relationship vocabulary in Croatian! These words and phrases are a great way to introduce you to learning Croatian or to help you build and strengthen your overall Croatian vocabulary if you already know some.

Croatian Couple sitting in a restaurant at a date and using relationship vocabulary in croatian

What Is It Like To Date a Croatian?

Of course, dating customs and culture differ from one country to another. So, in this blog post, we’ll focus on the dating scene in Croatia. Remember that these are generalizations and might not apply to everyone. So, let’s get started with some basic facts you should know!

If you are dating a Croatian guy, you should expect to be treated like a queen. This is not just limited to men paying for the dates, but it extends to them going the extra mile to make sure that they always make their partner feel loved and important. Since Croatian men definitely know how to date and impress a girl, keep your expectations high!

As for dating Croatian women, expect them to be strong-willed and know what they want. They are known to be very independent women and will not tolerate inconsistent behavior or being treated poorly. If you plan to date a girl from Croatia, you should plan on stepping up your game because these ladies definitely are hard to get.

No matter who you’re dating from Croatia, it’s important to have a good time and be respectful. If you’re not currently dating anyone, but you’re looking or currently have a crush on someone, do not hesitate to go up and talk to them! Croatian people are friendly and welcoming, so you have nothing to lose!

Croatian woman hugging boyfriend from behind and being in love

Relationship Vocabulary In Croatian To Know By Heart

Now that you already know some of the dating expectations in Croatia, it’s time to sharpen your language skills and learn some relationship vocabulary in Croatian. Whether it’s asking about their hobbies in Croatian or just trying to crack some jokes, it’s sure handy to learn some of these words.

With this guide, you’ll certainly be able to impress any Croatian that comes your way while building up your fluency. You can say more than I love you in Croatian with this list!

I care for youBrinem za tebe
I miss youNedostaješ mi
I love youVolim te
You are importantTi si važan
You are specialTi si posebna
I got engagedZaručio sam se
I am marriedOženjen sam
He is my boyfriendOn je moj dečko
She is my girlfriendOna je moja djevojka
We are togetherMi smo zajedno
We broke upMi smo prekinuli
We are divorcedRazvedeni smo
We are separatedRazdvojeni smo
We got marriedVjenčali smo se
He is my husbandOn je moj muž
She is my wifeOna je moja žena

Croatian Words About Relationships

Now that you’ve learned some Croatian relationship phrases, it’s time to learn some individual Croatian relationship words.


These are just some of the words and phrases that can help you spice up your existing relationships or form new ones! With these words and phrases, you can learn something fun while increasing your overall Croatian language skills. How great is that?!

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