Shopping Vocabulary In Irish: Your #1 Best Guide

A vacation is not complete without shopping! Traveling (or ag taisteal in Irish) to a new country means exploring their local markets and finding great and unique pieces at affordable prices. Fortunately, Ireland is a beautiful country with stunning natural landscapes and lots of beautiful art pieces that will make your travel totally exciting.

However, there is a caveat for getting the best stuff and negotiating prices, and that is you have to understand and speak some Irish. Therefore, knowing some shopping vocabulary in Irish is important. And that’s where we come in! This article will explore the basic shopping vocabulary and sentences you need to know to get good items in Ireland’s popular markets. Let’s take a look together!

Basic Shopping Vocabulary In Irish

shop in ireland

Expensive – Daor

Let’s start with one of the most common words you will likely hear in Ireland’s market. Daor means expensive in Ireland, and knowing this word is necessary for your shopping experience in Ireland. In case you spot a craft that is too daor, you can decide to beat it down.

Cheap – Saor

Saor is the opposite of daor and Saor is a good thing as long as you are getting good quality for the money.

How much is it? – Cé mhéad atá air

If you go to any Ireland shopping center, you need to keep this phrase close. You will see a lot of beautiful and affordable products you will like to buy, and the one way you can find out whether it is too daor or saor is to ask how much the thing is going for.

I don’t want it – Ní theastaíonn sé uaim?

Maybe you have a seller that keeps trying to upsell you another product or the product you were given isn’t satisfactory, saying Ní theastaíonn sé uaim is a polite way to tell the seller that you are not interested or you want another product.

Can you take less? – An gabh thu as lugha?

We always have to face a seller with beautiful products that is too expensive for our budget. That’s okay. You can decide to negotiate a price with the seller or tell them to take less of the initial amount. So, An gabh thu as lugha is a great question to keep in mind.

Do you accept credit card? – An gabh thu cairtean-chreidis

One thing you always want to confirm when you enter a shop is to find out if they accept credit cards. Not every shop accepts credit cards, especially if you are going to a local market, so finding out if credit cards are an option is important. So, asking An gab thu cairtean chreidis is a way to find out.

That’s too expensive – Tá sé sin ró-dhaor

There are some products that are just too expensive, and there are times you need to let the seller know so that they can either reduce or further support the price with valuable reasons.

Other Shopping Vocabulary In the Irish Language

shopping bags

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s take a look at more shopping vocabulary in Irish Gaelic phrases that are also important for your shopping experience.

shop keepersiopadóir
shopping bagmála siopadóireacht


Best Markets To Visit In Ireland

fresh fruits

We won’t end this article without giving you a quick guide on the best markets you can visit in Ireland. As mentioned earlier, Ireland is a great tourist attraction and is also known for some popular flea markets where you can find unique products. Here are some of the markets in Dublin you should visit.

Dublin’s Flea Market

Dublin’s Flea Market is one of the best places to get almost anything at an affordable price. Talk about vintage pieces, furniture, home decor, and so much more; you will find them in Dublin’s Flea market. It opens every last Sunday of the month, so you might want to plan your trip for that time.

The English Market

Whatever varieties of food and fruits you are looking for, you will find them in the English Market. The English Market has been running since 1788, making it one of the oldest markets on the list. It is funny how this market has passed through different seasons and generations and is still standing strong. You will find fruits, food, and other food items there, and there are also a to of cafes and restaurants in case you want to treat yourself to some local and international dishes.

Galway Market

Galway Market opens on Saturdays and Sundays and is home to a lot of handmade crafts and lots of food items. You can find unique pieces, artwork, food, and so much more in the Galway market.

Crescent Shopping Centre

If you are more interested in exploring one of Ireland’s biggest malls, then we’ve got your back! The crescent shopping center is home to many international and local retailers, and you can find almost anything you are looking for at affordable prices. So, whether you are looking for entertainment, shopping, or dining experience, the Crescent shopping mall can cater to your needs.

Ireland is a beautiful country that promises a lot of sightseeing and historical places you can check out. You may also want to keep some airport vocabulary, and these thank you phrases close. Fortunately, it is not left out of shopping too! I hope these shopping words will make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable

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