99+ Easy Household Vocabulary in French

Household Vocabulary in French

Would you like to learn some easy household vocabulary in French? As we go about our daily lives, we interact with various objects that make up our home.

These household items, from the kitchen to the bedroom, serve various purposes and make our lives easier.

Whether you’re a beginner learning French or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, this guide will provide you with the essential words you need to describe the items in your home.

So let’s get started!

Living Room Household Vocabulary In French

You can start by learning the living room items used in everyday life to improve your French house vocabulary.

Here are the living room words to add to your French house vocabulary:

Le canapéSofa
Le fauteuilArmchair
La table basseCoffee table
Le tapisRug
Le rideauCurtain
Le coussinCushion
Le poufOttoman
La lampeLamp
Le meuble TVTV stand
La télévisionTelevision
Le lecteur DVDDVD player
La chaîne stéréoStereo system
Le vaseVase
Le cadre photoPicture frame
La plante verteHouseplant
Le livreBook
La revueMagazine
Le journalNewspaper
La télécommandeRemote control
Easy Household Vocabulary in French

Kitchen Room Household Vocabulary In French

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, where food is prepared and shared with family and friends. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting to explore the culinary world, knowing the names of common kitchen items in French can be useful and practical.

From utensils to appliances, let’s take a look at the world of French vocabulary for the kitchen:

Un évierSink
Un fourOven
Un réfrigérateurRefrigerator
Un congélateurFreezer
Un lave-vaisselleDishwasher
Une cuisinièreStove
Une hotteRange hood
Une bouilloireKettle
Une cafetièreCoffee maker
Un grille-painToaster
Un mixeurBlender
Un batteur électriqueElectric whisk
Un micro-ondesMicrowave
Une cocotte-minutePressure cooker
Un plat de cuissonBaking dish
Une poêleFrying pan
Une casseroleSaucepan
Un ouvre-boîteCan opener
Un tire-bouchonCorkscrew

Bathroom Room Household Vocabulary In French

Knowing the names of common household items in French is essential for anyone looking to communicate effectively in a French-speaking environment. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and being able to name the objects found in it is crucial.

Here are your new words in the French language for the bathroom:

La baignoireBathtub
Le lavaboSink
Le miroirMirror
Le tapis de bainBath mat
Le rideau de doucheShower curtain
Le porte-serviettesTowel rack
Le savonSoap
Le shampoingShampoo
Le revitalisantConditioner
Le gel doucheShower gel
Le peignoirBathrobe
Le sèche-cheveuxHair dryer
Le rasoirRazor
La brosse à dentsToothbrush
Le dentifriceToothpaste
Les serviettesTowels
Le gant de toiletteWashcloth
La poubelleTrash can
Le nettoyant pour salle de bainBathroom cleaner

Easy Household Vocabulary in French -bedroom

Bedroom Household Vocabulary In French

Knowing the names of common household items in French can be incredibly useful, especially when it comes to navigating different spaces in a French-speaking environment. In the bedroom, for instance, naming the objects around you can help you communicate effectively with others and feel more confident in your surroundings.

Here are the most common bedroom items:

Le litThe bed
La couetteThe duvet
L’oreillerThe pillow
Le drap de litThe bed sheet
La housse de couetteThe duvet cover
Le matelasThe mattress
Le sommierThe bed base
La table de chevetThe bedside table
La lampe de chevetThe bedside lamp
L’armoireThe wardrobe
Les cintresThe coat hangers
La commodeThe chest of drawers
Le tapisThe rug
Le rideauThe curtain
Le voletThe shutter
Le balconThe balcony
La fenêtreThe window
La climatisationThe air conditioning
Le ventilateurThe fan

Household Rooms In French

From basic items such as beds and chairs to more specific items such as shower curtains and kitchen utensils, you will learn everything you need to know to navigate these spaces in French comfortably.

Here are the most common residential rooms in French:

La cuisineThe kitchen
La salle de bainThe bathroom
La chambreThe bedroom
Le salonThe living room
La salle à mangerThe dining room
Le bureauThe office
La buanderieThe laundry room
La caveThe cellar
Le grenierThe attic
Le couloirThe hallway
La vérandaThe sunroom
La terrasseThe terrace
Le garageThe garage
La chambre d’amisThe guest room
La salle de jeuxThe game room
La salle de cinémaThe home theater
La bibliothèqueThe library
La salle de musiqueThe music room
La salle de sportThe gym

Other Useful Household Items To Know

In addition to common household items, there are many other useful items that you may encounter in a French-speaking environment.

From cleaning supplies to gardening tools, you will benefit from adding additional common words to your vocabulary. Here they are:

La porteDoor
Objets ménagersHousehold objects
La porte d’entréeFront door
Le papier toiletteToilet paper
Le téléviseurTV set
La maisonHouse
Le bureauDesk
Le plancherFloor
La chaiseChair
Le patioPatio
Les escaliersStairs
La commodeDresser
Le murWall
Le plafondCeiling
La courCourtyard
Le canapéCouch
Le tapisCarpet
Le jardinGarden
Les meublesFurniture
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