100+ Easy French Food Vocabulary For Beginners

French Food Vocabulary

Would you like to know the basics of French food vocabulary? French cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors, exquisite presentation, and attention to detail. However, to fully appreciate French cuisine, one must first understand the language used to describe it. Let’s get to know more about this in today’s epic guide!

French Food Vocabulary For Vegetables

French food is renowned for using fresh, high-quality ingredients, and vegetables are no exception. As a result, vegetables play an important role in French cuisine, whether they are used as a garnish, a side dish, or the main event. Whether you’re a Francophile or simply looking to expand your culinary vocabulary, these words could be handy.

Green beansHaricot vert
Green vegetablesLégumes verts
PeasPetit pois
PotatoPomme de terre

French Food Vocabulary For Meat

French cuisine offers various meat dishes that will tantalize your taste buds, from beef to chicken, pork to lamb. So whether you’re ordering steak frites or coq au vin, this guide will help you understand the different cuts of meat. Here are the most common types of meat.

BaconLe bacon
Bacon bitsLes lardons
BeefLe boeuf
Beef tongueLa langue de boeuf
ChickenLe poulet
ChorizoLe chorizo
DuckLe canard
Foie grasLe foie gras
HamLe jambon
HorseLe cheval
KidneysLes rognons
PâtéLe pâté
PorkLe porc
RabbitLe lapin
SausageLe saucisson
TripeLes tripes
TurkeyLa dinde
VealLe veau

French Food Vocabulary For Seafood

France’s long coastline and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the English Channel make it a prime destination for seafood lovers. No wonder why French cuisine is renowned for using fresh, high-quality seafood in their top dishes. Here are the most common ones.

AnchoviesLes anchois
CrabLe crabe
CrayfishLes écrevisses
Dublin Bay prawnsLes langoustines
HakeLe merlu
LobsterLe homard
MackerelLe maquereau
MusselsLes moules
OystersLes huîtres
SalmonLe saumon
SardineLa sardine
ScallopLes coquilles Saint-Jacques
Sea bassLe bar
Sea urchinsLes oursins
ShrimpLes crevettes
SoleLa sole
Spider crabLe tourteau
TroutLa truite
TunaLe thon
French Food Vocabulary

French Food Vocabulary For Fruit

French cuisine is known for its emphasis on using fresh fruits. From classic fruits like apples and oranges to more exotic options like lychees and figs, French menus offer a range of fruit-based dishes and desserts for every taste. Here are some common fruit terms.

AppleLa pomme
BananaLa banane
CherryLa cerise
FigLa figue
GrapeLe raisin
GrapefruitLe pamplemousse
LemonLe citron
MangoLa mangue
MelonLe melon
PeachLa pêche
PearLa poire
PlumLa prune
PomegranateLa grenade
RaspberryLa framboise
StrawberryLa fraise
WatermelonLa pastèque

French Food Vocabulary For Desserts

French desserts have a reputation for being some of the most decadent and delicious in the world, with classics like crème brûlée, tarte Tatin, and macarons known and loved worldwide, especially by English speakers. Whether dining in a Parisian café or a fancy restaurant, knowing some key French dessert vocabulary can help you use the menu and order confidently.

Apple tartLa tarte aux pommes
BriocheLa brioche
CheesecakeLe gâteau au fromage
Chocolate mousseLa mousse au chocolat
ClafoutisLe clafoutis
CrepeLa crêpe
Crème brûléeLa crème brûlée
EclairsLes éclairs
French toastLe pain perdu
Ice creamLa glace
Lemon tartLa tarte au citron
MacaronLe macaron
MeringueLa meringue
SorbetLe sorbet
Tarte TatinLa tarte tatin
TartletLa tartelette
WaffleLa gaufre
French Food Vocabulary ling app 2

French Food Vocabulary For Dairy Products

From the humble Camembert to the luxurious crème fraîche, French dairy products are known for their rich and indulgent flavors. In addition, they are an essential part of French culture. These ingredients are often used in dishes such as quiches, sauces, and soups and are essential to many classic French recipes and an integral part of many restaurant menus and dishes. Here are the most common dairy products, along with their English translations.

ButterLe beurre
MilkLe lait
CreamLa crème
CheeseLe fromage
YogurtLe yaourt
Curdled milkLe lait caillé
Fermented milkLe lait fermenté
Condensed milkLe lait concentré
Powdered milkLe lait en poudre
Evaporated milkLe lait évaporé
White cheeseLe fromage blanc
Goat cheeseLe fromage de chèvre
Sheep cheeseLe fromage de brebis
Processed cheeseLe fromage fondu
Grated cheeseLe fromage râpé
Fresh cheeseLe fromage frais
Aged cheeseLe fromage affiné
Blue cheeseLe fromage bleu

French Daily Meals

It is also essential to understand the words for the daily meals so that you can order food at French restaurants and French people can communicate with you. Here are the most common French dishes and meals.

Afternoon snackLe goûter
BreakfastLe petit déjeuner
DinnerLe dîner
LunchLe déjeuner
SupperLe souper

How To Order Food At The Restaurant

If you want to communicate to another French person what you would like to do while at the restaurant, here are some of the most common phrases.

Hello, I would like a table for [number of people], please.Bonjour, je voudrais une table pour [nombre de personnes], s’il vous plaît.
What do you recommend?Qu’est-ce que vous me conseillez ?
I’ll have the [name of the dish].Je vais prendre le/la [nom du plat].
I’m allergic to [allergy].Je suis allergique à [allergie].
Is it possible to change [ingredient]?Est-ce que c’est possible de changer [ingrédient]?
The bill, please.L’addition, s’il vous plaît.

Other Essential Words

There are many other essential words to know to effectively understand and communicate with others during meals.

Here are some more common and essential words worth knowing.

  • Bon appétit – Enjoy your meal
  • Bread – Pain
  • Cooked – cuite
  • Dinner time – l’Heure du dîner
  • Fish – Le poisson
  • French fries – Frites
  • Goat milk – Lait de chèvre
  • Green beans – Haricots verts
  • Herbal tea – Thé aux herbes
  • Main course/main dish – Plat principal
  • Meat – La viande
  • Medium rare – Mi-saignant cuit
  • Order meat – commander de la viande
  • Potatoes – patates
  • Red wine – vin rouge
  • Vegetarian diet – Régime végétarien
  • White wine – vin blanc
  • Hot chocolate – Chocolat chaud

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