10+ Easy Tagalog Words For Office Equipment

10+ Easy Tagalog Words For Office Equipment

Are you an expat who’s about to start working in the Philippines? You’re set to embark on an exciting career journey, but let’s face it, swapping your current work culture and language for Tagalog words for office equipment can seem as bewildering as deciphering the office coffee maker instructions—on your first day without glasses. Can you imagine getting lost in translation and asking someone to hand you a stapler when you actually needed the scissors? Fortunately for you, we’ve got your back in this comprehensive guide! Let’s begin!

What Is “Office” In Tagalog?

The direct translation of “office” in Tagalog is “opisina”. Phonetically pronounced as oh-pee-see-nah, it’s a word as dynamic and buzzing as a Monday morning meeting. And don’t worry, if you’re fearing tongue-twisting sounds that could challenge your coffee-induced dexterity, you’re in luck—’opisina’ is perfectly user-friendly. Even before you’ve adjusted your ‘silya’ (chair) or powered on your ‘kompyuter’ (computer), you’ll be saying ‘opisina’ like a local. Isn’t it amazing how languages can be as delightfully digestible as your favorite office snack?

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper. Are there any synonyms for ‘opisina’ in Tagalog? Aye, there is! You can also use the word “tanggapan” which means office or headquarters. Now, ‘tanggapan’ is a little more formal and has a broader connotation; it doesn’t exclusively refer to a commercial workspace but can also denote a reception area or a place where one is received.

office in tagalog

What Is “Equipment” In Tagalog?

In Tagalog, the direct translation for “equipment” is “kagamitan” (pronounced ka-ga-mee-tan). Kagamitan encapsulates anything and everything that assists you in accomplishing a task. Think computers, printers, desks, chairs—the front-line warriors of office productivity, all rallied under one glorious, dynamic moniker.

Looking for more synonyms to add a dash of variety to your conversation palette? We’ve got you covered! You might also use the word “kagamitang pantrabaho” (work tool), or “kagamitang pang opisina” (office tools). Both phrases quite directly convey the idea of equipment meant for the workplace. So feel free to juggle ‘kagamitan’, ‘kagamitang pantrabaho’, and ‘kagamitang pang opisina’ based on the context and your comfort level.

What Is Office Equipment In Tagalog

What Is “Office Equipment” In Tagalog?

Are you ready for a quick linguistic espresso shot? Buckle up because we’re exploring the power-packed Tagalog phrase for “office equipment”—”kagamitan pang opisina”.

Here’s the simplified brew:

  • “Kagamitan”: The Tagalog charmer meaning ‘equipment’. It’s all the tools that make your workspace tick!
  • “Opisina”: The Tagalog counterpart of ‘office’. Your realm of productivity and coffee-filled bliss.

When these two come together, linked by the connector “pang”, they create the impactful phrase “kagamitan pang opisina”—an efficient way to encapsulate ‘office equipment’ in Tagalog.

Now armed with this crisp knowledge, stride confidently into any Filipino office sphere, impressing your colleagues with your linguistic prowess. Remember, your journey through the mesmerizing world of Tagalog just got more interesting!

Basic Tagalog Words For Office Equipment

In this section, we’ll shed a spotlight on our linguistic stars that form the dramatic play of “kagamitan pang opisina.” Each will take center stage, demonstrating their unique roles in the grand Tagalog theater of office equipment.


Any guesses? That’s right! ‘Kompyuter’ is the Tagalog equivalent for ‘computer’. It’s no stranger to the modern office environment, playing a crucial role as the nerve center of operations. Whether it’s creating documents or making those all-important email connections, the kompyuter runs the show.


Clear the stage for ‘printer’! Just like English, the trusty printer holds the same moniker in Tagalog. It’s your go-to ally for transforming digital miracles into tangible masterpieces. From resumes to reports, the ‘printer’ keeps the office real.


Telepono rings a bell, doesn’t it? Quite literally so, because it signifies ‘telephone’ in Tagalog. In an office, it’s as vital as oxygen, being the lifeline for direct communication. Whether it’s talking to clients or internal chatter, the ‘telepono’ is ever reliable.


The ‘mesa,’ or ‘desk,’ is the foundation of every office workstation in the Philippines. Providing the backbone for devices like the ‘kompyuter,’ or for jotting down those brainstormed ideas, the humble ‘mesa’ is the silent partner in success.


After ‘mesa’ we have the loyal ‘silya’, or ‘chair’. Ensuring comfort during those long conference calls or endless emails, it often goes unnoticed. But make no mistake, the office wouldn’t be the same without a good ‘silya.’


Say it aloud – Ak-lat. Yes, you’ve nailed it! It’s the Tagalog dynamo for ‘book’. Not just a staple for bookworms, ‘aklat’ is the reliable partner for tech manuals, account ledgers, or just the casual office novel.


Here’s a whiff of familiarity – ‘papel’ or ‘paper’ is an office all-star worldwide, even in the Philippines. From handouts to printer-fodder, ‘papel’ is as omnipresent as the aroma of the office coffee.


No office is truly complete without the simple ‘lapis’ – ‘pencil’ in Tagalog. It’s the silent warrior of the brainstorm session or the classic tool to note down that phone number called out in a hurry. Fancy using ink? Meet the ‘bolpen’, ‘pen’ in Tagalog. This mightier-than-the-sword contender is the hero of ink-signed deals and written office memos.


The ‘kabinet’ or ‘cabinet’ is the guardian of organization in the world of opisina. It’s the trusted sanctuary for files, folders, and those personal coffee mugs.


The ‘kalendaryo’, or ‘calendar’, keeps the office’s pulse. From scheduling meetings to marking deadlines, the ‘kalendaryo’ is the silent timekeeper every office relies upon.

Advanced Tagalog Words For Office Equipment

Feel like the common words we covered above are not enough? Check out the translations below for a more advanced set of words.

PhotocopierMákináng pang-kopya
Fax MachineMákináng pang-fax
Paper ShredderPambasag ng papel
Water CoolerPanglamig ng tubig
Air ConditionerKondisyoner ng hangin
WhiteboardPuting pisara
Hole PunchPambutas ng papel

Learn A New Language With Ling

And there you have it, intrepid linguists! Our journey through the mesmerizing “kagamitan pang opisina” in Tagalog has reached its bittersweet conclusion, leaving you equipped with an impressive array of office vocabulary. Now, you’re ready to stroll into an opisina in the Philippines with newfound confidence, sprinkled with just the right linguistic twists to keep you intrigued.

But fear not, our language crusaders!

Your Tagalog odyssey has just begun. Exciting new linguistic explorations call your name, and we’ve got the perfect sidekick for you. To unlock the true potential of your Tagalog prowess, download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store. Delve into a linguistic universe where information meets entertainment, making your Tagalog adventure both enlightening and enthralling. Give it a try now!

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