#1 Best Guide: Caticlan To Boracay Philippines

#1 Best Guide Caticlan To Boracay Philippines

Boracay may only be a tiny speck on the map of the Philippines, but ask anyone who’s been, and they’ll tell you this island certainly makes a BIG impression. So if you’re planning to visit, then be sure to check out this complete Caticlan to Boracay Island guide. After all, you don’t wanna be that confused and lost traveler, amiiright?

I mean, while the island is a breeze once you arrive, getting there can be confusing for first-timers. How do you get from the Caticlan airport to the jetty port? What’s the difference between a pump boat and an outrigger? Where do the boats even dock when you arrive? As a seasoned visitor to this corner of paradise, I’m going to answer all those questions and introduce Tagalog expressions in this insider guide to seamlessly getting from Caticlan to glorious Boracay!

Let’s begin!

How To Go From Caticlan To Boracay

How To Go From Caticlan To Boracay

If you’re coming from Manila, you have two main airports you can fly into for easy access Boracay – Kalibo International Airport (KLO) or the closer Caticlan Airport (MPH).

Kalibo International Airport is about a 2.5-hour drive/van transfer from the Caticlan Jetty Port but offers more flight options/carriers from Manila at very competitive rates. AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and others operate multiple daily flights on this route with fares as low as ₱1,500 each way. Travel time is about 1 hour.

The more convenient option is Caticlan Airport, situated only a quick 10-15 minute boat ride from Boracay Island. This tiny airport is better known as Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or even Boracay Airport. Caticlan offers direct flights from Manila on Philippine Airlines, AirSWIFT, and AirJuan, priced from ₱3,000-₱5,000 per person, depending on the season. While pricier and with fewer flights than Kalibo, Caticlan will literally put you just minutes from diving into Boracay’s glorious white sand beaches!

Step 1: Book A Transfer To Caticlan Jetty Port

Cost: PHP 75 (USD 1.40) per person for a tricycle ride

Alright, you’ve landed at Caticlan Airport, ready for some fun in the sun! But before boarding that boat bound for powdery white sand beaches and turquoise waters, you need to make your way over to Caticlan Jetty Port. This is where all the ferry boats departing for Boracay Island are clustered.

Luckily, getting there from the airport is a total breeze. Just walk on out of the terminal where you’ll see dozens of trusty little tricycle taxis ready to shuttle passengers. These colorful little sidecar vehicles are everywhere in the Philippines and are perfect for quick, nippy journeys like this.

When you exit, drivers will likely approach you touting their transport services. But feel free to take your pick of whichever one strikes your fancy – they’re all making the short 10-minute drive anyway.

Step 2: Pay Tourist Fees At The Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal

Alright, this is it! You’ve arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port, the gateway to an island paradise. But before boarding that boat, you need to take care of a few administrative fees and paperwork. I know, I know, rules and red tape don’t exactly scream “vacation!” But I’ll walk you through the quick and easy process:

First, make your way inside the terminal building and scout out the booth closest to the entrance. Here, you can grab a Tourist Arrival Form to fill out with all your personal details and trip information. Travel groups can have just one person complete the paperwork for everyone, but each person needs to have an ID ready for verification.

If you made reservations with a Boracay hotel or resort ahead of time, have that booking confirmation handy too. They may cross-check the number of guests against your party. Consider this a smooth welcome process as they gear up to host you on the island!

Now for the not-so-fun part–time to pony up the pesos! You’ll need to pay three separate charges: a Terminal Fee, an Environmental Fee, and a Boat Ticket. I know, I rolled my eyes too when I first found out. But the good news is the lines move quickly if you scout out the right queues.

    Regular: PHP 150 (USD 2.75)
    Filipinos: PHP 150 (USD 2.75)
    Foreigners: PHP 300 (USD 5.50)
  • BOAT FEE: PHP 50

Once everything is paid up, tuck away your receipts and ticket safely – you’ll need to present them before boarding your ferry. And that’s it! Time to breeze on through to the boarding zone and finally make those dreams of beachside bliss a reality!

Step 3: Board The Boat To Boracay Island

This is it – the moment you’ve been waiting for! Boarding pass and bags in hand, make your way through the terminal and out onto the docking area swarming with pump boats and outriggers destined for Boracay. The crystal blue sea and the promise of paradise await!

Departing boats fill up fast, especially during peak visitor seasons. But don’t worry about reserving spots or jockeying for seats. Just hop on the next available ferry, ready to shove off. You may end up sharing the voyage with locals, other wide-eyed tourists, and even some fresh seafood deliveries.

Step 4: Take E-Trike To Your Hotel

As you step onto the port arrival area, you’ll likely see a lineup of drivers offering transport. But there’s no need to negotiate or stress. The main way to get around Boracay is via electronic trikes (or “e-trikes” as we call them). Rates are fixed based on which station you’re heading to – no need to barter. Expect to pay ₱20 to Station 3, ₱25 to Station 2, or ₱30 for rides up to Station 1 and beyond.

Of course, you can also inquire about chartering the whole trike for a private ride if you prefer.

Tricycle - Other Transfer Options From Caticlan Airport To Boracay

Other Transfer Options From Caticlan Airport To Boracay

If you were an ultra planner and booked your Boracay digs well in advance, make sure to double check if your hotel or resort offers any complimentary arrival/departure transfers. Lots of properties – especially higher-end places – include these perks for guests.

I’ll admit it, I was so dizzy with daydreams about the perfect beach vacation that I nearly marched out of the jetty port to grab an e-trike. But at the last minute, I remembered to scan my booking confirmation. Lo and behold, we had a complimentary shuttle service included!

So before heading out of the arrival hall, quickly check your email for any communications from your hotel. Scan those original booking forms, too, for any fine print on transfers. If the internet is spotty, ask one of the smiling staff members to point you toward the hotel travel coordinators, ready to assist.

Pro tip: If transfers ARE included both ways, make sure to confirm all those pesky details for your departure day/time to take advantage. The last thing you want is surprise transportation charges sneaking onto your final tab after an idyllic island getaway!

Caticlan to Boracay Island

Brushing Up On Handy Tagalog Phrases

You’ll find plenty of locals speak English around Caticlan Airport, the jetty port, and in Boracay. But busting out a few Tagalog beach words and expressions is sure to bring big smiles and likely score you special treatment!

Here are some keywords and terms to have in your repertoire:

Magkano po?

Translation: “How much is…?”
Usage: Use this before paying for airport taxis, porters, trikes, etc to ask the rate. They’ll appreciate you confirming prices respectfully beforehand.

Salamat po!

Translation: “Thank you!”
Usage: Sprinkle this Tagalog favorite generously to express gratitude for services or kindness.

Maari pong mag-book ng trike/bangka?

Translation: “Can I book a trike/boat please?”
Usage: Comes in handy for hailing transportation politely at the terminal or port.

San po ang…?

Translation: “Where is the…?”
Usage: Great for asking directions from locals to find your check-in counter, exit, jetty tickets booth etc.

Anong oras po ang…?

Translation: “What time is the…?”
Usage: Useful for asking airport staff or jetty porters the time of the next ferry departure.

Maligayang pagdating sa Boracay!

Translation: “Welcome to Boracay!”
Usage: Sure to make fast friends with your trike driver, boat captain, or seatmates as you live this cheerful island greeting!

Ready To Visit Caticlan Airport?

Well, that wraps up my insider guide to seamlessly getting from Caticlan Airport all the way to settling in comfortably on glorious Boracay Island. Hopefully, these tips help you breeze through terminals, transportation, and transfers like a relaxed pro, saving time and pesos for enjoying paradise itself!

Once you’ve done the essential jetty fees and boat ride stage, all that’s left is soaking up the legendary turquoise waters, talcum powder beaches, watercolor sunsets, and vibrant culture that have made Boracay a word-famous tropical dream destination for decades.

And to pick up even more handy local phrases beyond the basics I shared, download the Ling app. This nifty language learning tool packs quick bite-sized lessons, quizzes, and more to grow your Tagalog vocabulary nicely. While English is common across the Philippines, a few well-placed Filipino phrases go a long way in connecting you with locals and enhancing your travel experience. Give it a try now!

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