#1 Best Place To Retire In Philippines For Expats

#1 Best Place To Retire In Philippines For Expats

If visions of swaying palms on white sand beaches have you Googling “best place to retire in Philippines,” then get ready for some real talk! As a born-and-raised Filipina, I’m telling you – my homeland totally serves up that warm weather, chill vibes, and beach life for CHEAP… and word is getting out!

In fact, the Philippines was just voted “World’s Most Fun Retirement Destination,” thanks to the tropical climate, low cost of living, friendly locals, and abundance of paradise-like islands. And the best part? You won’t believe that it has such a large population of expats, locals who speak fluent English, and a straightforward policy for obtaining a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

In this post, get the scoop on what makes this island nation an appealing place to settle down for an affordable tropical retirement. I’ll also reveal the best city to consider and a complete guide related to costs, safety considerations, climate, and more! Plus, we’ll also reveal the best Tagalog app to help you navigate this big move. Let’s begin!

Why Retire In The Philippines?

As we enter the golden phase, we got practical stuff to think ’bout too – finding affordable digs overseas that don’t make us rough it, quality healthcare that don’t drain our accounts after years working the grind… you know the drill. But give me a sec to drop some good news on ya.

There’s this little slice of heaven out there in Southeast Asia called the Philippines that rolls out its biggest red carpet for retirees like us. I ain’t playin’! Gorgeous tropical islands galore with unreal powdery sand beaches that must be seen to be believed.

And guess what? Upscale condos and beachfront villas for rent or purchase will run you literal peanuts vs the insane rates back home. I mean, mowing lawns all summer couldn’t pay the property taxes on my tiny house! This crib overlooking the ocean would cost less per month than my current internet bill.

But they got way more than ocean views and piña coladas rocking over here. I scoped out spots popular with expat retirees – we’re talking decent roads, medical care that makes the US healthcare hustlers look straight predatory with their pricing, restaurants, and markets stocking all our familiar favorites from back home, AND local delicacies for adventurous palates.

Ease Of Buying/Renting Property

Listen, between you and me, the Philippines is a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to live that relaxed beach life without going broke. We’re talking gorgeous stretches of sand here – think palm trees, crystal blue waters, the whole nine yards. And get this – expats can actually buy or rent property in paradise without a ton of red tape.

You have options, too. Want to own your own condo or land outright? No problem. Rather lease for anywhere from 5 to 25 years? Covered. Or hey, you can just rent month-to-month if that’s more your style. We’re talking nice 2-bedroom apartments for $150-500, depending on how bougie you want to go. Oh and $1,000 per month gets you fancy resort-style living, talk about a steal!

Real talk, compared to the US or Europe, property here is stupidly cheap. And if you’ve got a little more to spend, you could even buy your own private island in the province for around $180,000. An island…all yours! C’mon now.

Yeah, the Philippines pretty much rolls out the red carpet for expats who wanna soak up some sun without draining their bank accounts. Warm water, cool breezes, chill vibes… you in?

Low Cost Of Living

Want to stretch your retirement savings? Get this – overall cost of living runs 50-60% less than what we’re used to back home. I did some number crunching in places expats dig, like Davao City and Siargao. You can rent an awesome 2-3 bedroom spread with a pool for like $400 monthly. And I’m talking nice restaurants and malls close by, powder sand beaches, the whole enchilada.

And you’ll eat like a king, too, for cheap. Wet markets overflow with crazy fresh, exotic produce like pineapples, avocados, and dragon fruit for literal pennies. Just $20 weekly, and you can eat healthy till your heart’s content. Even grocery stores and nice restaurants run pretty reasonable tabs compared to the highway robbery we deal with stateside.

Then you got crazy discounted healthcare, utilities, getting around – basically, everything you need for a prime retirement setup without draining your accounts. And I know we’re not roughing it in our 60s, so having modern conveniences matters. Good news – solid internet packages run only $30 monthly in your home.

best place to retire in philippines

Modern Conveniences & Infrastructure

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Can I actually LIVE here?” Listen, I get it – the idea of retiring to some rural backwater paradise sounds nice…until you actually have to live without modern conveniences. At our age, we deserve quality healthcare, solid infrastructure, and amenities to stay connected digitally, too, if need be, right? We might be expats, but there’s no need to go completely off the grid!

Well, get this – unlike, say, Bali or Nicaragua, the Philippines truly delivers the full package. I’m talking easy first-world transport and travel options, bustling metro areas, infrastructure that rivals the West, minimal culture shock for expats, with that undeniable island living charm.

They have quality highways and even state-of-the-art international airports like Ninoy Aquino and Clark that feel straight outta anywhere in the USA. It is easy to jet set around the islands domestically on a whim or back stateside to visit family regularly. Oh, and forget feeling isolated – you can literally flag down a tricycle to scoot you anywhere across town for cheap with zero language barrier.

What really stood out was the world-class yet totally affordable healthcare, though. Hospitals, even in smaller cities, make the US look third-world and corrupt. And people speak English, costs come slashed drastically across the board – we’re talking the latest procedures and prescriptions for the price of a basic checkup or pills back home…without insurance! 5-star care for zero stars cost. Sign me up!

Beyond that, as far as amenities, don’t sleep on the creature comforts outside Manila. I scoped spots popular with foreign retirees – we’re talking swanky shopping malls with cinemas, boutiques for imported wines and cheeses, and legit Italian and Brazilian steakhouses…not just local holes in the wall. They just get what we want as expats looking for familiarity blended with tropical charm.

Davao is the best place to retire in philippines

What’s The Best Place To Retire In Philippines?

Davao City rises to the top of all the 7,000 islands as the premier destination for overseas retirees seeking a safe, affordable, clean, and culture-rich island life in the Philippines. Called the “Most Livable City in Asia,” Davao established itself as the shining diamond for expat life. Located in Southeastern Mindanao overlooking the Davao Gulf, this place offers first-world perks into the mix…without pricing anyone out or losing cultural authenticity.

Davao City Living

Tired of the usual retirement spots but still want first-world conveniences minus the headaches? This under-the-radar city in the Philippines takes care of it all – which is why the global community just gave it major props for being super green.

Davao has got retirement DOWN. We’re talking:

  • Top-notch healthcare that rivals the West
  • Virtually no violent crime, thanks to strict laws
  • Modern malls and amenities amongst the lush natural beauty
  • A cool climate despite tropical location = no extreme weather!
  • Quick weekend getaways to stunning beaches and mountains
  • An airport so nice it beat out NAIA
  • Pennies on the dollar cost of living

So while Manila’s traffic jams your plans and typhoons threaten the Visayas, Davao lets you live that balanced life every retiree craves. This hidden gem sweet spot is waiting to be discovered by those savvy enough to find it!

Retirement Budget Breakdown

One of the top priorities for retirees is ensuring their nest egg can stretch comfortably to cover all living expenses in their overseas home. Luckily, Davao welcomes guys like us with open arms – and budgets. I’m talking about an awesome quality of life here for literally half what you’d pay in other countries.

My estimates?

A comfortable lifestyle for two with all living expenses covered goes for $2,500 monthly, give or take. We talking about nice suburban houses, eating out whenever, taking island weekend trips, the whole enchilada.

Category of ExpensePrice Range
Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center$200 – $1,043 per month
Basic lunchtime menu in the business district$100 – $257 per month
Basic utilities for 85m2 apartment$55 – $200 per month
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data)$30 – $50 per month
Monthly groceries$208 – $313
Basic lunchtime menu in business districtAround $6
Combo meal in fast-food restaurantAround $3
Monthly public transport passAround $15 – $20
Taxi (normal tariff)Around $1
Gasoline (1 gallon)Around $5 – $7
Gym membership (monthly)$30 – $100
Basic private health insurance (monthly)$25 – $100
Cinema ticketAround $5

And if we feel like splurging on some luxuries like maids, a personal driver, or joining ritzy expat clubs? We can live like straight ballers and major VIPs for just another $1,000 bucks or so. I’m saying $3,500 total monthly lets us puff chests like big man kings in paradise with plenty of financial room to spare.

The Verdict Is In: Davao Is The Undiscovered Paradise for Retirement

As we’ve seen, Davao offers a total package for retirement that can’t be beat – especially for expats who want that sweet life balance even on a budget. With top scores for green living, amenities, accessibility, affordability, and safety, this undiscovered gem delivers everything today’s savvy retirees seek.

Clearly, the race for the best place to retire in the Philippines has a winner in Davao. So skip the overcrowded cities and storm-prone islands, and instead set your sights on an intelligently planned community where life is easy, nature thrives, and adventure stays close by.

Want to learn even more about the Filipino language to live to the fullest in Davao? Download the Ling app now for insider tips, cultural insights, and language essentials for settling into your new paradise with ease. Give it a try now!

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