Hygiene In Bulgarian: #1 Guide To Broaden Your Vocabulary

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So, how well do you take care of your body? Getting all clean and presentable is the primary goal for most people. We have our own ways of taking care of our bodies; it sometimes depends on the culture, but at the end of the day, we’re all after one objective, and that’s to be free from filth! In this post, we’ll take a sneak peek at words related to hygiene in Bulgarian.

You know, when you dive into Bulgarian hygiene habits, you’ll find they’re pretty much in line with what’s common across Europe. Sure, they have their unique touches influenced by their rich culture and history, but they’re quite relatable at their core. Let’s take a closer peek into how Bulgarians approach cleanliness and self-care.

Vocabulary Related To Hygiene In Bulgarian

Are only eating vegetables in Bulgaria the easiest way to become healthy? In fact, the first step is exercising your hygiene practices. There are plenty of words in the Bulgarian language related to this topic. If you’re interested in expanding your Bulgarian vocabulary, check out these hygiene-related words!

EnglishBulgarian ScriptTranslations
Personal hygieneЛична хигиенаLichna higiеna
Hygienic habitsХигиенни навициHigienни navitsi
Water ВодаVoda
Toilet paperТоалетна хартияToaletna hartiya
ShampooШампоан Shampoan
ToothpasteПаста за зъбиPasta za zabi
ToothbrushЧетка за зъбиChetka za zabi
DisinfectantДезинфектантChetka za zabi

Bulgarian Hygiene Habits You Need To Know

Hygiene comes in different ways. Some may add some spice when taking care of themselves, while others may just stick with the universal practice. Surely, facts like people taking a bath regularly or simply brushing their teeth three times a day won’t be very surprising. Here are some hygiene-related aspects and general advice you might want to remember if you’re considering visiting Bulgaria:

1. No Shoes Inside

Similar to Asian countries, this country also considers it polite when people remove their shoes before entering someone’s home. The moment you enter their hallway, you’re expected to walk barefoot around the household, while others may offer some indoor slippers instead.

2. Maintaining Hand Hygiene

How do you greet other people? In this country, locals typically make good use of their hands, as handshakes are pretty common when greeting others. Now that you know this, it’s important for you to maintain clean hands, so always keep them squeaky clean! It’s not just to make a good impression, but it’s also great for your health. If you’re sick, one step to becoming healthy is to maintain washing your hands. For that reason, we’d like to say Bǎrzo Ozdravyavane! or get well soon in Bulgarian.

Hygiene In Bulgarian Public Baths- Ling App

3. Public Baths

Did you know Bulgaria has these awesome public baths that date back to Roman times? You’ll find a lot of them near thermal springs. Nowadays, most Bulgarians prefer their baths at home, but some of these old-school public baths are still up and running. If you ever drop by one, just make sure to catch up on their dos and don’ts – each place has its own vibe and rules.

4. Towel Usage

When you’re at someone’s house or even at some public spots, you might notice they have separate towels for hands and face. It’s a good idea to use them the right way. It’s just a little thing, but it shows you’re thoughtful and aware of their cultural practices when it comes to hygiene in Bulgaria.

5. Water Quality

Before drinking tap water in Bulgaria, you better assess if you’re prone to having an upset stomach. You wouldn’t want to run to the nearest restroom just because of an unexpected call from nature, would you?

6. Public Restrooms

Have you ever heard of needing some change to access a public toilet? Well, in Bulgaria, some places may require you to pay a certain fee to access them. They’re pretty inexpensive, so you won’t sulk about the price. Also, remember to bring your own toilet paper or wet wipes as some toilets don’t have them.

Hygiene In Bulgarian Pool- Ling App

7. Beach And Pool Hygiene

Oh, Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is an absolute gem with some really gorgeous beaches. The weather in Bulgaria can encourage you to visit the amazing coastlines. After a day on the beach, or if you’re hitting a public pool, it’s a good idea to rinse off. Helps get rid of that pesky sand, salt, and sunscreen. Just a friendly tip to keep your hygiene intact and your skin healthy!

8. Handling Money

No matter how important our money is for investments, always remember to wash your hands when coming in contact with cash. Imagine how many people have already touched lev (Bulgarian currency) before it lands in your care! It’s a smart decision to carry a small alcohol spray or sanitizer when you’re out in public.

9. Avoid Littering

As tourists, it’s a must for us to respect our surroundings. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the city or the countryside, because practicing proper trash disposal is essential for all individuals! It would also be great if we could start recycling some of our trash as a strategy to help the environment.

Did You Find These Facts Interesting?

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