7 Bulgarian Ghost Stories: Best Stories For Sleepovers

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Having a sleepover at your friend’s place? A good pajama party won’t be complete without horror stories under your sleeves. So, before packing up, remember to look up some suspenseful tales like these Bulgarian ghost stories that will surely keep everyone up at night.

After the sinking sun streaks hide themselves, there come tales from past eras and remote villages that bring life to the adventurous circle of friends. With our peers, we often come up with the dumbest ideas, like visiting creepy abandoned homes, searching for thirteen creepy suspenseful tales every 3 AM, and playing paranormal games. Among these three, which activity have you ticked off your to-do list?

If you’re just planning to do these things, we recommend starting off with something light, like telling horror stories. Through this fictional journey, you’ll figure out who’s not made for horror houses! Warning, this is not for the faint of heart, so buckle up as we delve into the freakiest Bulgarian ghost stories on the internet today.

Best Bulgarian Ghost Stories

If you enjoy creepy tales, then you’ll probably sink onto your bed as you tell these fascinating tales from Bulgarian folklore and myths. These stories are perfect for camping trips or sleepovers with your friends. Ready to dive into each story?

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1. The Tale Of Samodiva

Have you heard of the Samodiva, or as some call them, the Wildalone? They’re these mystical woodland nymphs from Bulgarian tales. Imagine stunning young ladies dancing under the moon’s glow. They may be enticing to watch from a distance, but here’s the twist: bump into them, and you might just find yourself spellbound. Oh, and a word to the wise, you better show some respect for nature and the Samodivi, or you might just end up with a curse on your hands!

2. Kosmati: The Hairy Monster

Ever heard of the Kosmati from Bulgarian horror stories? Picture spirits with wild, messy hair, kind of representing the turmoil they felt when they died. It’s said they’re stuck somewhere between our world and the next. There’s this tale about a woman who got sick after dreaming of a sad-looking Kosmati, thought to be because she messed with an old grave.

But hey, they’re not all spooky! Some folks swear the Kosmati have helped them find their way when lost in the deep pine forests. Whatever the case, these tales are a big deal in Bulgaria and remind folks to show a little respect for those who’ve passed on.

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3. The Bell Of Rozhen Monastery

So, there’s this wild story about a monastery’s bell. People say it rings on its own when bad stuff’s about to go down. The gossip is, way back, some Ottoman dude melted the bell for cannons. But, karma hit hard when those cannons totally malfunctioned. Fast-forward, there’s a new bell now, but it’s like the old one’s spooky mojo never left. Gives me the chills just thinking about it!

4. The Cursed Bride Of Dobrich

In Dobrich, a haunting legend tells of a young bride who met a tragic end on her wedding day due to an Ottoman invasion. Her life and love were abruptly taken from her. Since then, locals speak of a mournful ghost in a tattered wedding dress wandering the city’s ruins. On certain nights, her cries of sorrow and anger resonate, serving as a poignant reminder of the city’s tumultuous past. Some visitors, moved by her story, leave flowers near the ruins in her memory.

5. Baba Yaga

You’ve heard of Baba Yaga from those Slavic tales, haven’t you? But the way Bulgarians tell her story? Whole different level of eerie. Imagine an old witch tucked away deep in the woods, hanging out in this wild hut on chicken legs. And if you dare to peek inside? Better be careful! Word around is she might just turn curious visitors into her next meal.

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6. The Lady In White At Lopushna Monastery

The old Lopushna Monastery has quite a tale attached to it. Locals talk about a ghostly woman in white who roams its grounds. Legend has it that she used to be a nun who couldn’t help but fall for a guy from the area. But when their secret romance came to light, tragedy struck, leaving them both dead. Their deaths were an uncanny event, as it only happened after the head priest found out about their relationship.

Legends say that they were murdered, while others believe that they were told to take their own lives as their relationship was forbidden. The suspense of this tale still haunts people to this day, and she is said to still remain in the corridors of the monastery, endlessly mourning the love she lost.

7. The Cursed Village Of Tsarichina

In the 1990s, a military excavation in the village of Tsarichina led to rumors of a buried UFO or an underground entity. The excavation was abruptly stopped, and the area was sealed off, leading to various conspiracy theories. Some locals claim to see strange lights and experience unexplained phenomena near the site.

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