65 Incredible Love Words And Phrases In German

Love Words And Phrases In German

So you’re in love or really like a German-speaking person. That’s wonderful! When you’re in a romantic relationship or want to start one with German speakers, they’ll be impressed if you learned love words and phrases in German.

We’re going to guide you through sweet words and romantic phrases and give you some German quotes to sound just like native speakers.

Firstly starting with a relationship with pick-up lines in German. Then we’ll move on to love words and romantic German phrases and teach you German language pet names to use when you’re in a serious relationship.

After that, we’ll move on to how to propose in German and give you some love quotes that you can use well into your relationship’s future.

Ready for love? Let’s go!

Pick-Up Lines In German

Alright, so picking up someone is never easy and takes courage. You’ll feel far more confident if you know how to introduce yourself and make your person of interest smile. 

Here are some popular pick-up lines to help you when meeting someone special and possibly arranging a date. You can also use these terms on social media or dating apps when you DM someone.

You are pretty.Du bist hĂŒbsch.
You are attractive.Du bist attraktiv.
Do you want to go out with me?Willst du mit mir ausgehen?
Do you want to be my girlfriend / boyfriend?Willst du mit mir gehen?

Here are some phrases to use after your date! It’s always nice to end positively and hopefully get a second date.

Thank you for the great evening.Danke fĂŒr den tollen Abend.
It was wonderful seeing you.Es war schön dich zu sehen.
You mean so much to me.Du bedeutest mir so viel.
You have beautiful eyes.Du hast wunderschöne Augen.
Love Words And Phrases In German Romantic

How Do You Express Your Love In German?

When things get more serious between you, these are some romantic phrases in German to express your feelings. 

You can also use these German love words in greeting cards on special occasions for your loved one, and some of these are great for German family members too! They are great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

I Love You

Ich liebe dich

This classic saying is most appropriate for serious, long-term relationships or family members.

I Love You Too

Ich liebe dich auch

When someone else says, “I love you,” this is the perfect way to respond. Of course, only use this phrase if you feel the same way!

I’m In Love With You

Ich bin in dich verliebt

This is an excellent way to tell someone you’re in love with them without dropping the “I love you” bomb. It can give your partner a big clue about how you feel about them without any obligations to respond.

Love Ya

Ich hab’ dich lieb

You can use this phrase for friends and family. It’s a light-hearted saying to use with anyone you care about at the end of a phone call or text message.

I Am Head Over Heels In Love (With You)

Ich bin Hals ĂŒber Kopf (in dich) verliebt

You could use this saying to tell your friends how you’re feeling about a special someone, and you can add, ‘with you (in dich)’ if you wish to say this to your loved one.

You’re My Everything

Du bist mein Ein und Alles

In the English equivalent, this saying can mean both “You’re my everything” and “You mean the world to me.” It’s quite a romantic phrase and could be used when you are deep and heavy in love.

I Like You

Ich steh’ auf dich

Maybe you’re not ready to say the big L word, or you’re unsure how the other person feels, so you can say that you like them. It also means, “I’m into you.”

My Heart Is All Yours

Dir gehört mein ganzes Herz

Again, a powerful romantic connotation. You should reserve this phrase for when things are very serious. This deeply romantic phrase would go great on a Valentine’s Day card too!

You Are The Love Of My Life

Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens

This saying is a special one. You shouldn’t say it unless you mean it. It leads one to think that you’re close to proposing or that a marriage is on your mind!

If you’re feeling this way but are slightly nervous about expressing it, try the German love phrase below, which is a little less weighty.

I Adore You

Ich bete dich an

You could even use this phrase with close friends!

You Suit Me/ We Go Well Together

Du passt zu mir. / Wir passen gut zusammen

You can use this phrase after a first or second date if you feel a connection. It’s an excellent way to imply that you’d like your relationship to grow into something more.

I Care For You

Ich habe dich gerne

As with the phrase above, you’d use this saying after a date or two to let the person know you’re really interested in them.

Will You Go Out With Me?

Willst du mit mir ausgehen?

Of course, you can’t get a date if you don’t ask! This is the best question to get that first date.

Love Words And Phrases In German: Pet Names For Both Sexes

Once you’ve begun dating someone, you may naturally have pet names for each other. These are the most common pet names that you can use with men and women.

mousy (sweety)Mausi
My belovedAngebetete (f)/ Angebeteter (m)
eye star (bright as the stars)Augenstern
loverGeliebte (f)
Geliebter (m)


piece of goldGoldstĂŒck
heart leafHerzblatt
my heartmein Herz
smooch ballKnutschkugel
my favorite one/darlingLiebling
my one and everythingMein Ein und Alles
treasureSchatz / Schatzi / SchÀtzchen
cuddle cheekSchmusebacke
cutie pieSchnucki / Schnuckiputz

German Pet Names For Boyfriends

A pet name like the ones below are typically reserved for men.

bear/little bearBĂ€r / BĂ€rchen
big oneGroßer

German Pet Names For Girlfriends

You’d usually use a pet name like these for female lovers.

mousyMaus / Mausi
woman of your dreamsTraumfrau
Love Words And Phrases In German How To Propose

How To Propose In German

So you’ve been in a romantic relationship for a while now, or maybe you know they are the right person for you right away! You’ve got a ring, and you’re ready to propose. 

It is a big step, and there are quite a few ways to ask someone for their hand in marriage in German. 

Have a look and see which ‘love language’ will be the best for you. Remember that in Germany, people appreciate directness, especially in cases such as proposals! Be straight to the point.

Will you marry me?

Willst du mich heiraten?

Willst du meine Frau werden?

Will you be my wife?

Willst du mein Mann werden?

Will you be my husband?

Ich will, dass du mein/e Mann / Frau wirst.

I want you to be my husband / wife.

Ich möchte den Rest meines Lebens mit dir verbringen.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Ich möchte mit dir Enkelkinder haben.

I want to have grandchildren with you.

Ich will fĂŒr immer mit dir zusammen sein.

I want to be with you forever.

Love Words And Phrases In German Love Quotes

German Love Quotes

Over time, these can be sweet messages you leave on notes, text messages, or unique cards for your loved one.

Love conquers all.
Liebe ĂŒberwindet alles.

Love is blind.
Liebe ist blind.

When you sow love, joy will grow. 
Wo man Liebe sÀt, da wÀchst Freude.

Opposites attract.
GegensÀtze ziehen sich an.

I will love you forever and always.
Ich werde dich fĂŒr immer und ewig lieben.

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