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9+ Easy Words To Tell The Time In Urdu Like A Pro

August 10, 2022

The Urdu language is the main language of Pakistan, but it is also spoken as a regional language in India. Spoken Urdu is almost 70 - 80% the same as Hindi translation as both languages share their vocabulary. For instance, when you tell the time in Urdu, it is the same in Hindi. Both languages originate from a dialect of the Delhi region, and they have the same grammatical structure. On the other hand, the script is in Arabic and is written from right to left. Want to learn more about it? Keep reading below!

If you are wondering how to speak like a local and have great ice-breaking topics to discuss with native speakers, try to involve yourself in their culture first. Basically, the culture in Urdu-speaking countries, like Pakistan, is particular in many aspects, such as in clothing with its unique and diverse looks. In addition, among locals, great conversation starters can be about sports, especially cricket, which is the most popular in those regions. 

And of course, talking about the time will always be one of the most essential conversations you can have while visiting other countries. However, telling the time in Urdu is quite a tricky one. So keep reading to become a master of it!

Referencing The Times Of The Day

Referencing The Times Of The Day

To tell and ask the time in Urdu, you must be able to reference the times of the day correctly. Here is a list of the basics:

Time Of Day In English Time Of Day In Urdu
Time Of Day In Urdu
Morning Subah صبح
Noon Qabal Dopeher قبل دوپہر
Afternoon Dopeher دوپہر
Evening Shaam شام
Night Raat رات
Midnight Adhiraat آدھی رات
Early Morning Subah Saverey صبح سویرے
AM Subah/Dopeher صبح/دوپہر
PM Shaam/Raat رات/شام
O'clock Baajey بجے
Times of the day

Times Of The Day

Referring to AM (before noon) can be only Subah. PM can be afternoon, evening, or night - that is, Dopeher, Shaam or Raat. Therefore, it is important to mention the time in reference to early or later in the day. 

  • Dopeher would be from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • Shaam would be 4:00 - 8:00 PM
  • 8:00 PM onwards is known as Raat

Although the Urdu translation for AM and PM in reference to the 12-hour clock can get a little bit tough, the Urdu language does not literally translate these. Rather the references mentioned above are more appropriate in spoken Urdu.

Time References In Urdu

Here are some handy time references in Urdu.

Time Reference (English) Time Reference In Urdu (Transliterated) Time Reference In Urdu (Arabic)
Hour Ghanta گھنٹہ
Minute Minute منٹ
Second Second سیکنڈ
Time Waqt وقت
Half past Saarey ساڑھے
Quarter past Saawa سوا
Time References in Urdu

Examples Of Time In Urdu

Here are some examples of how the time is said with AM first and then PM later. Just take note that for 9 o/clock - AM you will need to use Subah nou baajey and Raat nou baajey for PM.

Examples Of Time (English) Examples Of Time In Urdu (Transliterated) Examples Of Time In Urdu (Arabic)
Nine o'clock Subah/Raat nou baajey صبح/رات 9 بجے
Ten o'clock Subah/Raat daas baajey صبح/رات 10 بجے
Eleven o'clock Subah/Raat gyara baajey صبح/رات 11 بجے
Twelve o'clock Dopeher/Raat bara baajey وپہر/رات 12 بجے
One o'clock Subah/Dopeher ek baajey صبح / دوپہر 1 بجے
Two o'clock Subah/Dopeher dou baajey صبح / دوپہر 2 بجے
Three o'clock Subah/Dopeher teen baajey صبح / دوپہر 3 بجے
Four o'clock Subah/Dopeher char baajey صبح / دوپہر 4 بجے
Five o'clock Subah/Shaam paach baajey صبح/شام 5 بجے
Six o'clock Subah/Shaam chey baajey صبح/شام 6 بجے
Seven o'clock Subah/Shaam saat baajey صبح/شام 7 بجے
Eight o'clock Subah/Raat aat baajey صبح/رات 8 بجے
Examples of Time in Urdu

How To Tell The Time In Urdu Correctly

Constructing a grammatically correct statement is a must. The correct and accurate way of telling time in Urdu in a sentence is to follow the SOV sequence to make complete sense. This would be the subject first, then the object, and then the verb. Commonly SVO is used. And this may be why Urdu translation may be a little complicated.

You may consider your sentences age-appropriate if relevant. For example, the word aap is used for "you" for those who are older. But for younger people, the word tum is sufficient. In comparison to Hindi language, Urdu is sometimes more formal, and you may find people often use aap for those who are younger and older in age.

Urdu phrases such as almost or about midnight takriban raat barabaje or takriban adhiraat ko are also often used. Other time related sentences would be raat sawa gyara baajey for 11:00PM; subah sarey nou baajey for 9:30AM.

Does Urdu Use The 24 hours Clock?

Depending on your settings, many prefer to use the 24-hour clock, while others prefer the 12-hour clock. In the Urdu language, the 24-hour clock is not generally used. For example, people do not usually say: see you at 08:00HRS (Oh Eight Hundred hours). Rather it would be said in the same way as given above - Subah Aat bajey milte hai.

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