17+ Urdu Homonyms: Best List For Wordplay!

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Homonyms in Urdu is Hum naam (ہم نام) which is “we name” when literally translated into English. These are words that sound the same and may have similar meanings but do not mean the same. In the English language, we have many. Let’s look at some interesting Urdu Homonyms today!

A homonym means a word with the same spelling and pronunciation as another word, but with a different meaning. There are many similar words that you probably use daily, like bear (the animal) and bear (support), or left (opposite of right) and left (to go away). But enough of the English language, let’s get into Urdu.

Urdu meanings can sometimes get tricky due to the pronunciation of the words. Some are pronounced the same way, while others are spelled similarly. The only way to learn the differences is to use them often. This way, you won’t need to depend on the dictionary whenever someone uses an Urdu homonym.


Difference Between Homonyms & Homophones

Do not get confused between homonyms and homophones. The difference is that homonyms have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings, while homophones have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings.

Here are some more examples of homonyms in the English language:

  • Bark (the sound a dog makes/the outer layer of a tree)
  • Bear (a large mammal/to tolerate or put up with something)
  • Left (opposite of right/past tense of leave)
  • Mail (letters, packages, etc./the delivery system)

In contrast, some examples of homophones are:

  • Air (gas) / heir (inheritor)
  • Hear (listen), here (location)
  • Piece (portion) / peace (calm)
  • Right (correct) / write (compose)

Now that we have that cleared off – let’s check out a list of Urdu homonyms.


List Of Urdu Homonyms

Urdu Homonyms_ling app_Same Same But Different

Below are some words in Urdu that are similar. These Urdu homonyms meaning will clarify any confusion you may have about the words. And, of course, the more you practice using the words in sentences, the better your understanding of Urdu grammar and the different meanings of homonyms will be.

EnglishUrdu Pronunciation
False غلطGhalat


Urdu Words That Sound Similar To English

Urdu Homonyms_ling app_Pakistani Man

We have looked at several homonyms from the Urdu language. Now let’s have some fun and look at words whose pronunciation sounds similar to English but mean something else entirely.

English UrduPronunciationPronunciation In English Context
JourneyسفرSafarThey suffer the loss.
ColorرنگRungShe had rung up already.
Green (for females)حریHurryThey need to hurry.
WorldجگJugPass the water jug.
FruitسمرSummerSummer holidays start soon.
BetweenبیچBeachWe will travel to the beach.
WorkکامCalmShe will need to calm down.
ArtفنFunWe had fun today.
ThiefچورChoreDon’t you have a chore to do?
HitہٹHutHe lives in a hut.
ImmediateفوریForeignThe language is foreign to me.
Grounded chickpeasبیسنBasinFix the basin by the toilet.
TruthسچSuchShe has such lovely hair.


About The Urdu Language

Urdu is a special language because it combines elements of both Persian and Arabic, and has a rich cultural and literary heritage. It is the official language of Pakistan but is also spoken in parts of India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, and can trace its roots back to the Middle East and Central Asia.

Urdu is closely related to Hindi, but is written in a different script and has a unique vocabulary. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with an estimated 120 million people speaking it as their first language.

Urdu-speaking people are known for their hospitality, generosity, and sense of humor. In Pakistan, Urdu is the most widely used language for official and educational purposes. It has a vast body of literature, including poetry, novels, short stories, and plays. If you are into Bollywood, you will surely understand some of the language, as both Urdu and Hindi are used.


Learn Urdu With Ling

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Ling is an interactive app with tools like quizzes, flashcards, and fun games designed to help you learn the language. There are a total of 62 languages to choose from, not just Urdu. It provides audio and video lessons that help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills.

The comprehensive vocabulary section is designed to help you build your Urdu vocabulary. It also offers detailed explanations of Urdu grammar and provides examples to help you understand it better. Ling provides cultural insights through articles, videos, and audio recordings to help students gain a better understanding of the language and culture.

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