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Don’t you love the scent of fresh, relaxing lavender? How about the oceanic or woodsy vibes of perfumes that have been all over the internet? Describing these aromas is music to my ears, but it would be a whole new symphony if we learned some Urdu words for scents.

So, join us as we discover the terms used in the Urdu language when describing the smell of different things!

Amazing Urdu Words For Scents

The English word “Scent” is known as “Khushboo” (خوشبو) in the Urdu language. There are different types of scents and we might usually find a distinctive odor a blessing to our noses, while others can really jeopardize our olfactory system. Here’s a list of the best and most interesting scents in Urdu that’ll make you want to apply perfume all the time!


Are you obsessed with the fragrance left by the perfumes worn by Pakistanis? Well, we can’t blame you. The meaning of scent in their culture runs deep, as they have rich tradition of using oil-based and alcohol-based perfumes. They even use a concentrated natural scent, which is called “Ittar” (عطار) in the Urdu language. It has a nice fragrance and is typically made from botanical sources that would send your olfactory organs on a rampage!

Different Types Of Ittar

As we’ve mentioned, there are different variations of scent in Urdu. From the smoky and dark fragrance of Oud to the sweet and charming scent of rose, a single Ittar can captivate tourists like you. Here are the different types of natural fragrances you need to try!

Urdu words for Scents (Rose)- Ling App

1. The Floral Scent – Mehak

The floral and sweet scent of flowers makes me feel obsessed with the fresh fragrance. So, if you want a soothing and relaxing smell, get a perfume with “mehak” once you visit Pakistan. Moreover, did you know that this term isn’t just used to describe a scent in Urdu? It’s also used to describe someone’s presence or personality!

2. Rose – Gulaab

Here’s a more specific fragrance that you might be looking for. It’s undeniable that roses have one of the best scents; they have a burst of elegance and freshness in them that makes them such a pleasant odor. Moreover, many cultures in Southeast Asia use this flower to make different kinds of cosmetics. It also invokes feelings such as love and nostalgia in those who smell it.

Urdu words for Scents (Jasmine)- Ling App

3. Jasmine – Chameli

The sweet, rich, and intoxicating smell of jasmine would definitely make you sniff your clothes for quite some time because of its powerful and distinctive fragrance. This flower is typically used in perfume fragrances, while some South Asian cultures like Pakistan and India may use it as garlands or hair accessories. Plus, just like any other fragrance, this also radiates a feeling of warmth, romance, and nocturnal beauty. Sounds enticing, don’t you think?

4. Vetiver – Khas Khas

The last thing I had in mind when creating a perfume would be pieces of grass, but the creativity of crafting perfumes proved me wrong! You see, if you love an earthy and woody fragrance with a hint of sweet green undertones, getting a perfume with Vetiver is your go-to. It has a calming effect and is typically used in aromatherapy. Moreover, this is the secret behind the long-lasting scents of some aromas!

Urdu words for Scents (Vetiver)- Ling App

5. Amber

The scent of the warm summer night and the fragrance of slightly sweet honey with a touch of vanilla will never fail to make me feel obsessed with them. The combination of these odd yet fragrant scents sends you back to the time when you felt the summer breeze brushing against your skin as the aroma of the fresh fragrance of the ancient trees. Ambers aren’t just fragrant, they also aid in making your perfume last longer.

6. Sandalwood – Sandal

Sandalwood, with its timeless allure, is like a gentle wave and breeze. This scent hints at a rich and creamy odor with a touch of earthy undertones. Similarly to Amber, this fragrance also matches up well with other perfumes, and its versatility doesn’t just offer a new burst of aroma. It can also make other fragrances last longer, allowing you to enjoy it longer!

Urdu words related to scents (Sandal)- Ling App

7. Agarwood – Oud

The scent of Oud or Agarwood is another fragrance that’ll probably engrave itself to your senses. You see, it’s known as “liquid gold” because of its price and uniqueness. If you ever get your hands on this raw material, then consider yourself lucky, as a kilo of it may already cost $100,000! But what exactly makes it special? The interesting thing about Agarwood is when it’s infected with a certain mold, it produces a sap (Oud) that has a scent with several layers. From a smokey to a slightly sweet, leathery, and spicy scent that’ll drive you nuts because you won’t understand how it all fits perfectly!

Fragrance Related Urdu Words

Let’s learn some more Urdu words related to scents, fragrances and perfumes.

PerfumeعِطْرItr/ Ittar
Scent/ FragranceخوشْبُوKhushboo
Perfumes for menمردوں کے لئے خوشبوMardon ke liye khushboo
Perfumes for womenخواتین کے لیے خوشبوKhawaateen ke liye khushboo
Rose perfumeعطر گلابIttar gulaab
Oud perfumeعود عطرOud ittar
Sandalwood perfumeصندل عطرSandal ittar

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