9 Old Urdu Blessing Words: Interesting Terms To Learn Today

Old Urdu Blessing Words- Featured Ling App

Learning about a new language and its history is like looking through an old photo album. Each primordial and modern word you learn has a snapshot of history, stories, and significance to Pakistani culture. As you delve deeper into their language, you’ll uncover some old Urdu blessing words that locals would surely love to hear.

There are many words in the Urdu language that you’re probably unfamiliar with. Aside from learning conversational phrases, it’s also crucial to venture through the old Urdu blessing words because these seemingly simple Sanskrit words hold value in the local culture and tradition.

Moreover, these blessings are like bridges that help you feel the warmth of their local community. It also serves as a reminder that people look forward to seeing you do well. So, if you’re just learning to speak Urdu, here’s an easy guide to learning these phrases that you can use to bless other people too!

Old Urdu Blessing Words You Need To Know

These old yet meaningful words of blessing that you may occasionally find in a dictionary, have a lot more value than you think.

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1. God Protects You – Khuda Hafiz

When you part ways with your loved ones, there’s this heartwarming phrase that just feels like wrapping them in a comforting embrace: “Khuda Hafiz.” This Urdu gem translates to “God Protects” in English. But honestly? It’s so much more than that.

With this phrase, you’re not just waving your friend goodbye while telling them to have a safe trip. It’s also like asking a higher form of being to look out for them until you reunite. It’s one of those expressions that, despite the test of time and the blending of cultures, has held onto its poignant charm—a timeless prayer for the safety of those we hold dear.

2. May God Watch Over You – Allah Aapka Hafiz

If you’re ever chatting with an Urdu-speaking Muslim friend and want to leave them with a warm, affectionate note, try saying “Allah Aapka Hafiz.” It’s a lovely way to say, “May Allah watch over you.” It’s not just words—it’s like sending a heartfelt hug their way. So, the next time you’re searching for the right words to show how much you care, remember this polite Urdu phrase. It never fails to touch hearts.

3. Remember Me In Your Prayers – Dua Mein Yaad Rakhna

This is another heartfelt and beautiful Urdu saying that means “Remember me in your prayers.” When someone tells you this, they’re essentially asking you to send good vibes their way, especially in your chats with the divine. It’s one of those special phrases friends and family exchange, highlighting the deep connections and warmth between them.

Old Urdu Blessing Words- Ling App (Evil Eye)

4. May You be Protected From The Evil Eye – Nazar Na Lage

If you’ve spent your time scrolling through social media sites like TikTok and Facebook, it won’t be new to your vocabulary to hear the “Evil Eye.” In simpler terms, it’s believed that if someone’s envious of you, they’re capable of doing harm to you by just looking at you. Surely, this superstition can send chills down your spine, but don’t worry! There’s an Urdu version to shoo away this bad luck, which is “Nazar Na Lage,” meaning “May the evil eye not affect you.”

5. Oh My God – Allah Miyan

One of the many warm ways to express your feelings is by saying “Allah Miyan.” It’s like the Urdu version of saying “Oh my God.” And if you happen to hear someone say these words, it’s either one of these two reasons: they’re hoping to get the best outcome possible or they’re asking for some divine help.

Old Urdu Blessing Words- Ling App (Congrats)

6. Congratulations – Mubarak Ho

When folks celebrate big moments like weddings, new babies, or major accomplishments, you’ll often hear them say this greeting phrase. It’s their heartfelt way of saying “Congratulations” or “Sending you blessings.”

7. May God Keep You Happy – Allah Aapko Hamesha Muskurata Rakhe

Do you want your loved ones to always have a smile on their faces? Seeing the people we care for have big smiles on their faces is often enough to make us smile too. Urdu speakers may occasionally say this phrase, which translates to “May Allah always keep you smiling.” It’s a good way to wish for their happiness using Urdu words.

8. May God Keep You Healthy – Allah Aapko Sehatmand Rakhe

If Urdu isn’t your first language but you want to bless your friends with good health, you can always say, “Allah aapko sehatmand rakhe.” It’s exact translation gives us “May Allah keep you healthy.” Learning phrases such as this can make you seem like you know their official language pretty well, plus it also delivers your respect and admiration for their culture.

Old Urdu Blessing Words- Ling App (Reward)

9. May You Go To Heaven – Allah Aapko Jannat Naseeb Kare

Giving blessings when someone passes away is a common practice in Pakistan and other cultures. This phrase translates to “I hope Allah rewards you with heaven.” However, in certain situations, it’s not only used when sending your condolences to someone. It may also come in handy when you want someone to be rewarded for their kindness.

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