No Bulgarian On Busuu: 2 Great Alternatives!

no bulgarian on busuu

A lot of people I know have shown interest in learning the unique language of Bulgaria. Their search for the right language learning apps, though, has been in vain. Busuu posed to show potential, but sadly, there is no Bulgarian on Busuu. What else is available, and how can you language enthusiasts out there get the best deal where learning style, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and progress tracking are concerned? Let’s find out!

Learning Bulgarian can be a tad challenging. Of course, the difficulty of learning this foreign language depends on individual factors such as your language background and learning preferences. As a Slavic language, Bulgarian shares some similarities with other languages in the same family, which could be an advantage if you’re familiar with them. The Cyrillic script might pose an initial challenge, but it’s a hurdle that can be overcome with practice.

On the other hand, the language’s complex grammar, including cases and verb conjugations, can be daunting for beginners. But, with dedication, patience, and the right resources, learning Bulgarian is definitely achievable. The rewards of mastering this unique language, from connecting with locals on a deeper level to exploring Bulgaria’s rich culture, make the effort well worth it.

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Why Is There No Bulgarian On Busuu?

For all those who are familiar with this platform, Busuu is a virtual language learning companion accessible from both your computer and mobile device. You simply choose the language you’re interested in offline learning and dive into your lessons. There are 14 languages available, unfortunately, none of which are Bulgarian.

The platform provides courses that span reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, catering to all levels, from beginners to upper intermediates. While free membership offers a strong foundation, a Premium subscription unlocks an array of advanced features, including grammar lessons, Offline Mode, Certification, Study Plans, and the Vocabulary Trainer. There is also the option of sharing your exercises with native speakers who provide valuable feedback, adding a practical dimension to your language journey.


So why is there no Bulgarian on Busuu?

Firstly, there is limited global demand for this language. Let’s face it – Bulgarian is spoken worldwide by a population of 12 million worldwide. Looking at this number, from a business point of view, more widely spoken languages often take priority, and the development of comprehensive courses for less-taught languages requires substantial investment.

Secondly, is the availability of resources and expertise. Developing a comprehensive language course requires a significant investment of time, effort, and qualified language educators who are proficient in Bulgarian. If such resources are not readily accessible, it becomes challenging to create a high-quality learning experience for users.

Despite the fact that there is no Bulgarian on Busuu, the evolving landscape of language learning apps and the growing demand for diverse language options might lead to more opportunities for languages like Bulgarian to be included in the future. In the meantime, exploring alternative learning methods, best apps, and platforms that cater specifically to Bulgarian can be a valuable option for those interested in mastering this unique language. Let’s look at how we can support that concept!

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Alternatives For Learning Bulgarian

The Ling app and Preply are our two best recommendations for learning Bulgarian. Both the Ling App and Preply provide distinctive yet practical methods for learning Bulgarian, accommodating a range of learning objectives and learning styles.


The Ling app offers a thorough platform to study Bulgarian and was created for practical mobile learning. Learners can establish a solid foundation in reading, writing, listening, and speaking thanks to the program’s variety of engaging lessons, exercises, and real-world discussions.

Because of Ling’s focus on less commonly taught languages like Bulgarian, students can fully immerse themselves in this exceptional linguistic experience. For individuals looking for flexible learning options, the app’s user-friendly layout and accessibility on both Android and iOS devices make it the perfect partner.


Preply, on the other hand, provides a customized approach to the target language by pairing students up with native teachers. Due to the one-on-one connection, classes may be specifically tailored to each student’s strengths and areas for growth. Through interactive courses, students can hone their conversational abilities, get immediate feedback, and learn about the subtleties of the language. The extensive tutor network of Preply ensures that students have access to native speakers who are familiar with the nuances of Bulgarian.

Learn More Bulgarian With Ling

Language learners using the Ling app to study Bulgarian, as there is no Bulgarian on Busuu, will find that it has a variety of benefits. Because of Ling’s commitment to underrepresented languages like Bulgarian, students are given devoted attention throughout this special linguistic journey. Reading, writing, hearing, and speaking are all covered in the app’s extensive curriculum, which offers a well-rounded approach to learning Bulgarian. Its interactive lessons, activities, and real-world conversations encourage active engagement and help learners more efficiently internalize the intricacies of the new language.

The Ling app is a great option for contemporary learners due to its accessibility and convenience. Users are able to easily incorporate language learning into their everyday routines because of its mobile accessibility on both Android and iOS devices. This adaptability allows for hectic schedules and guarantees steady advancement.

Whether your goal is to learn vocabulary words, pronunciation, speak Bulgarian, or just learn a new language, the Ling app is here to help you achieve fluency at your own pace. Try it out – download it on your devices and learn Bulgarian from today!

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